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Diesel World September 2020

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Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

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drag racing during a pandemic what it took

So, we did a thing recently, we safely and legally pulled off a legit drag race in a time where we were not allowed to leave our homes. Haven’t seen it? Check out the live feeds from May 23rd 2020 on our Facebook page. Early April 2020, I woke up, spent a few minutes on Instagram, and happened to see a drifting session a few people made happen in what looked like an old abandoned circle track. Overgrown with trees, grass growing up through the cracks and all. There were maybe 8-people there total, most driving cars around the track, a few filming it. It was definitely a “quick and dirty” production. Just a cell phone and your standard Instagram/Facebook story. Or so it felt, honestly don’t quote me on the…

6 min.

RACING NEWS LEGAL STREET RACING IN ATLANTA? According to theDrive.com, in an effort to curb reckless driving in Atlanta, some city officials are considering designating certain areas for street racing. The ponderance of the idea stems from an abundance of illegal street racing occurring in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, and the fact that triple-digit speeding tickets have reportedly skyrocketing over the past few months. The article also states that designated areas for donuts and burnouts are part of the street racing considerations. As it turns out, Atlanta isn’t alone here. City officials in Sacramento and Kansas City are pondering the exact same thing—and Detroit already held some sanctioned “side-shows” back in early March. FUEL NEWS 3 MILLION TONS OF DIESEL BOUND FOR EUROPE After refiners in Asia and the Middle East were left with…

6 min.
go and show!

The story behind Jacob Neuenschwander’s 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 is quite the winding story. Originally built by Michael Freeman out of Lakeland, FL, the Ram was Jacob’s dream truck, and also the first time he ever had to get a loan to buy something. His dream quickly turned into a nightmare, after he wrecked the truck after a hydroplaning incident on wet roads. Fortunately for him, Jacob owns Railroad Customs out of Lima, Ohio, a custom paint and body shop. This meant he could rebuild and improve upon the build; adding numerous interior touches as he performed the reassembly. Then he met the guys from Firepunk Diesel. “The Go and Show license plate really came about because of the Firepunk guys,” says Jacob. “Because it’s a show truck, people think that’s…

5 min.
hard charging chevy

Sled Pulling’s Pro Stock Diesel Class is super competitive; with a number of hard charging trucks being built or classed-up in the past few years. One truck in particular stood out to us, Tony Burkhard’s Cheap Hooker pulling truck. What impressed us was not only what was done, but what wasn’t done. The truck still has a (reinforced) factory frame. It has an LML Duramax block. It even still (somehow) has independent front suspension, although that too has been heavily reinforced. So what does it take to build a competitive 3.6-Class puller? We asked Tony to find out. Like drag trucks, sled pulling chassis are gutted of all necessary weight, so as much weight can be moved up front as possible. In Tony’s case, this meant a long wheelbase ‘06 Chevy…

5 min.
rocky mountain shootout

One of the year’s biggest (and first) dyno events comes from the majestic mountains of Colorado in the form of ATS Diesel Performance’s Let it Roll dyno event and Gauntlet Challenge shootout. This event brings in high horsepower trucks from all over the West, and is one of the few places where four-digit power numbers are the norm. In addition to the challenge, there’s also a number of other classes hosted by the Northwest Dyno Circuit. If you had a truck there was a class for it; single and twin-turbo classes as well as the fire-breathing nitrous monsters in Unlimited. While the Gauntlet was the big draw, there were a number of other ways to compete in the event on the mountain. By far one of the most interesting classes was…

4 min.
you know what grinds my gears? poor ratios

Years ago, before a giant automotive aftermarket emerged and gave us almost limitless options for how we can modify our trucks, old gearheads were figuring out how to retrofit non-original (but factory-made) parts from other vehicles to customize their own rides the way they wanted. By increasing the engine power and changing gear ratios using parts that were made for other models, hot rodders were figuring out how to effectively increase their vehicle’s rate of acceleration. There were a number of ways to increase the power output of an engine, but proper gear multiplication was how to really take advantage of the engine power. Changing the overall gear ratio of a vehicle changes the top speed, the rate of acceleration, and the power to the wheels (the ability to do…