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ABC Soaps In Depth July 29, 2019

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2 min.
can sonny and jax keep the peace?

The In Depth Story: With Josslyn still grieving the death of Oscar, both her father and stepfather have stepped up to support her. “Daddy’s home, and he’s a safe place for Josslyn,” maintains the broken-hearted teen’s portrayer, Eden McCoy. “She needs Jax, but Sonny is Uncle Sonny. He’s not blood, but he’s the closest thing to it. It’s a completely different dynamic between Sonny and Joss. They both love Carly, and Sonny’s always there for her.” For Jax, the fact that his daughter sees the Mob boss that way clearly poses a problem. “He can’t like that she’s gotten closer to Sonny,” says McCoy with a chuckle. “Sonny and Jax used to hate each other. They still hate each other!” Ingo Rademacher (Jax) agrees that Sonny and Josslyn’s bond really sticks in his…

3 min.
has kim hit rock bottom?

The In Depth Story: There was a time when Kim would have laughed at the notion that she’d ever drug someone — let alone try to get pregnant without the guy’s consent! But Oscar’s mother has been having a tough time adjusting to life without him. “Back when Kim found out she was pregnant, everything became about her life with Oscar and becoming a doctor and working mom,” portrayer Tamara Braun contends. Ever since her character’s son passed away, Kim’s been devastated by waves of heartbreak. “There’s this coming in and coming out of being lost in the grief and what it’s doing mentally to her,” Braun notes. “And then coming back to reality when she hears people making logical, rational arguments or just share the truth of what is going…

1 min.
gh stars help crush cancer!

GH’s William deVry (Julian), Tamara Braun (Kim), Donnell Turner (Curtis), Eden McCoy (Josslyn) and Wes Ramsey (Peter) are hitting Philadelphia to hang out with fans — and help the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation (SROCF) raise both funds and awareness! “The SROCF doesn’t want any woman to feel alone in the battle with ovarian cancer; they work hard to provide information to help us navigate and inform us, and give us the hope we need to beat it,” says McCoy. “I can’t wait to meet the fans coming out to support this foundation. We’re going to have a great time!” The stars will headline two events on Saturday, September 14: an evening at the Helium Comedy Club with the cast, with Q&A, autographs and photos — and a private dinner afterward. “It…

1 min.
heather tom’s “emotional” return!

The In Depth Story: The actress took to Instagram to announce her directorial debut on B&B’s sister soap. “So grateful for this opportunity,” she posted alongside a Y&R script cover featuring her name. She went on to thank the Y&R actors she worked with that day, which included former co-stars like Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael), Jess Walton (Jill) and Beth Maitland (Traci), among others. “Such an extraordinary amount of talented people,” Tom gushed of the cast and crew she worked with. “It was so emotional for me!” Added CBS Daytime senior VP Angelica McDaniel in her own Instagram post: “Powerful full-circle moment to have Heather come home to Y&R to direct an episode!” Tom was a child actress and model whose first major television gig found her playing Nikki and Victor’s daughter…

1 min.
has gabi figured out nicole’s secret?

The In Depth Story: While Kristen’s relied heavily on Xander to help carry out her schemes, the guy’s not about to take the fall for her. Following his arrest this week, Xander sets out to exact his revenge! With the clock ticking, Kristen will move full steam ahead on her plan to get back into Brady’s arms. But how will he react when his friend “Nicole” makes a move on him? We’re guessing it will be a good deal better than when he next gets hit on by loony Susan! Will, too, crosses paths with the woman he’d once called Mom… or so he thinks! When the real Susan arrives, might Will figure out that he’s been talking to an imposter? Meanwhile, Kristen’s having better luck with her scheme against Stefan, who’s…

1 min.
abc soaps in depth

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