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Dirt Rider September 2015

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Back in our October 2013 issue, I wrote an editorial column that explored the possible benefits of the manufacturers developing direct-injected, off-road two-strokes. Unfortunately, the off-road market still has not seen one of these unicorns, but Yamaha did just make a very unexpected newmodel announcement, and I’m hopeful that the bike’s arrival could signal a coming resurgence in two-stroke technology. The new bike is called the YZ250X; you can read more on page 16 of this issue, but the short version is that it is an off-road variation of Yamaha’s YZ250 two-stroke, much like the YZ250FX is an off-road twist of the MX-specific thumper. I can already hear the critics lamenting Yamaha’s decision not to include electric start, a heavyweight flywheel, or hand guards (actually, I agree pretty strongly with all…

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2016 yamaha, kawasaki, and suzuki models

NEW MODELS If you’ve been following dirtrider.com over the past few weeks, then you are undoubtedly aware that 2016 model releases have been popping up left and right. The big news from the blue camp is that Yamaha will be offering an all-new two-stroke off-road bike for 2016. Dubbed the YZ250X, this machine is an off-road variant of the YZ250 twostroke motocross bike, but it will feature an 18-inch rear wheel, a sealed O-ring chain, off-road-specific suspension settings, Dunlop AT81 tires, a kickstand, and a fuel petcock with a “reserve” position. The engine sees a narrower exhaust pipe, some internal compression ratio, power valve, and ignition timing changes, and a wide-ratio, five-speed transmission. On the motocross front, the 2016 Yamaha YZ450F is now equipped with launch control to manage traction on…

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gear bag

SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN Over the past couple of years, trials tires have become a more popular choice among off -road riders, particularly those who ride in tight, rocky terrain. Motoz Tires has come up with what it says is a true off -road tire but with the knob design of a trials tire. Brian Cornelius from Motoz explains: “What makes the Mountain Hybrid tire different than trials tires is that it performs well everywhere—sand, downhill braking, rocks, corners—and maintains the off -road bike’s handling characteristics. It has a very strong carcass that is designed for the abuse of an off -road bike with bonus points for being DOT [legal]. Where normal off -road tires spin, the Mountain Hybrid hooks up. Where the MH really shines is technical rocky single-track. Its least…

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letter of the month

To submit a letter to Dirt Writer, send an email to drmail@bonniercorp.com. Please do not submit any photos larger than 2 MB in size. You must include contact info—first and last name, phone number, email contact, and mailing address—in order to be eligible to receive any swag. All letters may be edited at our discretion. For more info and letters, log on to dirtrider.com. YOU GUYS ARE FULL OF IT Please just weigh the bikes ready to go with no fuel. Doing it your way is not correct, as if a bike has a bigger tank, it gets penalized in the weight department. If you want, you could add a mileage figure, but that’s very subjective due to rider, terrain, etc. I know math must be hard for you, but I know…

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feel the burn

Some would argue that racing a dirt bike, whether it be off road or motocross, is 50 percent machine and 50 percent rider. Others claim it’s more like 10 percent about the machine and 90 percent about the racer. Whatever the actual number, we racers can (and often do) spend all day putting on the newest go-fast goodies and tearing into the guts of our machine and putting it back together while overlooking the importance of our own physical performance. Or there are those of you who are in good, general physical condition and take pride in your fitness but might be lacking that edge the pros have. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Since the costs of exercise equipment and gym memberships are a huge limiting factor in many recreational…

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suzuki’s guide to japan

People think working at Dirt Rider is all new bike tests, fun events, and benchracing with the stars of the sport. It’s almost never like that, but every once in a while the stars align and we get a straight week of it. That happened for me this year when Suzuki’s RM/RM-Z line turned 40 and I got an invite to the party—a trip to Japan with Ricky Carmichael to ride a factory bike and get a sneak peek at the new RM-Z250. I don’t know how to say “no” in Japanese, so before I knew it I was eating dinner with Carmichael in a California airport and awaiting our flight to Tokyo. Even though Ricky spent his career on Japanese bikes, this would be his first visit, and he brought…