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DIVA Mar-20

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DIVA is Europe’s best-selling and most authoritative lifestyle magazine for lesbian and bisexual women. Our aim is simple – to bring you the latest trends and talent at the cutting edge of popular lesbian and bisexual culture. Each month you will find in-depth interviews, engaging features and photo shoots with some of the most influential and admired women from our community. On top of this we cram in page-after-page of news, opinion, entertainment and the arts, humour, travel and much more besides. The digital edition packs an extra special punch - look out for exclusive photo galleries and behind-the-scenes videos that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you prefer to read DIVA on a smartphone, tablet or laptop you’ll never have to leave home without it. For best results, download when connected to a wifi hotspot. With so much going on, it’s no surprise that DIVA magazine is THE trusted source of information for lesbian and bisexual women the world over.

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United Kingdom
Twin Media Group
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a space of trans solidarity

Log on to Twitter, pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV and you’ll no doubt see a misleading tweet, headline or story about trans people. This hostility, which I talk more about in my Mediawatch column on page 9, fuels intolerance and hatred and puts trans people’s lives at risk. It’s shocking, but not surprising, that many trans and non-binary people are fearful of the media. But DIVA is different. We are a safe space. So ahead of Trans Day Of Visibility on 31 March, and as part of our ongoing commitment to demonstrating solidarity with those in our community facing intolerable discrimination and abuse, we are making trans people, their stories and struggles, triumphs and tiny wins, more visible in our pages than ever before. We’re celebrating…

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your shout

You said it… Claire Callow-Foster, via email Hi, my name is Claire, and in 2005 I met my wife through your magazine. We have been together 16 years and married for six years. My wife lives on the Isle of Man and I moved from Spalding in Lincolnshire in 2007 to be with her. I just wanted to say thank you, because if it wasn’t for your magazine, we would never have met. Hannah S, via email I love you guys @word_scribbler A perfect magazine cover @MajolaSnake1 What a treat – Kristen’s back on the cover of my @DIVAmagazine – Thank you @realmariamckee So honoured and excited to be in @DIVAmagazine’s LOVE ISSUE! Thank you DIVA @nellylel Yay!! Exciting mail day Back from uni and now curled up with a brew and the brand new @DIVAmagazine @MsWhitehead100 K-STEW what more of an excuse do you need?…

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this month in numbers

9% Increase in negative comments about the #MeToo movement over the past year on social media (up from from 31% to 40%) according to researcher Sherry Hamby 78,000 Young people entering the care system according to a new campaign by Five Rivers Child Care, who are calling on the LGBTQI community to consider fostering opportunities 70% Young people aged 17-25 who are fearful of coming out as LGBTQI according to a British LGBT Awards survey 2½ The amount more likely LGBTQI youth are to have a mental health problem than those who identify as heterosexual 503 Submissions for the 2020 Stonewall Index an annual list of inclusive employers, currently topped by Pinsent Masons…

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Why we love Indya Moore Not only is Indya Moore one of the most beautiful humans in the whole universe right now, they’re also one of the most influential. If you haven’t been sucked into compulsively binge-watching POSE yet, you might not recognise the name. If you have, then you’ll know them better as Angel Evangelista, a transgender sex worker with afrotastic hair. POSE, which features the largest cast of transgender actors in any scripted TV series in history, dives deep into New York’s late 1980s LGBTQI Black and Latino ballroom community, and fans will be thrilled to hear the third season is on its way. We’ll get to see Indya’s character perform epic runway walks donning glamorous glitter and feathers, and serve some delicious drama, as well as difficult emotional scenes about…

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@Seej THE BBC MUST DO BETTER It was with disbelief that I read Father Ted creator and peddler of hate Graham Linehan had been invited on BBC Newsnight to talk about how his “vociferous arguing online” – read: transphobia, bullying, intimidation and harassment – has “cost him work”. I couldn’t bear to watch his interview with Sarah Smith and, frankly, wouldn’t want to give them the viewing figures. I cannot fathom why the BBC, a public service broadcaster, would see fit to give a platform to someone whose words and actions have caused untold emotional distress to trans people and to the wider LGBTQI community. Of course, Newsnight, and the BBC more generally, is no stranger to questionable choices – claiming that they are upholding objectivity and impartiality by presenting “both sides”.…

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fighting for intersex rights

“Hiding our authentic selves cannot be the answer. We have to fight back” “You have a beard like a man, do you want me to punch you in the face like a man? Do you? Do you?” That’s the question a burly, white, cisgender, middle-class man with a beard shouted at me in my local coffee shop a few months ago. The woman behind the counter started crying. I was really scared, because I have spinal cord damage in my neck and a punch could likely cause paralysis or worse. But also, what the hell? Beards and moustaches do not belong to cis men. Cis women, intersex women, non-binary and trans people can have them, too. It is my right to make choices about my own body. I have a right not to…