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Diesel World October 2020

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Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

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evolution of the brand

The chaos of the first half of 2020 (man, I hope it’s only the first half…) forced us all to make big changes in our lives. The first two weeks of lockdown, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely nervous. The feeling of impending doom triggered the fight or flight instinct in me, I chose to fight. There was no way I was going to come out the back side of all this madness in a bad place. We all feared losing our jobs, our homes, or worse our health, friends and family. Outside staying healthy I looked hard for ways to keep Diesel World alive through an uncertain future. For years I’ve been trying to make the brand something more than just the magazine. We as a…

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dw news

NEW RIDES SCREW-BLOWN DURAMAX DRAGSTER The folks at Wagler Competition Products are at it again. This time, the Odon, Indiana innovators have stuffed a blown, nitrous-fed Duramax into a rail. PSI Superchargers supplied the blower, S&S Diesel Motorsport furnished the fuel system, Nitrous Express sponsored the endless buffet of giggle gas, and Motec handles all engine parameters. The dragster is backed up by a Coan transmission. the Wagler team made several test passes at Wagler Motorsports Park, before its official first race at the Diesel World Drags Round 2 presented by Smeding Diesel. Check it out on our Facebook page, dated July 11th. SOURCE: HTTPS://WAGLERCOMPETITION.COM/ OEM NEWS MERCEDES-AMG: NEW ELECTRIC TURBOCHARGER Mercedes-AMG, in conjunction with Garrett Motion, may be putting turbo lag to bed for good with its latest technology. Its exhaust gas turbocharger integrates an…

9 min.

When Lee Stiltz replaced his V-10 Dodge with this ’05 Silverado 2500 HD his senior year of High School it was a definite upgrade. But just two years later, the ¾-ton Chevy was already being retired from daily driving duties. Since the truck pulling addiction took hold, Lee has embarked on an intense, six-year ride that’s brought him to the top of every pulling class he’s tried his hand in: Work Stock, 2.5, and now the 2.6 smooth bore category. In the truck’s current state, the LBZ Duramax under the hood belts out more than 1,000 hp and it rarely finishes outside of third place.. 1,000+ HP AT THE CRANK When the 8,000-pound Pro Street (2.6 Smooth Bore) class was in its infancy, Lee was able to earn a points championship with…

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2005 chevrolet silverado 2500 hd

OWNER: Lee Stiltz HOMETOWN: Jacksonville, Illinois ENGINE: LBZ Duramax SHORT BLOCK: Diesel Technology Source-built with 75-percent concrete filled block, internally balanced Callies Ultra Billet crankshaft and ARP main studs, Carrillo forged-steel H-beam rods, Diamond Racing fly-cut and coated billet pistons with H11 Trend Performance wrist pins, DTS custom grind alternate fire camshaft, Wagler Competition Products pinned oil pump, ATI Super Damper, Sun Coast billet flex plate, electric water pump, Wagler mechanical belt tensioner HEADS/VALVETRAIN: Factory LBZ cylinder heads with light exhaust porting, SoCal Diesel beehive valvesprings and billet rocker bridges, Merchant Automotive 4130 chromoly pushrods, ARP Custom Age 625+ head studs FUEL: S&S Diesel Motorsport Ordnance LBZ Air Limited Spec injectors, 12mm stroker CP3 (valley), reverse rotation SuperSport CP3 (belt-driven), CP3-coupled fuel supply pump, and regulated filter head AIR: Hart’s Diesel 2.6-inch smooth bore turbo, Wehrli…

12 min.
why the 6.0l is so unreliable…

Perhaps no other diesel engine in recent memory has burdened its owners more than the 6.0L Power Stroke. Thousands of roadside repairs, expensive tow bills, and repeat failures plague the ’03-’07 Super Duty’s. Rumor has it that Ford even entertained the idea of buying Duramax engines from GM for use in its trucks during this timeframe… Powerful, yes. Reliable, no. You can virtually point to any component on the 6.0L other than its rotating assembly and associate some form of poor engineering or premature failure with it. Exhaust gas recirculation system, oil cooler, head gasket, injector, high-pressure oil pump, FICM, and turbocharger issues all run rampant—several of which strike within the first 100,000 miles To be fair, some 6.0L’s do go the distance, but it’s very rare to find one with…

11 min.
the covid ‘660

It’s a fact that unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. Not only did the coronavirus pandemic change lives, stall out a vibrant U.S. economy, and wreck racing seasons, but it made all of us miss the things we love. Back in April, when the country was locked down and virtually every American’s future was uncertain, our stir-crazy got the better of us and we decided to go racing again, no matter what it took. Reaching out to industry giant and drag strip owner, Jeremy Wagler, we were able to secure Wagler Motorsports Park for what was initially destined to be a private testing session on Memorial Day weekend. After Nitto Tire USA jumped on as the title sponsor and BD Diesel Performance as the right lane sponsor, BDS Suspension as…