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Diesel World December 2020

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Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

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4 min.
brand war ford vs chevy vs dodge

First off here’s my email for everyone that’ll be sending me hate mail after reading this: DW-Editor@Engaged.Media We’ve all got our chosen brand, yes, I’m a Ford guy. Which to GM and Dodge guys means I’m slow, broken down all the time, and for some reason can’t seem to keep my cab on the frame. But hey at least there’s a big ole circle around the problem on the grille… I’ve always said people don’t get to choose their brand, often that comes from what your Dad drove when you were a kid. But My Dad drove a BMW when I was a kid, go figure that one out, how’d I become a truck guy?? I guess I know why I have a 335D now, but funny enough I never really had…

4 min.
dw news

Racing HE’S BACK… After selling his ’66 Chevy Nova, the green machine that shook things up in the radial tire world for several years and dipped into the low 4’s at one point, Ryan Milliken will soon be back in the saddle in a different car. His latest ride, a ’69 Nova, comes from the Tin Soldier Racecars side of the tracks, and was purchased as an unfinished project. As Ryan continues to ready his latest Nova to do battle, there is no word on whether or not it will also compete in X275 or not, but a 2,000hp Freedom Racing Engines’ Cummins will once again get the nod as his power plant of choice. Look for the car’s first unveiling to take place at the PRI Show in December. SOURCE: HTTPS://HARDWAYPERFORMANCE.COM/ EMISSIONS U.S. EPA…

10 min.
a tale of two 1,500hp 6.0l power strokes

AUSTIN DENNY In the spring of 2020, no 6.0L Power Stroke had ever gone 5’s in the eighth-mile. Several were knocking on the door, but all had yet to officially pull off the feat. All of that changed in May, however, when Austin Denny and Charlie Fish met at our first COVID ‘660 drag race at Wagler Motorsports Park. Signed up for the 5.90 Index class, Austin’s ’06 F-250 put up a 5.76 at 120 mph right off the bat, while Charlie and his purple Super Duty nicknamed “Lucky” trimmed tenth after tenth off of their initial 6.20 E.T. by bumping up the nitrous until running a best of 5.85 at 117 mph. But that was just the beginning. Now these 5,000-rpm thoroughbreds can run the number consistently. So how are these…

11 min.
project obsessed

Part eleven of this project build. Can you believe it?! Almost an entire year into this old Ford build-up and we’re rounding third headed for home. This truck has made quite the transformation from its well used 220,000 mile 24-year old self into what it is today. New suspension, new steering, some cosmetic upgrades and most recently a completely new fuel system from tank to heads. With only a couple of scheduled articles left for this build, we’ve held some of the best upgrades for last. With our 205cc Full Force Diesel injectors and now the Strictly Diesel electric fuel system conversion, the fuel side of our performance upgrades are complete, now we address the airflow side. Finally, Project Obsessed gets a heavy breathing turbocharger upgrade. KC300x Stage 2 Turbo After some…

7 min.
cool it

We know what you’re thinking. Another article about how to save a 6.0L Power Stroke form imploding on itself. Well sort of, but the truth of the matter is Ford sold a ton of those truck between 2003 and 2007 and to be quite honest, there are still a ton of them on the road. Sure, they may need a little more love on the maintenance and repair side of things, but you can find these trucks on the cheap these days. A lot of people are scared to own one, which has kept their used values lower than other diesels on the market, but if you have the know-how, the right list of upgrades and are willing to put in the work they can be very capable tow rigs.…

4 min.
crimson beast

Founded in 2010, Drifters Garage provides automobile restoration, custom body work, professional paint, general maintenance, and more for the North County in Southern California! Ron Stahr and his seasoned mechanics are experts in the auto industry. Ron’s love of classic automobiles started with his father and has continued to grow and bring him and others joy for more than half of a century now! What hasn’t changed is his work ethic and commitment to providing to highest quality of work and a sense of community for classic automobile enthusiasts. From what we know of the builds coming out of Drifters Garage, every one of them is a standout. We first took notice of Ron’s creation at the 21st Annual Brothers Classic Chevy and GMC truck show in Orange County in July 2019.…