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better living through motorcycles

While driving home from the motocross track the other afternoon, I swung into a suburban shopping center to splash some gas into my truck’s tank. As I began fueling up, a mildly pricey sports car screeched to a stop on the other side of the pump, and out jumped your archetypical fortysomething corporate worker bee: pressed Dockers, thinning but perfectly combed hair, and a plain blue button-up dress shirt that was failing to conceal a physique gone soft through years of inactivity. I watched in detached amusement as Mr. Corporate fumbled with the gas pump while simultaneously attempting to answer an email on his smartphone. He must have felt me looking at him because the man glanced up and our eyes met for one brief, uncomfortable second. But that single…

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2016 husqvarna enduro line

Enduro racing has always been the backbone of Husqvarna’s legacy, and for 2016, the Swedish-born marque has introduced improvements and refinements to the engine, chassis, and suspension that are focused on improving its single-track off-road performance. These changes for 2016 include upgraded suspension geometry with revised settings plus a standard handlebar map switch that makes it quick and easy to change to an alternate engine character. DIGITAL DIRT: See the latest 2016 threads from Alpinestars.dirtrider.com/videos/motorcycle-videos/alpinestars-2016-mx-gear UPDATES FOR 2016: • NEW 22MM FRONT AXLE (PREVIOUSLY WAS 26MM) • 22MM-OFFSET TRIPLE CLAMPS (PREVIOUSLY WAS 20MM) • REVISED 4CS FORK SETTINGS • NEW REAR SHOCK SETTINGS • NEW FORK PROTECTORS WITH IN-MOLD GRAPHICS • UPDATED GEARBOX ON FE 250 AND FE 350 • UPDATED DDS CLUTCH ON FE 450 AND FE 501 • STANDARD MAP SWITCH • MODIFIED LUBRICATION SYSTEM ON FE 250 AND FE…

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gear bag

1. FALCO BOOTS EXTREME PRO 3: $389 “Falco” is Italian for “falcon.” With birds of prey on your feet you can hunt down victory! PACIFICPOWERSPORTS.COM (951) 719-3663 2. FIXT PRODUCTS PRO TORQUE T-HANDLE: $159.99 Two-in-ones are cool: shampoo and conditioner, pen and pencil, and now a T-handle and torque wrench. FIXTPRODUCTS.COM (844) 349-8776 3. ENTHUSIAST BOOKS THE BIRTH OF MOTOCROSS: $29.95 Open-face helmets, premix, and 3-footwide handlebars… Ah, the early days of the greatest sport in the world! ENTHUSIASTBOOKS.COM (715) 381-9755 4. LEATT FUSION 3.0: $399 We are not talking about nuclear physics; we are talking about some serious protection! LEATT.COM (800) 691-3314 5. BEL-RAY ALL-IN-ONE FUEL TREATMENT: SEE YOUR LOCAL DEALER Boosts octane and stabilizes? We need this for ourselves in the morning. Wonder how it tastes in a cup of coffee? BELRAY.COM (732) 938-2421 EXTRA TORQUEYT T-handles are arguably the most-used tools in a dirt bike owner’s garage, and Shane Stamm…

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dirt writer

To submit a letter to Dirt Writer, send an email to drmail@bonniercorp.com. Please do not submit any photos larger than 2 MB in size. You must include contact info—first and last name, phone number, email contact, and mailing address—in order to be eligible to receive any swag. All letters may be edited at our discretion. For more info and letters, log on to dirtrider.com. NOT EXACTLY JOHN HANCOCK Please dump the California attitude in Dirt Rider magazine writings. It will make your magazine much more appealing to the rest of the country. Many of us do not live under an oppressive government such as the Republic of California, and we enjoy many freedoms. Just because California is imposing new regulations at an alarming daily rate doesn’t mean the rest of the country…

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the perfect displacement?

2016 KTM 350 SX-F After logging tons of hours on the stock 2015 KTM 350 SX-F and then turning it into a modi-fied project bike, we became believers of the orange midsize moto cross weapon and its capability to please a wide range of riders. Then we heard rumblings after testing the 2015.5 KTM 450 Factory Edition that the 2016 KTM 350 SX-F would get the same refinements and diet the 450 FE did, and our mouths started salivating. Editor-in-Chief Chris Denison got to test the complete lineup of KTM motorcycles in early June in Indiana, and although he only enjoyed a short amount of time on the new 2016 KTM 350 SX-F, he came away impressed with all the changes the midsize pumpkin had to offer out on the track.…

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yamaha yz250 vs.yamaha yz250 fx

Four-strokes are getting better and better each year and are now so superior to two-strokes that it’s laughable… That is, I mean, if those overweight thumper-pigs can keep from stalling, overheating, or grenading on the trail. The truth is somewhere in between, and picking the right bike for you comes down to weighing the pros and cons of each. You might not be in the market for a new bike, but we went ahead and pretended you were, as an excuse to put a fun twist on the old two-versus-four debate. The concept of this story was a two-bike race test within a round of the 2015 AMA National Enduro series. These races do not require timekeeping skills or equipment anymore, and the courses are at least 65 miles long with…