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All About History No. 75

All About History is the stunningly realised new magazine from the makers of How It Works and All About Space. Featuring beautiful illustrations, photos and graphics depicting everything from ancient civilisations to the Cold War, All About History is accessible and entertaining to all and makes history fun for the whole family.

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Often our study of history is within documents and books, so it’s nice to be able to see it living in front of you. Tangible, tactile history you can breathe in. For that and many other reasons it was a pleasure to attend this year’s ‘Katharine Of Aragon’ Festival in Peterborough and get a sense of her legacy as it stands today. Laying now in Peterborough Cathedral she remains something of a tragic figure, but there’s also great strength and resilience in her tale, right up to the end.This issue we asked Dr Nicola Tallis to reassess the tale of Catherine of Aragon and to look not so much at the Great Matter and her divorce from Henry VIII, but at the young Spanish princess who fought for her…

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be part of history

historyanswers.co.uk Share your views and opinions online Facebook  /AllAboutHistory Twitter  @AboutHistoryMag ■…

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editor’s picks

Imperial Legacy We find out what echoes of the Ottoman Empire exist today as we speak with writer and journalist Alev Scott about her fascinating new book Van Gogh Learn all about the life and hardships of Vincent van Gogh direct from his own letters in this fascinating analysis of his meandering life The Favourite The excellent Andrea Zuvich takes a closer look at the life of Sarah Churchill and the real story of her relationship with Queen Anne ■…

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defining moments

RECTORY REFORMA growing movement within the Anglican church for the ordination of women finally won over in the Church of England in March 1994 as, 76 years after the suffrage movement won the vote for women, they were being made priests. The move was not without its critics in conservative circles, leading to breakaway groups, but it was part of a trend that gained new momentum after Barbara Harris was made a bishop in 1989. 1994 SLICK SHAMEAlmost nine million gallons of crude oil was spilled into the Prince William Sound off the coast of Alaska after the Exxon Valdez oil tanker struck Bligh Reef in March 1989. The slick it created would go on to cover 1,300 miles of coastline and 11,000 square miles of ocean. The…

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the ottoman empire

“Whoever possesses Constantinople ought to rule the world” Napoleon Bonaparte ■…

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ottoman rise & fall

C.1299 A NEW BEGINNING Under the leadership of a man called Osman, a Seljuk Turk, a new empire is founded in Anatolia. It is named the Ottoman Empire, after its first sultan who creates the Imperial House of Osman. 1354 FALL OF GALLIPOLI Orhan, son of Osman I, orders a raid the shores of the Sea of Marmara and Gallipoli. The Ottomans take the area, which is their first victory in mainland Europe. More are to follow. 1443-68 AN ALBANIAN HERO Skanderbeg becomes a national hero in 1443 by organising a rebellion against the Ottomans He repels 13 Ottoman invasions over 25 YEARS Over 1,000 works have been written about him since in 20 languages 1453 …