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Diesel World July 2021

Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

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initial thoughts

It took me some time to truly fall in love with smaller diesel’s in cars, SUV’s or even 1500 pickups. I grew up around 6V92 Detroit’s, 3208 CAT’s and a few other big diesel’s, mainly used in ships/boats. My first diesel truck was a 7.3 Powerstroke, still have it, love it. Little diesel’s I still enjoyed, because I like anything without spark plugs, but having one as a daily driver just didn’t make sense to me. I always wanted that big diesel engine grunt, and sound, the sound is/was important. So when I started doing this media stuff, test driving new vehicles with smaller diesels, it took a lot to impress me. Smaller diesel’s just don’t have the same feel as big displacement ones. But that’s really not true, they…

4 min
dw news

OEM NEWS MADE IN AMERICA: FORD LEADS IN U.S. ASSEMBLY, VEHICLE SALES Ford is once again the top automaker in America, according to production numbers, sales, and hourly workers. Despite the major disruption in industry production in 2020, Ford motored through, assembling more than 1.7 million cars, trucks, and SUV’s—which was 188,000 more vehicles than its nearest competitor. According to IHS Markit 2020 light vehicle production and sales data, more than 82-percent of the vehicles Ford sells in the U.S. are assembled right here in the USA, which is also more than any other full-line automaker. In addition, Ford plans to hold true to its 2019 announcement of investing $2 billion in adding roughly 3,000 hourly jobs, and investing $6 billion in its U.S. plants to keep American jobs in America. SOURCE: NEWSPRESSUSA.COM EVENTS 3’S!!! Did…

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hot products

01 6.0L FORD POWER STROKE ALL-ALUMINUM INTERCOOLER BULLET PROOF DIESEL 6.0 liter owners rejoice. Meet Bullet Proof Diesel’s new All-Aluminum Intercooler for the 2003-2007 Ford F-Series and 2003-2005 Ford Excursions equipped with the 6.0L Diesel Engine. The new intercooler boasts aluminum hose connections with a direct fit and function and a tougher built design that’s integral to the durability of the component. This unit does not have the plastic tanks like the OEM replacement and offers all aluminum hose connections to alleviate the worry of plastic cracking and failing. BULLETPROOFDIESEL.COM 02 DIESEL MAIN STUDS TRACKTECH TrackTech has recently released new main stud kits for Power Stroke, Duramax and Cummins pickup trucks. State-of-the-art UTM tensile testing machines validate the studs at 240,000psi which according to TrackTech, makes them the toughest on the market for their purpose and…

8 min
drag racin’ ranger

Looking at Johnny Montesino’s ‘08 Ford Ranger drag truck, it’s easy to think that it was born and bread as a finely tuned race truck, but truth be told it started its life as a humble Ford Ranger pickup truck that endured much of its life as a pool service truck. Back then it was purchased for only $100 and transformed into the amazing race machine that you see here. The gasser engine and Ford transmission have been replaced by a Cummins diesel and TH400 transmission while the chassis has been cut, tweaked, and caged to make the truck both strong and safe for flying down the 1/8-mile drag strip in less than 5 seconds to compete in the Pro Street class. CHASSIS Work on the truck started with the chassis, since…

5 min
the krush

When you grow up around show trucks, you just might be into them as an adult. Meet Pleasant Cook, the truck-building, UTV-racing, social media phenom you probably know best as 4x4 Barbie. She’s only 22 years young, yet has already been behind some of the most recognizable SEMA builds in the industry. From a white and pink Chevy named Karma, to a sky-high Platinum F-250 coined Ruthless, to her other Blue Oval Beauty, “Kandy,” Pleasant has been busy on the truck show scene the last few years. But believe it or not, this ‘15 Silverado 2500 HD is one of the O.G.’s in her collection, and it’s been to SEMA on more than one occasion. Referred to as “Krush,” it boasts 9-inches of Kelderman air-ride out back, 26-inch ‘Forces all…

9 min
gearing up for the road

If you’ve been following along with advancements in trucks coming from the OEM’s you’ve obviously noticed the current horsepower wars we seem to be experiencing between Ram, GM, and Ford in their diesel trucks. The peak torque and horsepower ratings of their respective engines has been the headline of just about every piece of marketing material you’ve seen from the big three releases for a few years now. You may have noticed how they continue to add gears to their automatic transmissions. First it was a 4-speed, then 5-speeds, and for a while they’d settled on six. The latest 2020 models are now coming equipped with as many as 10-speeds and man are they nice to drive. Something most buyers wouldn’t have noticed is what all the extra power and…