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when are we?

When you work at a magazine, there’s the standard time warp about writing today for an issue in the future, oft en about bikes of the upcoming year. Not too odd, but then there’s the less common time string split where two issues exist in the same place at the same time, as one is not yet off to the printer and the next is already coming together. The earlier of those future issues is what you now hold in your hand. As you saw when you picked up this magazine, Thad DuVall is our cover boy. Thad is on the verge of a Sprint Enduro championship as I write this (in the past), and he just nabbed his first National Enduro win. He’s come a long way and we wanted…

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blazusiak talks endurocross opener

After more than a year away from the series, five-time US EnduroCross champ Taddy Blazusiak returned to the United States to compete in the AMA EnduroCross Series. Dirt Ridercaught up with the factory KTM rider after the Atlanta round to find out what he’s been up to and what took him away from racing for nearly a year. ON HIS INJURIES: “It’s been a crazy year. Right after SuperEnduro I started feeling really, really bad, but I still won the championship at the beginning of 2015. Then from there everything went downhill. I ended up with the Epstein-Barr virus, which is brutal. I just had to give myself some time to recover. So I’ve been away from training for quite a while. When I was back on the bike and when we…

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gear bag

1. EVS SPORTS F1 ROOST GUARD: $75 Just like most moto pants, this flying-debris defender has a ratcheting closure system offering an easily tailored fit, plus articulated flank protection for those soft bits. evs-sports.com (800) 229-4387 2. MSR BLOCKADE DEFLECTOR: $99.95 Deflect those sticks and stones and protect your bones. Well that is a little morbid, but the Blockade deflector is CE certified to EN 1402 (debris) and has a claimed weight of only 1.5 pounds. msracing.com (951) 340-3301 3. FLY RACING REVEL OFF-ROAD ROOST GUARD: $129.99 This non-riveted chest pro is slim enough to be worn under your jersey (to make you look buff ). And if you aren’t diggin’ the shoulder and arm pads, this guard also comes in “race” mode sans those pieces. fl yracing.com (208) 319-3079 4. THOR GUARDIAN BLACK/BLUE: $79.95 This torso protector has Level 1 impact CE-certified back protection and is…

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hot shots

RCH / SOARING EAGLE / JIMMY JOHN’S / SUZUKI’ KEN ROCZEN had a great summer. He won 20 out of 24 motos and made history as the first rider on a privately owned team to score a 450 outdoor title. He had nine overall wins, each from a (1-1) moto day, and only missed being in the top two in one moto (he was leading until a mechanical issue with his fork dropped him to fourth). Roczen led a total of 324 laps on his way to his second 450 Outdoor championship. From the first race it seemed clear Roczen had the speed edge over the competition, and his early aggressive riding had him up front in most motos before the first lap was over. He was consistent and never went longer…

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thad duvall on advice taken,needed, and ignored

There’s plenty of advice out there when it comes to riding technique and race strategy. Some advice is obvious and taken instantly, sometimes it needs some harsh experience to point out its value, and other times what is good advice for one racer just might not work for another. In the off-road realm, no one has come further in the past five years in technique, ability, and results than Thad DuVall, who is leading the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series and just notched his first National Enduro win as we go to print. He also has one of the coolest riding styles in the business. By the time you get this, Thad will be at the ISDE in Spain representing the United States as part of the US World Trophy…

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four-stroke vs.two-stroke

WANT MORE Follow coverage of the 2016 ISDE at dirtrider.com. The event starts October 11. Thad DuVall rides a Husqvarna 350 four-stroke in GNCC and Sprint Enduro competition. However, for the ISDE he’ll be riding the E3 class, so team manager Antti Kallonen has him riding a 300cc two-stroke in some of the Sprint races. With that in mind, we thought Thad would be the perfect person to cover some of the big differences between riding the two machines. “I think the four-stroke is a little better overall, but the two-stroke is a little better handling. For me, the advantage the two-stroke has is turning. I think it turns a lot better than my 350 fourstroke. I think it’s because it’s a lot lighter and it’s a lot more nimble. When I…