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American Farmhouse Style

American Farmhouse Style Winter 2018

American Farmhouse Style is the ultimate resource for open, welcoming American décor and architecture, whether in a historic farmhouse, modern country estate or suburban home.

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christmas is here

The first Christmas I was married, I was under the false impression that I needed to have a complete collection of Christmas décor for my home. My parents’ house was filled to the brim with holiday décor, and decorating for Christmas had been one of my favorite traditions growing up. But when I moved out, I was starting from scratch, and my single garland and few handmade ornaments felt puny next to the volume I was used to. I’m a few years into my marriage now, and our Christmas décor has grown—from handmade stockings and a collection of vintage ornaments to a Nativity set we picked up in Europe. And I’ve realized that my parents’ home was full of Christmas décor for a reason—they’d acquired it over the years, piece by…

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5 New Christmas Traditions to Start 1. On December 1 each year, do a five-minute video interview with each member of the family, reflecting on the year or why they’re excited for Christmas. 2. Gift Christmas pajamas to the whole family on Christmas Eve. 3. Invite the neighbors over to watch a classic Christmas film and serve hot chocolate. 4. Make a special meal or treat only during December, such as cream of mushroom soup, pot pies, glazed-spritz cookies or Danish butter cookies. 5. Take a family picture in front of the Christmas tree each year in the same pose. 3 QUICK FARMHOUSE STOCKING STUFFERS Christmas at the farm soy candle, starting at $10.99. (815) 264-3009 or 1803candles.com. Hickory farms peppermint snow mints, $22.50. (800) 753-8558 or hickoryfarms.com. Cow head cookie cutter, $14.79. Visit Etsy.com/shop/TheFussyPup. Hot Cocoa from Scratch Don’t have…

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christmas countdown

Advent calendars are a fun way to anticipate Christmas. But instead of getting a treat each day, celebrate the spirit of Christmas by serving others with this fun DIY Advent wreath. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Wreath (we used the 24” King of Christmas wreath)• Thick plaid ribbon• Thinner burlap ribbon• Scissors• Wire and wire cutters• Hot glue gun and glue• 25 brown craft tags• Number stickers• Pen• Thin ribbon, in color of choice• Miniature clothes pins WHAT YOU’LL DO: 1. With the plaid ribbon, tie a large bow, making sure to leave plenty of length for the tails. Tie a smaller bow with the burlap ribbon. Hot glue the two together.2. Loop a length of wire around the back of the bow, then tie it to the top of the wreath. Set it aside.3.…

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10 service ideas

1. Go through the drive-through at a fast food or coffee shop and anonymously pay for the person in the car behind you. 2. Invite your next door neighbors into your home for hot cocoa. 3. Assemble a care package in a plastic zipper bag: bottle of water, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and a gift card to the local grocery store. Place it in your car to give to the next homeless person you see. 4. Find a local charity and volunteer for 2-3 hours. 5. Deliver Christmas cookies to someone who lives alone. 6. Do the chores of another family member (in addition to your own). 7. Buy an extra bag of canned goods at the grocery store and deliver it to a local food bank. 8. Sing Christmas carols in your local retirement home. 9.…

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handmade for the holidays

“Knowing that you're supporting a local business holds a lot of value.”– Leia Liwag For designers and moms Leia Liwag and Kim Marx, starting a small business was an act of both faith and friendship. “We went back to school for interior design and became really great friends,” Kim says. “The economy was rough, and we wanted to do something on our own, so we started the shop in 2012.” Taking the leap together paid off. “In 2015, we both quit our jobs and went full time with our business,” Kim says. Their shop, Twenty Eight 12, produces handmade décor items, from pillow covers and felt ball garlands to wedding accents and Christmas stockings. “The Christmas items are the most popular for us,” Leia says. While they love what they do, running a…

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holly jolly holiday

Throwing any party is a lot of work, but it can be especially hectic during the Christmas season with so much else going on. Here are five tips for staying sane as you decorate, shop and clean. MATCH YOUR PARTY DETAILS TO YOUR CURRENT HOLIDAY HOME. Don’t create a whole new dining room experience for a single party. Whether this includes your tablescape, kitchen decorations or even sprucing up your guest bathroom, use your usual holiday decorations for your entertaining event. This will save you extra work and help the party décor flow seamlessly. SET YOUR DINING TABLE EARLY. Instead of setting up your tablescape the day before the party, think of it as another Christmas decoration, and set it up when you initially decorate for Christmas. This will save you extra time, though…