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Diesel World November 2020

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Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

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While we are getting back into the swing of a more normal life nowadays, it’s not what it was before at all. Not even close (here’s to hoping that we didn’t back slide during the 60-days it takes to print these magazines and get them to you). This mess has changed us all. And as far as Diesel World is concerned, for the most part that’s a good thing. Covid pushed us we to be extremely innovative. No way I/ we were going to come out the back side of this virus mess the same as we entered it. Personally, I love this Sh$#. Diesel is my life. Walking the drag strip, the sound and feeling of my shoes sticking from the VHT, or the sound of an engine trying…

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dw news

RACING NEWS CUMMINS KILLER III What could be better than a third version of the infamous Super Stock truck known as Cummins Killer? Nothing that we can think of! Based around the use of a 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 HD body, the truck’s tube chassis, IFS suspension, and tilt body setup was undertaken by the pulling experts at Proformance Pros, while the billet-aluminum Duramax behind the grille was built by Wagler Competition Products. Fueling comes by way of S&S Diesel Motorsport and it appears the Cummins Killer team has decided to stick with compound turbos rather than a big single. Stay tuned to watch this one storm down the track! RACING NEWS IRATE DIESEL’S NEW 6.70 INDEX TRUCK Though they’ve dabbled with making big horsepower on the 6.7L Power Stroke platform, the 7.3L gurus at…

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hot products

It’s fairly often that you’ll see some new-fangled “Diesel Buyer’s Guide” floating around, but this time we wanted to do something a little different. We reached out to a number of parts suppliers and asked what was flying off their shelves--the stuff that people were actually buying. The idea is that if other enthusiasts are buying it, you might need it too! Not surprisingly, we received a mix of replies and the product spectrum more or less ran the gambit. Most of the pieces we were told were moving could be classified as “replacement upgrades;” these parts that are stock--only better. Upgraded transmission parts, filters, turbos, and fuel systems were all at the top of the list, with items like complete transmissions also being included, as folks are finally getting…

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fire-rings, head studs, & screw-in freeze plugs

The 6.7L Cummins is hard to beat in the diesel world. The common-rail inline-six features the longest stroke, the biggest bore, and the most displacement in the segment. Its ability to spool an S400 has all but killed off the need to run compound turbo arrangements, and the stock injection system can support 550rwhp or more. Unfortunately, head gasket failure is a big problem in the 6.7L world—especially on trucks that spend their lives tuned and hooked to a trailer. We’ve seen some go 200,000 miles before lifting the head while others can do it in half that time. With a second-gen turbo swap, an S467, and aggressive tuning on-board, the 6.7L fourth-gen in this article pulled off the feat in just 114,000 miles. Luckily, the owner plans to keep his…

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‘50s styling, modern day work ethic

It was supposed to just be a work truck, but for Phil Prinster—a man that’s made his old Oliver tractor so nice it no longer handles his brush-hogging duties—functionality alone wouldn’t suffice for his ’50 Chevrolet 4100. Once a part of the St. Louis metropolitan district fleet, the truck also served as both a milk and grain hauler for a period before Phil acquired it from a friend roughly three decades ago. For years, he never could quite decide what he wanted to do with the 1.5-ton Chevy, but then he got an idea. MODERNIZING A CLASSIC Instead of doing a run-of-the-mill small-block build or dropping a big-block into the old truck, Phil decided a Duramax was the way to go. But rather than simply source an engine and transmission for the…

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project obsessed

PART TEN: FUEL SUPPLY Project Obsessed has come quite a long ways since we picked it up last year and while we’ve tried to keep it looking as original as we could, that’s far from true when it comes to what’s under the hood. The whole idea behind this project was to take a 1994-1997 Ford F350 that so many of us have fond memories of from twenty years ago and turn it into something that could keep up with today’s late model trucks. Of course, we had to upgrade the suspension so it would ride better, and we had to beef up the steering, but obviously we really needed to focus on the performance side of things. When these 7.3L Power Strokes were new, they were non-intercooled and could put…