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on the podium

Over the past few years, something that has been on my mind is the podium speech. When I watch a race, at the end when the racers are walking up to the podium, I click the TV off or change the channel because I pretty much know what they are going to say. Yet I’ve heard these stories of guys getting fined for not mentioning their sponsors’ names on the podium. If I were a sponsor, I’d fine a racer if they mentioned my name. I know this goes against the grain, but let me explain: If I’d just won the race, be it supercross, motocross, or offroad, and you don’t know who I’m sponsored by, then what were you watching? It shouldn’t be the racer’s job to tell the fan…

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jeremy mcgrath’s

CAREER STATS Few racers have had as much success in racing as Jeremy McGrath has, and even fewer amassed such impressive feats so early in their careers. Here’s a quick look at some of the numbers that this month’s Guest Editor was able to log throughout his career as a professional racer: SUPERCROSS 450SX CLASS (THE “250” CLASS DURING THE TWO-STROKE ERA WHEN JEREMY WAS RACING) CAREER MAIN EVENT STARTS: 173 TOP-FIVE FINISHES: 141 PODIUM FINISHES: 111 VICTORIES: 72 (MOST ALL TIME) CHAMPIONSHIPS: 7 (1993–1996, 1998–2000) AVERAGE FINISH: 3.62 CONSECUTIVE STARTS: 113 (1996–2002) FIRST ROOKIE TO WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP FIRST RIDER TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP ON TWO BRANDS (HONDA, YAMAHA) FIRST RIDER TO WIN MAIN EVENTS ON THREE BRANDS (HONDA, SUZUKI, YAMAHA) 250SX CLASS (THE “125” CLASS IN JEREMY’S ERA) VICTORIES: 13 CHAMPIONSHIPS: 2 MOTOCROSS CAREER STARTS (450 AND 250): 95 450 PODIUM FINISHES: 35 250 PODIUM FINISHES: 8 450 VICTORIES: 15 250…

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gear bag

Showtime’s Showcase As this month’s Guest Editor, Jeremy wanted to show you a selection of products that he still uses and believes in. Here are McGrath’s top product picks, along with a bit of infor mation as to what it is about each item that makes it fit for the King. 1. Thor MX Core Contro Kelly Green/Yellow: $159.95 pant, $49.95 jersey “Thor gear is super comfortable, the colors are good, and it’s stylish. It’s one of the top brands, and I always try to associate myself with the top brands.” thormx.com (858) 748-0040 2. DC Shoes Heathrow SE Shoes: $70 “For me, image has been a big part of my life. DC really loves moto even though it’s a skate brand, surf brand, and moto brand. That’s the lifestyle that I live. I have my own DC…

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letter of the month

To submit a letter to Dirt Writer, send an email to drmail@bonniercorp.com. Please do not submit any photos larger than 2 MB in size. You must include contact info—first and last name, phone number, email contact, and mailing address—in order to be eligible to receive any swag. All letters may be edited at our discretion. For more info and letters, log on to dirtrider.com. BEST BIKE What was the baddest bike you ever straddled? Joey Dixon Via Facebook @dirtridermag Fortunately I’ve been able to ride a string of awesome bikes. I think it’s hard to imagine anything better than my ’96 Honda CR250 when I rode it. I was winning everything. That was one of the finest two-strokes that I’ve ever ridden. I won a lot on the Yamaha too, which was a great…

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show time!

“We [the team] chose our tires sometimes just for the start, to get ahead and run away. In fact, Dunlop made a special tire for me that had lower knobbies because at certain tracks like Atlanta that had really deep clay and lots of grip, we wanted to keep as much power as possible, and lower knobs wouldn’t take down the engine power as much, and it really worked.” “This right here is Glen Helen, ’96 I believe. You remember how thick those jerseys were, the cotton jerseys? This was my custom vented jersey. That day had to be like 105 degrees. Fox thought it was cool and they didn’t care. I had my gold boots on too.” “I have this bike at home, this exact bike [1991 CR125]. This bike is…

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lessons from the king

“I still consider myself to be a rider.” It’s obvious that this is contrary to everything Adam Cianciarulo has ever practiced in his career as a motocross racer, and he looks painfully stiff and uncomfortable in this situation. The photographer, Frank Hoppen, doesn’t need much airtime to make the photo look dramatic, but Cianciarulo is way out of his comfort zone right now. The other rider makes it look so easy, and the money shot for the 2016 Kawasaki KX-F product shoot will be coming from him. Actually, he makes riding a motorcycle look so easy that it’s almost unfair. The line in discussion is a crooked rut up the side of a 10-foot-high tabletop. The objective is to slowly creep into the slot, crack the throttle near the top, plant and…