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Diesel World May 2021

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Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

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new year, new events, new direction

This time last year during the first few quarantine weeks, I was trying to find a way to go drag racing. Everything was closed or at least heavily restricted and I was worried about the health of the diesel performance industry. You know that horsepower and nitrous fueled feeling you get driving home with your foot on the floor from a really great diesel event? I was afraid the lack of that feeling, the lack of that adrenaline rush (plus the general financial unknown that existed then), would really hurt the industry. I made the decision to find a way to get our event season back, somehow someway. I had no clue how until waking up one morning in April. Scrolling through Instagram I came across some guys who were…

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dw news

OEM NEWS FORD NAMES ANDREW FRICK AS HEAD OF SALES FOR U.S. AND CANADA Ford Motor Company recently announced that Andrew Frick has been appointed vice president of Sales for the U.S. and Canada. Frick most recently served as director of U.S. sales for Ford with a very successful track record. Frick will assume responsibility for sales, customer care and dealer relations for the brand in the U.S. and Canada. SOURCE: HTTPS://NEWSPRESSUSA.COM/ PUBLICRELEASEVIEW/68215/7458/YWJSYXR0ZW5IZXJNQGVUZ2FNZWRTZWRPYWLUYY5JB21FBWFPBEHHC2G=?TOKEN=Y45 KTWNEMMKWLK7ZQWQP HIGHLIGHTS CAMBRIDGE MA WARNS DRIVERS OF THE DANGERS OF BURNING GAS, DIESEL AND ETHANOL Cambridge Massachusetts has recently started placing high visibility yellow stickers on fuel pumps warning drivers of the dangers of burning fossil fuels and even ethanol. The label, somewhat reminiscent of the warnings used on tobacco products, warns of human health concerns and climate change. What interests us most…

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great white

No, it’s not just another Cali-lean Cummins on ‘Forces. Paul Szczypta’s ’12 Mega Cab runs as good as it looks thanks to a 48RE swap, state-of-art fueling, an S475, and spot-on tuning. On the dyno, it’s a proven four-digit performer. On the street, it’s extremely drivable. “I don’t drive it to work every day, but I could,” he tells us. “It doesn’t smoke and it’s not inconvenient to drive. In fact it drives smoother than most people think.” Of course, the right amount of throttle position can set the all season’s ablaze in a hurry—but with 1,775 lb-ft of torque on tap that comes with the territory. COMPLETELY SEALED Now for the fun part: the 63,000-mile 6.7L Cummins’ bottom-end is all original. On top of that (no pun intended), the head has…

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mix & match

Robbie Watson owns his own wrecker service in Branchland, WV and has been an automotive enthusiast from his earliest memories, rebuilding and personalizing his bikes, wagons, and toy trucks since he was about five years old. “Later,” he says, “the best toys turned out to be lug nuts and Dad’s tools!” In fact, the rebuild process has never stopped, teaming up with his father, Sam Watson regularly to create something new. At the tender age of 16, he began his own first build, a 1955 Chevy Bel Air and, over the years, multiple vehicles have graced the family garage. The one you are looking at right now however, may be the most elaborate yet. It’s a blend of an F-100, F-350, and lots more, reminiscent of the old Johnny Cash…

14 min.
10 best diesels of all-time

THE MOST REVERED OIL-BURNERS EVER ASSEMBLED From the farm to the highway, construction equipment to gen-sets, and emergency vehicles to the trucks we drive every day, diesels have built—and continue to build—America. Even beyond our borders, in every mechanized blue-collar segment of the world, you’ll find a diesel in charge of the lion’s share of the workload. And although it goes without saying that all engine manufacturers strive to turn out the best product possible for every application, some power plants are simply better than others. Be it due to their durability, mechanical simplicity, or horsepower potential, these oil-burners are a cut above the rest—and we have 10 of the best diesels ever concocted to tell you about in the pages that follow. Many of our choices hearken back to the good…

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holy grail

Automotive enthusiasts far and wide seek out the rarest and most hard to find versions of popular vehicles for many reasons, chief among many of them unfortunately seems to be greed by collectors that store these amazing vehicles away waiting for them to continue to rise in value while the world is deprived of seeing these automotive masterpieces on the road and at shows. Donavin Davis is a 34-year-old diesel mechanic that bucks that trend—the young man lives and loves all things diesel, especially Cummins powered Dodge Ram pickups. Having owned at least seven Cummins diesel Dodge Rams over the years with four of them still in his current stable it is not a stretch to consider Davis a Cummins collector. But unlike those collectors looking to just cash in…