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Dirt Rider October 2016

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sight lap

In racing, there are a lot of closely guarded secrets, little advantages a team develops or discovers that make their machine better than their competitors’ stuff—or at least the best their own product can be. But since everything changes, cutting edge in one era can be outdated, available from the aft ermarket, or stock on the machines on the showroom floor in a later era. At that point the team is free, to some degree, to spill the beans on how things got to where they are. We saw this bean-spilling a lot in this issue’s main feature where we spoke with four champions: two in motocross, two in off-road, two recently retired, and two who have been off the podiums for about a decade. They were all much more…

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tear offs

JARVIS STORMS ROMANIACS After winning Erzberg at the end of May, Graham Jarvis capped off a brilliant twomonth run by adding this year’s Red Bull Romaniacs title to his résumé. The factory Husqvarna rider told Dirt Rider that Romaniacs is one of his favor ite races but also perhaps the toughest of them all, with 4 a.m. starts leading into four consecutive eight-hour days of racing. After finishing third in the Prologue, putting him on the first row for the start of the race, Jarvis had his worst day of the four-day event on the first day as he dropped back to fourth in the standings. However, day two turned out to be the toughest day of the event, and Jarvis reveled in the misery, taking the lead midway into the day…

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letter of the month

Okay, you asked for it. Personally, I’m very disappointed in you virtually removing the feedback section. One of my favorite sections is reading about other readers, experiences, questions, comments, etc. Another point: While I enjoy following supercross and motocross, personally, I don’t race either one. What I do ride are trails. How about doing articles on riding areas—where they are, what are the strong points and weak points of each? Lastly, when doing bike reviews, please mix up your terrain more than you do. I realize you’re based in SoCal and are limited to what that desert has to offer, but motocross tracks and desert is a very small part of where your readership rides, which at times makes your reviews far too biased to those environments to help the average reader…

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gear bag

THOR Sentry XP: $169.95 If you’re a full-throttle kind of off-roader, you’ll want to think about full-coverage kind of protection. This torso guard takes it up a notch with a fully articulated back protector. thormx.com (858) 748-0040 ACERBIS Skid Plate 450 SX-F: $79.95 This two-tone under armor also comes in orange/white and white/blue to match your Austrian bike. The polypropylene construction is lighter and quieter than aluminum and cheaper than carbon fiber. acerbis.com (800) 659-1440 HIGH ROLLER PRODUCTS Secure Straps: $39.95 Constant tension is normally a cause of stress, but for tying down a bike it’s a good thing. The rubber section of the strap lets the bike move slightly without bouncing around. highrollerproducts.com (951) 719-3661 FASST COMPANY Impact Moto Peg: $259.99 Vibration doesn’t just go through the bar; it is felt at every point of contact. Take the sting out of ping, ping,…

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hot shots

FORMER SX/MX GREAT DAMON BRADSHAW showed up at the North Carolina round of the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series and came away with eighth overall in his first motorcycle race in quite some time. “I don’t know if there’s anything such as throwing yourself into shape in three weeks, but I’ve tried. We’ve had a lot of fun. I love this type of racing, and the Cross Course is awesome. It’s just like real oldschool motocross, which is what I like to ride. I don’t mind jumping, but I’d just as soon not. I’m still very competitive, but this series is just a more laid-back atmosphere to me than a motocross race, and this just fits me now. I enjoy riding the woods and the rocks and that kind of stuff.” WANT…

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2017 yamaha yz250f

In 2014, Yamaha turned the 250 four-stroke world on its head by turning the cylinder on the YZ250F backward and rethinking the way a dirt bike is laid out. It was following in the footsteps of the YZ450F, which had done this a few years earlier, but the major difference between the similar design changes was, while the YZ450F had us originally scratching our heads, the 2014 YZ250F was a win right out of the gate. Plus, this was the first year the blue 250F finally ditched the carburetor. Now, we are looking at the fourth year for the intake-in-front, exhaust-in-back YZ250F and even though it looks almost identical to last year’s bike, and the two versions before that, it has some changes that Yamaha is hoping keeps it in…