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Amateur PhotographerAmateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer 26-Oct-2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Amateur Photographer is the world's oldest weekly magazine for photography enthusiasts. With its unique weekly format, it is the first for news and events, plus features on techniques, equipment tests and darkroom advice. It appeals to those interested in buying and learning about digital and film photographic equipment, wanting advice on improving their technique, and learning about the greats in photography. Regular features on reader portfolios, darkroom, digital, black & white and photographer profiles ensure all areas of photography are covered. With an audience of dedicated photography enthusiasts.

United Kingdom
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51 Udgivelser


1 min.
a week in photography

#No Filter is a popular hashtag on social media as a metaphor for proudly showing yourself and your life warts and all, with no editing. But in landscape photography there are three filters you should certainly not be without – as we mention on this week’s cover. (No, the Cokin rainbow filter is not one of them). Turn to page 18 to learn all about them. If you’re as sick of this wet weather as I am then you’ll enjoy our feature on creating images at home using your flatbed scanner. We also take a first look at the new Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III, test Nikon’s first pro-spec zoom for the Z system, and look back at its D7200, now a great-value used buy. If you enjoy the variety of…

1 min.
this week in 1938

TREASURES FROM THE HULTON ARCHIVE Commissionaire’s Dog by Kurt Hutton 22 OCTOBER 1938: A hotel commissionaire talks to a small dachshund in Piccadilly Circus, London. Kurt Hutton was a German-born photographer who went on to become a pioneer of photojournalism in Britain. After migrating to England in 1934, he went to work for Weekly Illustrated, and would later go on to become one of the founding staff of the Picture Post, where this image was first published in 1938 for a story titled In the Heart of the Empire. Today, dachshunds are a very popular breed of dog, but during the First and Second World Wars, their association with Germany made them less so. Stories suggest they were routinely abused or even killed in the streets, with owners accused of being ‘German…

1 min.
news round-up

The 100 millionth Canon EOS-series camera An EOS R mirrorless camera was the 100 millionth EOS-series camera to roll off the Canon production line. The very first EOS model was the EOS 650, an SLR, which launched in 1987 and featured the world’s first fully electronic lens mount. Production originally began in Canon’s Fukushima plant and now takes place at various locations. Sir Jonathan Ive portrait unveiled Photographed by Andreas Gursky, this image of Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, was taken at Apple’s new headquarters at Apple Park, California. Unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery, it is the only portrait commission Gursky has undertaken for a public museum. Societies of Photographers: convention 2020 Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Elinchrom, Panasonic, Rotolight, Pentax and Epson are just some of the names you can expect to see…

1 min.
big picture

DESPITE the litter and crowds, this grey heron was spotted hunting fish and using the grill of a bridge for cover. ‘Presumably the fish were taking shelter among the fallen leaves and plastic bottles,' suggests photographer Daniel Trim. ‘Grey herons thrive around London's waterways, but they also do well in more urban settings such as the smaller parks and canals.' Daniel's shot is the overall winner of the British Wildlife Photography Awards, now in its tenth year, and he takes home the top prize of £5,000. You can view the winning pictures and a selection of highly commended entries at bwpawards.org or buy the book, British Wildlife Photography Awards 10, published by Ammonite Press. © DANIEL TRIM, WWW.BWPAWARDS.ORG…

1 min.
sigma announces price for ‘world’s smallest full-frame mirrorless’

AFTER BEING revealed earlier in the year, pricing information for the upcoming Sigma fp camera has now been announced. Weighing a mere 370g, the camera is the smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera in the world. The 24.6-million-pixel Sigma fp is part of the L-Mount Alliance, and as such it will take L-mount lenses from Sigma, as well as Leica and Panasonic. Other features include a fixed screen, a frame rate of 18fps and the ability to select a sensitivity as low as ISO 6. Sigma is expecting stock of the fp to be available towards the end of the year, at a price of £1,999. Look out for a hands-on first look of the camera in next week's issue.…

1 min.
nikon confirms z lens road map

AS WELL as announcing the brand new Nikon Z 50 (see First Look , 19 October), Nikon has also released a lens road map for its mirrorless cameras, giving users an idea of what to expect over the next couple of years. Joining those already available, we can see more prime lenses, macro lenses, zoom lenses and those which are specifically designed for the new DX-format Z 50. Speaking at the launch event in London, a Nikon representative said that by the end of 2021, focal lengths between 14 and 600mm will be available. To date, the longest focal length available for full-frame Z cameras is 85mm, so it'll likely be welcome news for sports and action photographers to see planned lenses such as a 70-200mm f/2.8, 100-400mm and a 200-600mm…