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ABC Soaps In Depth December 30, 2019

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is kristina ready for love?

The In Depth Story: After months of therapy, the former Dawn Of Day member seems to be doing well and, as a bartender at Charlie’s, has access to countless eligible men and women! Is she ready to dip her toe back into the dating pool? “I hope so!” enthuses portrayer Lexi Ainsworth. “But Kristina doesn’t need a man or a woman to make her feel complete. And that’s where she’s at right now. She has two strong women [Alexis and Sam] in her life that have shown her that she can be that independent woman, not have someone in her life and have no problem with it.” Still, Kristina’s carrying around a lot of emotional baggage. “She grew up with a father who was in the Mob and a mom who’s very…

1 min.
stefano’s spotted!

The In Depth Story: Chad’s confession to former stepmom Kate that he’d been in touch with Stefano didn’t quite have the bombshell effect that he’d expected. So this week, he confronts her to find out why! Meanwhile, the amount of time that John’s been spending with Hope has been working Marlena’s last nerve, so Doc finally lays down the law! You can guess how that goes, because Gina’s not pleased by John’s subsequent decision. Later, a guilty Kate has to think fast when Marlena confides in her about recent events! The princess’ problems continue to multiply when a suspicious Rafe finds his way to her secret lair. How will “Hope” explain it? Kate, too, has someone wondering about her behavior of late: Roman! Realizing that Kate is hiding someone in her room, Roman…

1 min.
tracy’s back: elq the bickering!

IN The In Depth Story: Wally Kurth (Ned) is thrilled to see his character’s mother back on the canvas so soon after daughter Brook Lynn returned. “Got a couple surprise family members who showed up,” he tells Soaps In Depth. “I love the Quartermaines. It’s an important legacy, and I’m always cheering that on. They’ve been on this canvas for many, many years, and ABC has invested a lot of time in the Quartermaines, so let’s keep it going!” The snarky matriarch’s return to the family fold comes just as the clan is facing yet another ELQ crisis — and on-screen sparring partner Leslie Charleson (Monica) says that working with her friend again “was wonderful. We’ve known each other for a hundred years.” Can viewers expect the bickering and banter that they have…

1 min.
two stars exit!

OUT Now that Brad’s lies about Wiley/Jonah have come to light, it appears that portrayer Parry Shen has reached the end of his journey with GH. Seemingly confirming his exit on Facebook, the actor took a page from The Avengers’ Captain America and wrote, “Well, it certainly feels like I should be paraphrasing Chris Evans’ Endgame tweet, doesn’t it? So, with that said… ‘Playing this role over the last [almost] seven years has been an honor. To everyone in front of the camera, behind the camera and in the audience, thank you for the memories! [I am] eternally grateful.’” Meanwhile, Rebecca Budig wrapped up her second GH stint last month when Hayden left Violet behind with Finn and Anna. Instagramming pictures of co-stars Michael Easton (Finn) and Jophielle Love (Violet), the actress…

1 min.
julian hits the roof!

Remember back when Chase and Finn couldn’t be in the same room without snapping at one another… and that was when they were feeling friendly? Things have definitely changed, as evidenced by the fact that Chase actually confides in his big brother this week! Lulu could probably use someone to talk to, too, given that she’s feeling pretty helpless at the moment. Unfortunately, we don’t think she’s the person Kevin is meeting with when he offers insights into someone’s situation. Then again, Lulu should probably be glad she’s not dealing with Jordan, who makes it clear that she’s in no mood to be merciful! And what is it that causes Julian to lose his temper at the end of the week?…

1 min.
what is nelle up to now?

Jax thinks he knows what’s what, but a surprise may prove that’s not necessarily so! How will Nina react when she is clued in to the truth? Valentin is downright delighted by a situation, while Ava tries to play it off like she’s not concerned in the least. Obrecht finds herself being cornered, and Michael… well, the guy does the best he can! What goes so terribly wrong that it leaves Franco devastated? And what puts Finn and Anna on opposite sides of the proverbial (but, thankfully, not literal) fence? And we’d definitely suggest keeping an eye on Nelle. Why? Because she’s playing it cool as a cucumber, which makes us think that the wheels in that devious head of hers are spinning!…