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Dirt Rider September 2016

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be ready

The beginning of summer has been an exciting time for twostroke lovers with the all-new engines arriving from Austria in both the KTM and Husqvarna models you’ll read about in this issue. With less vibration and a target on smoother power, the new engines will likely win some four-stroke riders back to two-strokes, at which point they’ll say, “What was I complaining about? This is great!” And on the other side of that coin, Kawasaki’s new 250F targets lighter weight and nimbleness. Surely a few guys who dipped a toe in the straight-gas pool back when leak jet adjusters were the center of the universe will switch, then ask, “What was I complaining about? This is great!” For our cover story we went to some of the top 250F MX riders and…

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webb weathers wicked erzberg hare scramble

Cody Webb became the first American to podium at the prestigious Red Bull Erzberg Hare Scramble, making a last-minute pass on Alfredo Gomez to claim the runner-up slot at this year’s event. Only nine of the 500 starters actually reached the finish line within the time limit, with Britain’s Graham Jarvis taking the win for the third time in his career. The Austrian Hard Enduro event is one of the toughest races on the planet, and it features sections with names like Machine, Badewanne, Carl’s Diner, Downtown, Dynamite, and Lazy Noon. Dirt Rider got a chance to talk to Cody after the event, and we asked him to tell us about some of the toughest sections of the race. MACHINE “A section called Machine is the first zone, and you’ve got a pit…

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letter of the month

TOP OF THE LINE? I have a question that’s been bugging me for a while now. I understand the deal with outriggers on goggles (like the 100% Racecraft or Oakley Mayhem goggles), but I see very few professional racers use goggles with this feature. Why do so many 100% users, for example, use the Accuri instead? I appre ciate the outriggers on mine, but was I fooled into thinking that the more expensive goggles were better? Garon Mansfield San Luis Obispo, CA This is a great question and you are very observant, which I like! I can’t tell you the exact reason some of the pros don’t use the outrigger system, but I can tell you why I prefer a non-outrigger goggle. The theory is that the outrigger will help pull the goggle around your…

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gear bag

LS2 HELMETS PIONEER MX436: $174.95 All the features you’d want in an adventure helmet, even a ratcheting chinstrap and twin-shield system for an instant tinted shield, but without the premium cost. ls2helmets.us (888) 968-9888 EVS SPORTS T5 SPEEDWAY: $99 EVS, known for body protection, will also protect that top part of your body—and at a very cool price for its mid-line helmet. evs-sports.com (800) 229-4387 SUOMY MX JUMP: $399.95 With a shell made of a mix of Kevlar, carbon, and aramidic resins, the material has to have a cool name like Tricaroboco, which it does. suomyamerica.com HJC HELMETS CL-X7 CROSS UP: $149.99 All helmets are designed to protect your head, but little details can really make a difference, like the grooves for the arms of your glasses in this lid’s liner. hjchelmets.com (562) 407-2186 TROY LEE DESIGNS SE4 CARBON: $650 Foam is the primary force absorp tion method that helmets use,…

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making orange

KTM was first to draw a weapon in the new year model introduction season as we received our all-new and freshly orange’d 2017 250 SX. KTM basically took what it learned from the 2016 SX-Fs and incorporated most of the chassis and suspension changes into the 250 SX. So what’s new on the 2017 KTM 250 SX? It would be easier to write what isn’ new on the 250 SX. KTM’s development target for the 2017 250 two-stroke motocrosser was to reduce weight, centralize mass, improve handling, get more power out of the engine, update the ergonomics, and give the SX an overall new look. Here is the breakdown of what’s new in, on, and around the orange machine. The frame is lighter by 380 grams with 20 percent higher torsional rigidity…

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new kids on the block

Husqvarna’s TX/FX line is new for Husqvarna with TX standing for the lone two-stroke model (TX 300) and the FX designating the two four-strokes in the line. The FX 350 and 450 are basically the FC moto bikes with some minimal but crucial off-road equipment. One bike—just pick your engine size—for both the track and the trail. Both 350 and 450 have the following items differentiating them from their moto brethren: 2.2-gallon gas tank, 18-inch rear wheel, Dunlop Geomax AT81 tires, off-road suspension settings, stronger lithium-ion battery, and a kickstand. Unique to the FX 350 is a six-speed gearbox whereas the 450 keeps the same transmission as the track model. Of the new features that are applied to all of the four-strokes in both the FC and FX lines, there…