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Cars & Motorcycles
Dirt Rider

Dirt Rider January 2018

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United States
Bonnier Corporation
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In this issue

1 min.
hot shots

Factory KTM rider ANTOINE MÉO fights to keep his head above water during the second stage of this year’s OiLibya Morocco Rally after heavy downpours caused local rivers to swell. Méo was able to make it to the other side. Husqvarna’s Pablo Quintanilla and KTM riders Matthias Walkner and Sam Sunderland were first to tackle the crossing. Quintanilla and Sunderland both drowned their bikes. This and a later crossing caused the stage to be canceled. Quintanilla was able to carry on and finish seventh. Sunderland was forced to retire due to water in his fuel. Walkner won the event, with Méo finishing fourth. US racers Ricky Brabec (Honda) finished third overall (and scored his first stage victory), and Andrew Short (Husqvarna) finished 16th overall in his first FIM Cross-Country Rallies…

3 min.
forced to focus

Being a professional racer and having been a college student at the same time, I feel like I’ve taken a pretty unique path to get me to where I am today. I don’t think I’d change a thing, and still feel like it was the right approach for me, but it wasn’t easy—and maybe that’s turned out to be one of the best things about it. I didn’t have a normal college experience. My plan at college was to get in, get my stuff done, and get out. I did my homework and I’d sometimes hang out with friends, but the college parties were definitely put aside because the weekends were for training or racing. In 2013 I transferred from Cabrillo College to San Jose State University. I’d completed as many lower-division…

4 min.
weston beach race

Bigger, madder, and tougher than ever, the 2017 Weston Beach Race brought together an eclectic mix of weekend warriors and have-a-go heroes. Adding to the mix was a cross-section of Britain’s finest off-road talent, which was chaos from start to finish. Firmly established as a “must do” end-of-season event in the UK, for more than three decades the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare has been welcoming off-road motorcyclists with open arms. For most it’s a simple case of survival, as they take on what is arguably the world’s most extreme beach circuit. With quads, kids, and sidecars (yes, they still race them in Europe) all in on the action, it’s the main solo race that’s the real draw. It’s a straight-up mix of pros and amateurs when it comes to Weston, and it’s…

4 min.
gear bag

1. RED BULL ENERGY DRINK ORIGINAL FLAVOR $2.25 redbull.com Red Bull gives you wings. It’s a great company to be affiliated with. I love what they do for the sport of extreme and hard enduro, and I’m just happy to be a part of it. 2. BELL MOTO 9 FLEX CARBON $599.95–$799.95 bellhelmets.com, (800) 216-9446 You definitely want to go with quality when it comes to protecting your head. The Bell Moto 9 Carbon looks cool, feels good, and is super easy to clean the cheek pads and liner. It’s just a great, high-quality helmet. 3. OAKLEY AIRBRAKE GOGGLE $160–$220 oakley.com, (800) 403-7449 This is a great goggle. The Airbrakes are awesome, everyone knows the brand, and their glasses are cool. I feel fly when I’m out there on the track. 4. FMF CUSTOM HEADER AND 4.1 RCT TITANIUM ANODIZED MUFFLER WITH TI…

11 min.
cody webb wanted a dirt bike.

Geoff was the big brother Cody never had. His parents trusted Geoff enough to send their only son on the road with him to trials events and demos, and Geoff treated him like any big bro would. He even gave Cody a nickname: Dirty Cody. “He always had dirt on his face,” Geoff said. “He was a grom, always in the dirt.” One time, Geoff had so many people in his motorhome at an event in the mountains that he set up a tent outside for Cody to sleep in. Then he warned his young guest to watch out for the bears. Cody didn’t get any sleep that night. Cody had always wanted a real dirt bike, and now that Geoff was riding EnduroCross, it was the perfect excuse because his…

7 min.
going up?

“I consider myself to be David trying to beat Goliath,” Cody Webb tells us. “That’s why I’m always striving to be better. When you have a target on your back, you’re always trying to improve. I just feel like I can keep improving because I’m not at the top yet. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.” That’s the mentality most winners have, always striving to be better. Cody never had any kind of formal coaching, so like most of us he learned from other riders and through constant practice. Interestingly enough, Cody never even got on a dirt bike until the ripe old age of 19, spending his youth riding trials, something he excelled at. Cody won the US National Trials Championship in 2010, and he’s utilized those unique skills to…