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BBC Sky at Night November 2020

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Sky at Night magazine is your practical guide to astronomy. Each issue features the world’s biggest and best night sky guide complete with star charts, observing tutorials and in-depth equipment reviews to ensure that amateur astronomers never miss those must-see events.

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As we were working on this issue the news broke of a remarkable observation on Venus: phosphine had been detected in the planet’s atmosphere. With no known natural processes on the planet able to account for this molecule, scientists asked what its source was, and as the molecule is known to be produced by microbes here on Earth, the question naturally became, is this a biomarker - a sign of life on Venus? Our news editor Ezzy Pearson takes a close look at this sensational story in ‘Bulletin’ on page 10, and the diligent work put in by the research team for their detection of phosphine to meet scientific scrutiny. Then on page 29, science writer Mark Garlick gives more context to the observation, reminding us that astronomers, including Carl Sagan,…

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sky at night – lots of ways to enjoy the night sky...

Television Find out what The Sky at Night team have been exploring in recent and past episodes on page 18 Online Visit our website for competitions, astrophoto galleries, observing guides and more Social media Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for space news, astro images and website updates Podcasts Listen to our Radio Astronomy podcasts where the magazine team and guests discuss astro news Tablet/phone Get each month’s issue on your Apple or Android device, now with bonus image galleries eNewsletter The best targets to observe each week, delivered to your inbox. Visit bit.ly/skynewsletter Find out more at: www.skyatnightmagazine.com…

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this month’s contributors

Nisha Beerjeraz-Hoyle Space writer “The ISS is remarkable, and it is a real privilege to share a glimpse of its history and the value it has contributed towards the next chapter of space exploration.” Nisha celebrates 20 years of the ISS, page 61 Will Gater Astronomy journalist “I’ll never tire of exploring open star clusters at the eyepiece and this month we’re spoilt with so many to choose from across the sky”. Will takes us on a tour of some of November’s most impressive star clusters, page 35 Ezzy Pearson News editor “While a trip to space is still beyond my finances at the moment, it was fun to dream about how I could visit the Moon... if only I had the spare billion dollars.” Ezzy looks at the options for getting a ride into space, page 72…

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extra content online

NOVEMBER HIGHLIGHTS Interview: 20 years of the ISS Veteran NASA astronaut Jeff Williams discusses the history and future of the International Space Station. Life on Venus? A Sky at Night special The team get exclusive access to UK astronomers who have made a huge discovery in the search for life beyond Earth. Audiobook: Diary of an Apprentice Astronaut Listen to chapters from Samantha Cristoforetti’s new book, revealing the story behind her 200 days on the ISS. The Virtual Planetarium Pete Lawrence and Paul Abel guide us through the best sights to see in the night sky this month.…

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star spangled spiral

HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE, 14 SEPTEMBER 2020 This beautiful face-on spiral galaxy is NGC 2835, found 35 million lightyears away near the head of the constellation of Hydra, the Water Snake. Stretching up to 65,000 lightyears across, more than half the width of the Milky Way, its four distinct arms and one less-defined southern arm teem with sparkling blue clouds. It’s within these many pockets of cold, dense gas that clusters of hot, new stars are born. The cold gas is also fuelling the spiral’s supermassive black hole, up to 10 million times more massive than our Sun, at the centre of this galaxy. NGC 2835 is one of over 100,000 star-forming regions and gas clouds outside our Milky Way that are being catalogued for PHANGS-HST project. This unique combined Hubble and ALMA…