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BBC Sky at Night July 2021

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Get too close to a black hole and you’d reach a point of no return – the event horizon – past which you’d have to travel faster than the speed of light to escape its clutches. Or so the theory goes. As Colin Stuart explains in his feature this month, the event horizon is also a point of convenience which clothes over what we can’t explain, how space and time cease to exist at the ultimate end point of a black hole, the singularity. Turn to page 28 to read how new theories are suggesting ways in which black holes could exist without an event horizon, and how these theories can be tested. As we look forward to the midsummer months without truly dark nights, it might be nice to imagine…

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sky at night – lots of ways to enjoy the night sky…

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this month’s contributors

Melissa Brobby Amateur astronomer “I’ve enjoyed writing about the Space Shuttle because it was a wonderful way to relive what was, for me, an exciting era in human spaceflight.” Melissa celebrates the 10th anniversary of the last Shuttle flight, page 72 Scott Levine Naked-eye observer “Stargazing in summer is tough, but I love lying in the grass and watching the Summer Triangle arrive through the twilight and waiting for the night to fall.” Scott takes a twilight tour of the summer night sky, page 34 Colin Stuart Astronomer “I love writing about black holes – even though we can’t see them. They help light the way towards new and exciting theories in physics!” Colin explores new research into naked black holes, page 28…

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Visit www.skyatnightmagazine.com/bonus-content/WMFHRQF/ to access this month’s selection of exclusive Bonus Content JULY HIGHLIGHTS How collisions shaped the Solar System Exclusive interview: planetary scientist Simone Marchi reveals the violent history of our cosmic neighbourhood Watch The Sky at Night: Mapping the Milky Way Maggie and Chris reveal how the European Space Agency’s Gaia mission is producing a star map of our home Galaxy. Access amazing astrophoto galleries View this month’s best images of the cosmos captured by the latest robotic probes, space telescopes and you. The Virtual Planetarium Pete Lawrence and Paul Abel guide us through the best sights to see in the night sky this month.…

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jupiter in a new light

GEMINI NORTH, HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE, 11 MAY 2021 Captured simultaneously by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) and the Gemini North infrared telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii, these images in different wavelengths reveal contrasting views of Jupiter’s huge storms, cyclones and cloud bands. The colossal Great Red Spot and its sidekick Red Spot Jr (Oval BA) almost vanish in infrared (left). Meanwhile, the long ‘brown barge’ streaking across the northern hemisphere – a series of cyclonic vortices 72,000km wide – stands out in visible (centre) and infrared light, but is barely visible in ultraviolet (right). And the four glowing ‘hot spots’ above the equator shine bright in infrared but are dark, cloud-free areas to the naked eye. Interactive comparisons of these images are available at: noirlab.edu/public/images/comparisons MORE ONLINE A gallery of…