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Diesel World February 2021

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Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

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3 min.
turbocharging compoundsvs singles

The diesel world is constantly changing. In drag racing, up until maybe the 2016/2017 season, two-turbo compounds were the hottest way to go. All the big dogs were running them, and everyone else wished they were. Then we started seeing a lot more triples, still a compound design but with three turbos instead of two. Those made great power, just like their two-turbo brethren did. But lately it seems a different trend in the big horsepower trucks is dominating, singles. One turbo. Just like what comes stock on your truck. Nothing fancy. But they’re making huge and reliable power with them. Recently I’ve had a few people ask me how this is possible and why it makes sense to run a single, it’s simple, I’ll explain why. HIGH RPM SAVES PARTS To…

4 min.

Racing BOUND FOR THE 4’S Michael Dalton’s Pro Street Ram has been admitted at the chassis doctor, Hammertech Racecars, for a host of suspension improvements that should help push him into the 4’s next season. With HammerTech’s hands deep into Ben Shadday’s ’63 Corvette Pro Mod build (which appears to be getting quicker and quicker with each pass), look for Dalton’s orange RLC Motorsports machine to be a serious contender in 2021—if not the tail-end of 2020. Despite tough company this season, Dalton hung in there for a fourth place points finish in Pro Street. Will this truck be at the top of the heap next season? Only time will tell. SOURCE: HAMMERTECHRACECARS.COM RACING SEARCHING FOR SPEED After wrapping up the ODSS season third in points in 5.90 Index, Austin Denny decided to turn up the…

2 min.
horsepower wars

From an engineering standpoint, the new 2020 Ford trucks are one of the most impressive diesels to come down the pike in quite some time. It’s 475 horsepower rating puts a decent gap on its competition in the form of Duramax (445 hp) and Ram (400 hp), and that’s not all. The power number that the new blue oval puts to the ground is also impressively high--in most cases around 425rwhp at sea level, uncorrected. So what’s going on here? Is Ford underrating its engines, or are the new trucks just that efficient? As it turns out, it might be a little of both. With most Duramax-powered GMs putting down around 365rwhp, that means there’s a good 60 horsepower gap between the Fords and GMs--a lot more than the flywheel numbers…

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hot products

01 BETTER FILTRATION PPE UPGRADED ‘01-‘19 DURAMAX REPLACEMENT OIL FILTERS The OEM GM filter comes up short with 133 square inches of filter media with a 25-30 micron filtration rating. The simple leaf spring design to secure the oil seal loses tension and can lead to dirty oil blow-by. It also doesn’t come with an integrated magnet to help protect your engine from ferrous metal particles. The PPE upgrade has superior filtration down to 10 microns and 188 square inches which equates to 41% more specially engineered media than the stock filter. A perforated metal center core provides media support. Blow-by is eliminated by a stiff coil spring for a tight seal. This filter upgrade also includes an integrated magnet to catch ferrous metals, a silicone anti-drain-back valve prevents dry starts, and a…

6 min.
weekend on the edge 2020

2020 was the year of cancelled events. Nothing was what it was supposed to be with the ‘Rona running rampant everywhere. Drag races cancelled. Sled pulls all over the country cancelled. Even the Ultimate Callout Challenge, the biggest diesel gathering of the year had to be postponed and later cancelled. Social gatherings of any kind were being limited all spring and summer long but come fall, some areas were starting to loosen up the reins a bit and a few things could start happening. Luckily, one of those things was Weekend on the Edge, hosted by Edge Products at their Ogden, UT facility For 15+ years Edge has been hosting this annual fall event and had just about come to terms with the idea of not being able to continue the…

4 min.
“the mountain decides”

The ninety-eighth running of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), also known as “The Race to the Clouds,” is an invitational automobile hill climb to the summit of Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain in Manitou, Colorado. This year the event was held on Sunday, August 30th. Forty-four vehicles raced to the summit of the 14,115 ft. mountain, containing 156 turns and totaling a distance of 12.42 miles. While the annual running of this event was postponed due to the Covid pandemic, it wasn’t going to put a stop to the race altogether. With limits on attendance, only competitors, pit crew, safety personnel, and media were allowed on the mountain. Even though the international competitor count was down this year, competitors traveled from all over the world in hopes of…