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BBC Sky at Night January 2021

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Sky at Night magazine is your practical guide to astronomy. Each issue features the world’s biggest and best night sky guide complete with star charts, observing tutorials and in-depth equipment reviews to ensure that amateur astronomers never miss those must-see events.

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On Christmas Day many budding stargazers will discover a new telescope under the tree waiting to be unwrapped. Yet telescopes and astronomy both reward experience, and excitement can turn to disappointment when it’s taken out under the stars for the first time if expectations are dashed. However, our first-time telescope tour on page 36 this month will get your stargazing journey off to the best possible start. Lifelong astronomer and author Stuart Atkinson provides six simple targets to train a new telescope on, which will really show what it is capable of and whet your appetite for the months ahead! And there’s much more to train a telescope on over the winter, as you’ll discover on page 70. Here Katrin Raynor-Evans looks ahead to the constellations that will be a highlight…

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sky at night – lots of ways to enjoy the night sky…

Television Find out what The Sky at Night team have been exploring in recent and past episodes on page 18 Online Visit our website for competitions, astrophoto galleries, observing guides and more Social media Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for space news, astro images and website updates Podcasts Listen to our Radio Astronomy podcasts where the magazine team and guests discuss astro news Tablet/phone Get each month’s issue on your Apple or Android device, now with bonus image galleries eNewsletter The best targets to observe each week, delivered to your inbox. Visit bit.ly/skynewsletter Find out more at: www.skyatnightmagazine.com…

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this month’s contributors

Charlotte Daniels Astrophotographer “When I started out in astronomy I picked up so many tips from people selling kit; buying second-hand is a great way to help make informed purchases.” Charlotte advises on buying second-hand, page 64 Ben Evans Spaceflight writer “The year 2021 promises new rockets, new missions of discovery and new opportunities in space. As we return to the Moon, I’m getting excited by a bright future”. Ben looks forward to 2021’s space missions, page 29 Katrin Raynor-Evans Astronomy writer “I loved writing this piece for the complete novice; I wanted to share my enthusiasm for my favourite observing season!” Katrin introduces the best winter constellation targets to view, page 70…

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extra content online

Visit www.skyatnightmagazine.com/bonus-content/FWR8NA9/ to access this month’s selection of exclusive Bonus Content JANUARY HIGHLIGHTS Interview: NASA astronaut Terry Virts Colonel Virts discusses life in zero-G, what the stars look like on a spacewalk and the prospect of humans on Mars. The Sky at Night: Life Beyond Venus The team take closer look at this year’s discovery of phosphine on Venus and discover the next steps in the search for signs of life. Download observing guides and charts Access planet observing forms, binocular and deep-sky tours and our guide to Southern Hemisphere stargazing. The Virtual Planetarium Pete Lawrence and Paul Abel guide us through the best sights to see in the night sky this month.…

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secret in the shadows

HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE, 23 NOVEMBER 2020 Bright beams of light pour from IC 5063, a galaxy 156 million lightyears away in the southern constellation of Indus, in this new image from the Hubble Space Telescope. Shooting out more than 36,000 lightyears into space, the rays emanate from the galaxy’s core, where an active supermassive black hole resides, greedily feasting on the infalling material that surrounds it. In the process, it superheats nearby gases, producing the powerful rays of bright light that we see here. The accompanying dark rays, however, are more of a mystery. One exciting theory is that they reveal the presence of a circle of dust around the black hole at the galaxy’s heart – a circle that’s warping and full of holes like Swiss cheese – where the light…