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THE INTERNET IS AWASH WITH INSPIRING, PRE-PACKAGED, MEME-READY QUOTES ABOUT TRAVEL FROM AUTHORS, HISTORIANS, PHILOSOPHERS AND DRUNKS. Plucked from their respective essays, articles, novels and treatises, the proffered lines offer a sort of mystic salve for the world-weary reader. It would have been easy for me to offer up snippets of Tolkien, Proust, Laozi, Twain or Bourdain, but I won’t. Honestly, just mentioning their names has likely elicited a Pavlovian recitation response from some of you anyway. The point is, travel is great. Whether venturing across town to patronize your favorite Thai restaurant, or across the globe to claim another peak in your quest to bag all the 14ers in the world (which sounds exhausting if I’m honest. Thai anyone?). In celebration of travel, we’ve brought together a collection of stories from…

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passing through gunnison, colorado

NESTLED IN THE SHADOWS OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS ALONG HIGHWAY 50 SITS THE CITY OF GUNNISON, COLORADO. The town received its name in honor of United States Army General John W. Gunnison, who was sent to survey the land for the railroad. In the late 1800s, miners, ranchers and mountain men settled into Gunnison once the railroad had been established. Walking down Main Street, it’s easy to imagine the horses of yesteryear hitched to the posts outside of storefronts. The facades of the buildings have maintained their Old West charm, but where there once were horses, there now are bicycles. While Gunnison has held onto a fair amount of its ranching past, which is celebrated over 10 days each July during an event known as Cattlemen’s Days, much of the city…

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passing through knoxville, tennessee

WHEN TASKED WITH CONJURING NAMES OF CITIES IN TENNESSEE, ONE MIGHT BE INCLINED TO LIST MEMPHIS AND NASHVILLE AHEAD OF KNOXVILLE. If this were a magazine about music, you could have an argument, but as far as mountain biking is concerned, Knoxville may just surprise you. A lot of manufacturing cities are looking at ways to retool their image and incentivize would-be tourists to visit, and Knoxville is no different. For the traveling mountain biker, there is a lot to like about riding within the metro area. RIDE First and foremost, Baker Creek Preserve is a 7.5-mile purpose-built graduated trail system that has everything from very easy, beginner-friendly singletrack to full-on bike park lines, complete with sizeable tabletop jumps and berms. There are even two dedicated pump tracks, a smaller one for children…

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passing through marquette, michigan

COULD YOU DRAW THE STATE OF MICHIGAN WITHOUT CHEATING? Chances are, your first effort would be an outline of the famous “mitten,” completely forgetting the other third of the state. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Mislabeling or entirely omitting the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) has been so common that, in 2009, the Michigan legislature passed a bill requiring the U.P. to be included on all state maps and publications. Directly off U.S. Route 41 lies Marquette, Michigan, the largest city of the Upper Peninsula, home to 20,000 residents and the Noquemanon Trail Network (NTN). RIDE & STAY The South NTN offers a wide range of difficulty, from the 1.5-mile Grom Loop to more-expert trails with chunky rocks, granite slab roll-ins and even gap jumps. There are three primary loops that form a cloverleaf,…

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passing through newark, delaware

LOCATED JUST A MILE SOUTHEAST OF THE TRIPOINT WHERE MARYLAND, DELAWARE AND PENNSYLVANIA MEET, NEWARK MAY BE THE BEST MOUNTAIN BIKE TOWN YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF. First settled in 1694, Newark is home to the University of Delaware and just over 31,000 residents. It was once home to a Chrysler assembly plant, which originally was built to put together tanks for the U.S. Army. While the factory shut its doors in 2008, it once was the largest employer for the small city and where the late, great Bob Marley worked for a short time in the 1960s. Yes, that Bob Marley. While Newark has quite a few famous sons and daughters, including former Vice President Joe Biden and bad-to-the-bone rock ‘n’ roller George Thorogood, we are a little partial to…

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passing through pittsburgh, pennsylvania

AHH, PITTSBURGH. The Paris of Appalachia. The West Coast of the East Coast. We are the Steel City, the city of bridges, rivers and staircases. And, of course, mountain biking. I first moved here in the last sparkling days of 2006, and I left the day after Thanksgiving in 2015, sure I’d never look back. It’s been a year since I’ve returned to this city that’s so familiar and so changed, so it seems fitting that I would write our Passing Through about Dirt Rag’s hometown, a town I will forever be passing through, regardless of how many times I think I’m gone for good. RIDING Frick Park has gone from the local secret to a mountain biker’s destination spot. Like any home trails, they’ve changed a lot over the years due…