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Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

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2021 event season

Back in February I was looking forward to my first 2020 event, Rudy’s Spring Jamboree, and then the dumpster fire that came to be 2020 happened. After a few weeks of lock down I got antsy, many of you have heard this before, so we got our own race season started with the COVID 660 drag races at Wagler Motorsports Part in late May. Then after that race, the country was still for the most part closed, so the next one got planned and happened in July, again at Wagler Motorsports Park. By late July we were starting to open up again and events were happening, so to Weekend on the Edge we went, then back to Waglers for some sled pulls, and finally to Bean’s Diesel for their Blackout…

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Racing SCHEID MAKES BID FOR FIRST 3-SECOND EIGHTH-MILE Another step closer to the 3’s for the Scheid Diesel Dragster. While competing in the Top Dragster class at the PDRA World Finals the weekend of October 22-25, driver Jared Jones put together the fastest pass in diesel history. During the first round of qualifying, the rail blew through the ‘660 in 4.04 seconds at 184 mph. Jones and team would also string together other low 4-second runs on the weekend, proving that not only were they capable of running 4.0s consistently, but that diesel’s first trip into the 3’s may end up belonging to them. You can bet the next milestone on their radar is collecting that 3.9x time slip. Stay tuned. RACING DIESELS INVADE THE PDRA WORLD FINALS For the second year in a row,…

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hot products

01 A BETTER ALLISON MERCHANT AUTOMOTIVE MAXIMUM TRANSMISSION WORK SERIES The MAximum Transmission Work Series was designed for hard working Duramax owners and daily drivers that want more holding power than stock while maintaining the smooth performance characteristics of a stock Allison transmission. The precisely rebuilt Work Series Allison transmissions start with thoroughly tested and inspected Allison cores. Carefully selected and matched internal components including improved friction materials, hydraulic upgrades, and a dyno tested MAximum Series valve body are meticulously installed. A steel Allison deep sump transmission pan is used for additional fluid capacity along with a billet aluminum Merchant Automotive filter lock to make sure the filter does not come loose. A single disk billet torque converter is installed and then each Work Series MAximum Transmission is painted orange. Each…

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1,500hphidden in plain sight

Life turned out very differently for this ’05 Dodge Ram 3500 than its original owner probably assumed it would. It still has very low miles on the odometer given its age, but the bright red four-door sports a 6.7L Cummins now, has been 48RE-swapped, and makes five times the horsepower it did when it left the factory. After bringing his spotless, bone-stock, 89,000-mile third-gen home from California five years ago, Josh Ewing quickly made the truck his own. For an Indiana power junkie that meant installing a Smarty tuner and a dual disc clutch right off the bat—which was soon followed by 150-percent over injectors and all the rest of it. Finally, with the diesel drag racing scene becoming more and more serious—and having attended a few Streetcar Takeovers—Josh made the…

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full flow

This ’12 Ram will be graced with one of Fleece’s cutting-edge products: its PowerFlo in-tank lift pump module. Designed as a direct replacement for the factory sending unit assembly—and with the goal of supporting higher horsepower while maintaining quiet, air-free operation—the PowerFlo lift pump is ground-breaking on multiple levels. From a reliability standpoint, the pump’s active fill technology keeps air from ever infiltrating the fuel system. From an operational standpoint, its in-tank design makes it less audible than external (chassis-mounted) lift pumps. From a performance standpoint, the system employs two proven, OEM-style gerotor pumps, which provide a combined flow of nearly 170 gph at rated pressure—enough to support 800-rwhp. And from an installation standpoint, there are no holes to drill in the tank, no fuel lines to run, and no wires…

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fastest passes of 2020

Just when you thought all had been lost in 2020, you get a feel-good article like this in your hands. There’s no denying that Covid-19 shortened most racing schedules, canceled every major industry trade show, and disrupted countless lives across the nation last year, but like so many other enthusiast-driven pastimes, diesel drag racing kept on keeping on. All things considered, 2020 was a huge year for diesel drag racing. Drivers, race teams, and sponsors remained focused, and countless records were set as a result. Some records were even broken more than once before winter hit. The 2020 season concluded with Scheid Diesel’s legendary dragster poised to make an eighth-mile run for the 3’s—and Wagler Competition Products’ screw-blown Duramax rail not being far behind. The Pro Mod class got even faster,…