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Diesel Power

Diesel Power November 2019

The magazine shows owners what's on the market to improve their trucks' engine, transmission, and driveline. Diesel Power also shows prospective new truck buyers the newest light trucks with diesel engines and catalogs their performance. Diesel engine technology, motorhome engine upgrades, "diesel drags", "dyno days", and towing are all part of the package as well.

United States
TEN: The Enthusiast Network
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diesel power

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4 min.

ONCE AGAIN, Particulate Matters comes to you by way of a plane flight. This time, however, I’m not in transit between Southern California and the location of a diesel-associated business or event in the U.S. My wife and I are homeward bound from Europe, a vacation (it’s called a “holiday” in the EU) that took us to four countries over the course of two weeks. This wasn’t our first rodeo with big-time travel. We crossed the pond for the first time in 2017 and enjoyed it so much that we’ve decided to try and venture somewhere abroad every two years. I originally intended to write this column—about the European diesel scene, and how it is night-and-day different from ours—after my first visit (to Denmark, Ireland, Italy, France, and Spain). In a nutshell,…

3 min.
and so it begins

WHAT DO YOU get when you combine badass, reader-selected street trucks and their owner/drivers (and three-person support crews that complete a team) at the beginning of June for a five-day performance competition at venues just west of Denver, Colorado? We hope you said: “Diesel Power Challenge 2019 Presented by XDP,” because for 15 years now, it is the only plausible answer for that particular question. Defending DPC champion Kody Pulliam and his ’04 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD led the 10-competitor lineup with high ambitions for scoring back-to-back titles. Our six-segment competition is based on a field of Dodge, Ford, and GM entrants (three per brand). However, for the unprecedented fifth year in a row, that structure was deviated from when Steven Lucero/’06 Dodge Ram 2500, the official Alternate (Dodge is the designated…

1 min.
photo day

DAY TWO was a fun one for Diesel Power Challenge 2019 Presented by XDP competitors—unless they were camera shy. That’s because we started the day at scenic Red Rocks Park near Morrison, Colorado, for an extensive round of feature photography, using the state’s famous rust-colored rocks as a backdrop. We took group photos of the trucks, pics of the team members, and detailed photosets of each individual competitor’s vehicle. And we’re not hyperbolizing when we say this year’s competitive set is about as organized and easy to work with as any in recent memory—if not more so. One of the fun things about photo day is it gives competitors a chance to take stock of and size up their rivals, swap stories about their builds, and admire the creative solutions of others.…

1 min.
drink up

ONCE WE were done posing at Red Rocks for our close-ups, the Diesel Power Challenge 2019 competitors once again returned to ATS Diesel Performance, this time putting the shop’s chassis dyno to work to test the trucks’ fuel economy. We loaded the dyno with a road course that simulates the kind of daily driving many of us see: lots of idling, acceleratingand decelerating at city speeds, and a freeway cruise at about 55 mph. This 7.5-mile commute replica is used for evaluating both driver precision and truck fuel consumption—like always, deviating from the dyno computer’s prescribed speed produces a penalty that counts against the truck’s fuel economy. Driveability and driver skill come into play very heavily here. While the fuel-consumption test seems a bit, well, boring, such a commute can really…

3 min.
dyno day

BY TRADITION, the third day of Diesel Power Challenge Presented by XDP brings us what is arguably the most popular and revered competitive segment in the entire five-day event: the dyno test. On Day Three, our 10 competitors returned to ATS Diesel Performance in Arvada, Colorado, to take their turn on the Mustang chassis dyno’s rollers. The mission? To do whatever it takes to make their trucks throw down the most combined (uncorrected) horsepower and torque possible, without scattering engine pieces all over the dyno cell. Why is this the main attraction for competitors and fans alike? Because, for diesel enthusiasts, performance prowess is the name of the game. And, when it comes to qualifying any hopped-up diesel rig as a true beast (regardless of brand, and especially when owners make lofty…