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If you love motoring then Auto Express is your ultimate weekly read. Nothing moves in the world of cars without Auto Express knowing about it. Every week, Auto Express features the highest quality car journalism and photography. We'll keep you in the know with the most exciting scoop stories, the very latest news, reviews and comparisons, ground-breaking features and tests of the most important car kit.

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online this week

HEAR MORE www.autoexpress.co.uk/podcast LISTEN UP! This logo denotes stories that will be discussed in much more detail on this week’s podcast. Check out our new podcast THE Auto Express Podcast has arrived. Hosted by TV presenter and racing driver Vicki Butler-Henderson, new episodes are published every Wednesday, offering a unique blend of car chat, industry insight, consumer advice and good old-fashioned opinion you won’t hear anywhere else. This week’s episode is available to download now, and be sure to subscribe. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast apps.…

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small suvs have come a long way in a short time

HAVE you ever considered a small SUV as a potential family car? We wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t. Ever since the original Nissan Juke was launched a decade ago, there’s been a whiff of ‘emperor’s new clothes’ about this class. These jacked-up pseudo-SUVs have brought a higher seating position and more rugged styling add-ons, but no great benefit in practicality, space or refinement over conventional superminis. That is no longer the case, though. Read this week’s bumper triple test, where we pitch new models from Renault (Captur), Peugeot (2008) and Ford (Puma) against each other, and you’ll see that with this second generation, baby SUVs have come of age. There’s a small increase in size, admittedly, but these are still vehicles that sit on a small-car footprint. The trick, it seems,…

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radical macan ev leads porsche’s electric revamp

Jonathan_Burn@dennis.co.uk @Jonathan_burn ● Second-generation SUV will be all-electric, with no petrol option ● But iconic 911 won’t be going fully electric any time soon “For a few years, the internal-combustion-engined Macan of today will be sold in parallel with the fully electric car”DR MICHAEL STEINER Porsche R&D PORSCHE is applying the finishing touches to an all-new, all-electric version of its best-selling Macan. Since its introduction in 2014, the SUV has been a huge success for the German firm, with just shy of 100,000 examples being sold around the world last year. But after only one generation Porsche will radically overhaul the model, which is due to be replaced within the next 18 months; it’s set to go fully electric, with no new petrol edition planned. “We already started the development of an electric Macan,” Dr Michael Steiner,…

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opposing points of view on a future hybrid porsche 911

DR WALLISER Vice-president, 911 product line Walliser was in charge of Porsche Motorsport up until early 2019, when he took the lead on 911 development “It is difficult to bring in proper electrification without destroying the shape and character of the 911. I am not ready to put another 100kg into the top of the car” VS DR STEINER Executive board member, R&D Steiner has worked at Porsche for almost 20 years. He oversaw development of the Panamera and is in charge of future research “The [911] platform is hybrid-ready… One thing that should be decided is whether it is more of a performance or range-orientated plug-in hybrid”…

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electric boxster/cayman more likely than 911 ev

PORSCHE’S range of fully electric models is likely to extend to a two-door sports car, although an official decision on the project has yet to be made. “In pre-development we have several ideas for other electric vehicles, maybe more in the two-door sports car segment,” Dr Michael Steiner, Porsche’s board member for R&D, told us. “You might have heard of an electrified Boxster we have running as a conversion design; we are running several of these cars to get some knowledge of how these electric vehicles fit for a two-door sports car. But we have no final decision. The next step will be the electric Macan.” If the programme goes ahead, a two-door EV is likely to be based on a new platform across the VW Group, possibly including the next Audi TT.…

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id.4 marks vw’s march into electric suv battle

John_McIlroy@dennis.co.uk @johnmcilroy ● Light disguise for family car ● Expands ID. range to two THE Geneva Motor Show may have been cancelled but Volkswagen did its best to grab the headlines anyway last week, by giving us all the best look yet at the second model in its burgeoning ID. range of electric vehicles: the ID.4 SUV. The ID.4 has been teased already – VW displayed it in a shady ‘disguise box’ at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show – but the company chose to replace its Geneva activity by issuing the clearest set of images yet of the car. It also confirmed plans to start selling the new arrival before the end of this year as a rival to the Tesla Model Y, Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia e-Niro. The thin disguise doesn’t hide much in…