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Digital SLR Photography July 2020

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Digital SLR Photography addresses the needs of today's photographer in a lively, informative and stylish format. For photographers of all abilities using digital SLRs or mirrorless cameras, it will inform and entertain you through a unique blend of technique articles, stunning images, inspirational interviews and authoritative reviews. A team of leading photographers cover topics such as landscapes, portraits and close-up photography, providing a focused and comprehensive read guaranteed to help you get the most out of your photography.

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WELCOME TO THE JULY 2020 issue of Digital SLR Photography. While there are glimmers of hope that the global pandemic may be on its way to being controlled, the Covid-19 virus continues to be a serious threat to health. With this being said, our movements are still restricted so where and with whom we can indulge our passion for photography is somewhat limited, but as we’ve shown in previous issues as well as this one, there remains plenty of ways we can continue to find photo inspiration while at home. In this month’s Photo Skills, starting on page 15, Caroline Schmidt takes the opportunity of having her children at home 24/7 to teach one of them the basics of photography, along with creative techniques to try both indoors and in…

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our team of photo experts

Daniel Lezano With around 35 years’ experience as a photographer and over 20 years on photo magazines, editor Lezano is passionate about photography, in particular portraits. Caroline Schmidt A professional photographer and experienced journalist, Caroline brings her talent for creating inspiring content to every issue. carolineannphotography.co.uk Jordan Butters With a finger on the pulse of all things photography, Jordan is a regular contributor and a talented professional photographer. jordanbutters.co.uk Ross Hoddinott OUTDOOR He’s not only an award-winning nature photographer, a leading expert in landscape and wildlife photography, he’s a top tutor, too. rosshoddinott.co.uk Lee Frost LANDSCAPES A long-standing regular contributor, Lee is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to shooting landscapes and delivering expert tutorials. leefrost.co.uk James Abbott LANDSCAPES James is an award-winning editorial, advertising and commercial photographer, specialising in portrait and landscape photography. jamesaphoto.co.uk Helen Dixon LANDSCAPES Helen is living…

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Himba Girl by Trevor Cole 500px.com/trevcole “A young girl of the Himba tribe in the Epupa region of Kaokoland in Northern Namibia. She was playing with strings in her hands when the evening light from the setting sun caught her fingers. The Himba or Ovahimba are pastoralists living a traditional life in Kaokoland (Kunene region) of northern Namibia. The Himba largely retain their cultural traits and are pastoralists living in a semi-arid area with ancient customs and traditions.“ Nikon D800 with Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II lens. Exposure: 1/640sec at f/2.8 (ISO 500). Harar Lady by Trevor Cole 500px.com/trevcole “A Harari woman in the narrow, cobbled and colourful streets of Harar in eastern Ethiopia. Harar is said, by Ethiopians, to be the fourth city of Islam and is around 1,000 years old. In 2006 it was listed…

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affinity photo professional photo editing software

Every photographer featured in Portfolio receives a download of professional photo editing app Affinity Photo on their choice of Mac, Windows or iOS. Affinity Photo was Apple’s ‘App of the Year 2015 & 2017 ’, named ‘Best Imaging Software 2016’ by TIPA, and has received thousands of five-star reviews from professional photographers, editors, artists and retouchers. It’s available priced £48.99 for desktop and £19.99 for iPad, with no subscription. For more information on Affinity Photo, visit: affinity.serif.com/photo…

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how to teach kids photography

WITH SCHOOLS CLOSED to the majority of students, it’s the perfect opportunity to share your passion with your children and to teach them new skills in the process. The apprehension to hand a child an expensive DSLR can be off-putting to some parents, but you may be surprised by how much they respect your prized possession and how privileged they feel you trusting them with it. Many professional photographers credit the beginning of their photography journey to using their father’s film camera at an early age, so who’s to say you’re not harbouring the next young gun like Joey Lawrence, Lara Jade or Brandon Woelfel? Thankfully gone are the days of telling them not to take too many images due to the cost of film and processing; you can let them…

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mastered the basics?

Introduce them to light and shadows and the difference between hard and soft light. Introduce them to the rule-of-thirds. Switch to shutter-priority or aperture-priority mode to help them to understand the exposure triangle: aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Teach them to use the four-way control to place a focus point, or how to focus using the shutter button before recomposing the scene. If possible, change their focal length. Let them see what a zoom is like compared to a macro lens or a wide-angle lens. Experiment! They go back to school and you can relax!…