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ABC Soaps In Depth

ABC Soaps In Depth July 1, 2019

Get ABC Soaps In Depth digital magazine subscription today. Included in every biweekly issue are: In depth previews of the ABC shows’ hottest plots; up-to-the-minute rundown of the Ins & Outs that will shake up your shows; exclusive interviews and gorgeous photos you won’t see anywhere else!

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2 min.
maurice benard’s new nightmare!

The In Depth Story: After successful screenings on the film-festival circuit, Nightmare Cinema is set for a nationwide release in select theaters and On Demand this week. And Benard can’t wait to creep out his fans. “If you like old horror movies and you want to be scared and grossed out, this is it,” he promises. The anthology features five shorts, each helmed by a different powerhouse horror director, about five strangers who are forced to watch their deepest, darkest fears play out before them in an abandoned theater. “No joke: It is freaky,” warns the daytime icon. “It’s also campy and fun. The cinematography is really just out of this world, so it isn’t cheesy… but it is over the top. I think you’ll dig it. Plus, you’ve never seen…

2 min.
kim’s desperate move!

The In Depth Story: Having scattered her son’s ashes at Mt. Kilimanjaro with Drew, Kim returns to Port Charles without her heart. “She’s missing her other half,” portrayer Tamara Braun sighs. “When she found out she was pregnant, everything became about Oscar and her career. It was just the two of them. So for better or worse, they were each other’s everything, and Oscar was the main relationship in her life.” As Kim hoped when they moved to town, Oscar found a family that welcomed him and also went on to help both of them through his final days. But now? “While she certainly has the support of the Quartermaines and friends like Liz, she feels utterly isolated in her grief,” says Braun with a sigh. “She is having a hard…

1 min.
courtney hope seizes control!

The In Depth Story: Hope is amped up about the Tuesday, August 27, release of Control, which features her likeness as the main character, Jesse Faden. The actress has played previous video game personas, such as Beth Wilder in Quantum Break, but Control marks the first time video game company Remedy has featured a woman in the lead role. “There’s been [Tomb Raider’s] Lara Croft and other games with females in them, but a lead female character is really rare, so I’m excited to be in the first wave,” Hope tells In Depth. “The response has been really astounding, and I hope this is the first of many games, because I really love that world.” Having done publicity at a lot of gamer-centric events, Hope has discovered a great deal of crossover…

1 min.
daytime vet weds!

Soap-hopper Kelly Sullivan (ex-Sage, THE YOUNG & THE REST-LESS; Kate/Connie, GENERAL HOSPITAL) and her beau of 10 years, photographer/director Eric Schneider (who goes by Eric Michael Roy professionally), tied the knot in Las Vegas on May 27! The bride’s bestie, Vanessa Ray (Teri, AS THE WORLD TURNS), was among the small group in attendance. Sullivan announced the news by Instagramming a photo of herself with her new hubby in front of The Little Vegas Chapel, captioning it with song lyrics from The Sound Of Music’s “Something Good.” With the wedding falling on her hubby’s birthday weekend, Sullivan also posted two sweet messages to her “best friend,” saying, “I can’t imagine my life without you. You complete me.”…

1 min.
caroline dies!

The In Depth Story: The joy of Sonny and Will retying the knot is quickly overshadowed by the latter’s continuing health crisis. While Sami and Lucas race to be by their son’s side to lend him their strength, that means that the concerned mom happens to be in Salem when the Brady family learns the tragic news that Caroline has passed away. As news of the beloved matriarch’s death begins to spread, those who knew Caroline share their grief. While loved ones gather to say farewell, Will winds up having a very special moment of his own with his great-grandmother. Word has it that both on screen and off, there wasn’t a dry eye on set as Caroline and her late portrayer, Peggy McCay (who passed away last October), were remembered fondly…

1 min.
abc soaps in depth

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