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Diesel World August 2021

Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

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a busy start to 2021

Event season is in full swing! Got a bunch of updates on whats going on here at Diesel World, plus an update on my personal builds. It’s been busy over here! The three live streams we did last year has turned into a thing for us this year. We’ve got over a dozen planned with three done already. First one of the year was a bit out of the norm but still something we know most diesel fans really enjoy, we went 4-wheeling in Moab! The trip threw us tons of curve balls with the first being, the trail rides we were scheduled to be on were canceled, the day we got there. The plan was to follow a bunch of fullsize diesel rigs on the rocks for two days straight.…

1 min
golden state diesel fest

High turnout, trucks everywhere and abundant sunshine allowed the first West Coast diesel event of 2021 to go off without a hitch over the weekend: The Golden State Diesel Fest, the first stop along the new Hole Shot Series schedule. After reassembling his famed (and now blue) Duramax-powered Nova just days before the event, not to mention the fact that he literally broke-in the fresh rear-end on his way to the track, Rick Fletes showed up at Sacramento Raceway Park and took home the win in the Pro Street class. Rick began the day with a 6.42-second eighth-mile pass, then knocked it down to 6.22, then grabbed a 6.06 followed by a 6.09, and ultimately a best of 5.97 for the win. Make sure to tune in to our next…

1 min
iea: co2 emissions will surge in 2021

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), a global surge in greenhouse gas emissions is inevitable as the world recovers from the international financial crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. The IEA’s Global Energy Review for 2021 predicts that worldwide energy demand will increase by 4.6-percent, which would more than cancel out the 4-percent contraction in 2020 and push energy demand 0.5-percent above what 2019 levels were. The review also states that nearly 70-percent of the projected increase in global energy will stem from emerging markets and developing countries. Key takeaways from the report are that: global oil demand is predicted to increase by 6.2-percent in 2021, natural gas demand could grow by 3.2-percent, and electricity demand is due to increase by 4.5-percent. SOURCE: HTTPS://DIESELNET.COM/NEWS/2021/04IEA.PHP…

1 min
odss season kicks off

Despite Mother Nature intervening and pushing the racing action back to Sunday, the first round of ODSS drag racing was pulled off at the Rudy’s Spring Truck Jam in Julian, North Carolina. Surprise, surprise, defending champion Ryan Riddle swooped in for the 7.70 Index class win, and Johnny Gilbert took the Win Stainless Diesel’s record-setting Pro Street Dodge. As for the home team, Rudy’s own Nathanial DeLong nabbed a 1.1-second 60-foot in the company’s four-wheel drive race truck—a feat they’ve been gunning for for quite some time. DeLong also put the 6.4L Ford through the eighth-mile in 4.97 seconds at 143 mph.…

1 min
new integrated thermal management system

Eaton’s Vehicle Group and Tenneco’s Clean Air business have partnered up to produce an integrated thermal management system to help commercial truck and light vehicle manufacturers meet upcoming emissions regulations. Under the new agreement, Tenneco’s cold-start thermal unit (CSTU) mini-burner will be combined with Eaton’s TVS Roots blower technology. The system will provide heat directly to the vehicle’s exhaust aftertreatment system. Then after heating the SCR catalyst up to roughly 200-250 degrees C, the aftertreatment system can efficiently convert NOx. The Eaton TVS Roots blower allows airflow to be precisely controlled so that the CSTU can maintain optimum aftertreatment temperatures. SOURCE: HTTPS://DIESELNET.COM/NEWS/2021/03TENNECO.PHP…

1 min
harsher emission standards may be on the way

Trump-era environmental policies continue to be undone, and the U.S. EPA recently issued a notice of reconsideration for its 2019 decision to withdraw the Clean Air Act preemption waiver for California greenhouse gas emissions and zero emission vehicle programs. If finalized, the action will restore the state’s ability to issue and enforce its own greenhouse gas and fuel economy regulations, which would also mean that other states could adopt California’s more stringent GHG emission standards. The EPA will be accepting public comments and concerns on the notice of reconsideration until July 6. SOURCE: HTTPS://DIESELNET.COM/NEWS/2021/04EPA.PHP…