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BBC Sky at Night October 2018

Sky at Night magazine is your practical guide to astronomy. Each issue features the world’s biggest and best night sky guide complete with star charts, observing tutorials and in-depth equipment reviews to ensure that amateur astronomers never miss those must-see events.

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this month’s contributors include...

Jane Green Astronomy author Jane’s head must be in a spin after all the research she did for her article about the rings and spheres of the Solar System. Page 72 Pete Lawrence Sky at Night presenter As well as curating our 17-page Sky Guide as usual (page 49) Pete reveals how to give your astrophotos scientific value. Page 67 Steve Richards Equipment expert Our regular Scope Doctor (page 87) this month also reviews a quirky tracking mount that quite literally works like clockwork. Page 94 Jenny Winder Space writer Astronauts usually hog the limelight, but Jenny checks out a book in which NASA’s ground control crew are the heroes. Page 102…

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Have you ever looked up at the night sky and been captivated by its beauty, only to then become confused as you try to understand more about what you’re looking at? If so our feature on page 32 this month is for you: astronomy writer Jamie Carter shares 15 easy concepts that will help you get more out of your stargazing, and hopefully unlock the doors to greater knowledge about our place in the cosmos. One of Jamie’s 15 tips concerns the Milky Way, and on page 40 we have a detailed look at how to capture wide-field pictures of our Galaxy in all its glory. Astrophotographer Will Gater reveals how to develop your skills to take images of its teeming star fields and nebulae with a relatively simple setup. Of course,…

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sky at night lots of ways to enjoy the night sky...

TELEVISION Find out what The Sky at Night team will be exploring in this month’s episode on page 17 ONLINE Visit our website for reviews, competitions, astrophotos, observing guides and our forum FACEBOOK All the details of our latest issue, plus news from the magazine and updates to our website PODCAST Listen to the BBC Sky at Night Magazine team and guests discuss the latest astro news iPHONE/iPAD Get each month’s issue on your iPad or iPhone, now with bonus image galleries eNEWSLETTER Subscribe for the best targets to observe each week, delivered to your inbox: bit.ly/sky-enews…

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october’s bonus content

HOW TO FIND IT Visit www.skyatnightmagazine.com/bonuscontent, select October’s Bonus Content from the list and enter the authorisation code ZG643MM when prompted October highlights INTERVIEW: Remembering Apollo This month we speak to Apollo engineer Jack Clemons, who worked on some of the programme’s most iconic missions. He talks Moon landings, Mars ambitions and Apollo’s lasting legacy. How to make a battery-free focuser Use your scope hands-free with our automated gadget. Access images and plans for this DIY project (see p79). Watch The Sky at Night : ‘Death Star’ The team explores the science of the Sun, from the threat of solar storms to the probes being sent to study it up close. Download excerpts from astro books Read samples from new titles including a DK astronomy guide and Maggie Aderin-Pocock’s Book of the Moon. And much more… Hotshots gallery Eye on the sky Extra EQMOD…

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battle amongst the stars

VISTA, 29 AUGUST 2018 The Carina Nebula is one of the largest and most luminous objects in the night sky, although you will not have had a chance to observe it if you’ve never been to the southern hemisphere. Spanning over 300 lightyears, it is one of the largest star-forming regions in the Milky Way and can even be seen with the naked eye under the right conditions. This image of the Carina Nebula was taken at the Paranal Observatory in the Chilean Atacama desert. The VISTA telescope that captured the image has infrared vision, which enables it to see beyond dark dust and gas and get to the heart of this beautiful nebula. There’s something of a battle raging in this region. Star formation is a very energetic and chaotic process, and…