Betty White

Betty White

Betty White

With a pioneering career spanning eight decades, Betty White beat the odds to create a life of laughter, joy and groundbreaking success — and she's not done yet at age 98! Woman's World Icons explores the incredible story of a woman who continues to bring inspiration to fans of all ages. From her scene-stealing, Emmy-winning roles on "The Golden Girls" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" to her fierce advocacy of animal welfare, Betty White is more than a beloved Hollywood entertainer—she's a true national treasure.

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from tv pioneer to hollywood legend

“My mother always used to say: ‘The older you get, the better you get—unless you’re a banana.’” It’s a wonderfully random nugget of wisdom that only Rose Nylund, actress Betty White’s perennially naive alter ego on the beloved 1980s sitcom The Golden Girls, could have dished out. And coincidentally, it’s also a sentiment that rings true for Rose’s portrayer, who, needless to say, is not a banana. White got her start on television quite literally when television was just starting on the West Coast. Ever since then, America’s affection—read: obsession—for the star has only grown deeper with each passing decade. We loved her in the ’70s as the neighborhood nymphomaniac on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and cheered her on in the ’80s as a single (and ready to mingle) woman of…

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the trailblazer

Betty Marion White entered the world on January 17, 1922, in Oak Park, Illinois, and grew up the only child of Horace and Tess White, a traveling salesman/electrical engineer and a homemaker. The future Angeleno moved to California with her parents before she turned 2 years old, during the Great Depression. “I don’t think California was a state at the time,” she often quips. “I think it was a territory or undiscovered land.” Some people complain about aging. White boasts about it. In fact, if you’re fortunate enough to meet the Hollywood icon today, she’d probably introduce herself with this little gem: “Hi, I’m Betty White—I’m 98 years old!” And after a long and illustrious eight decades in showbiz, everyone’s favorite nonagenarian has earned her fair share of bragging rights. If…

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how much do you know?

1. What nickname did White’s mother give to her? a. Betty-bear b. Peanut c. Lizzy d. Bets 2. White won her first Primetime Emmy Award for which TV show? a. The Mary Tyler Moore Show b. Tom, Dick and Harry c. Life with Elizabeth d. The Golden Girls 3. What was the breed of White’s dog Bandit? a. Poodle b. St. Bernard c. Pekingese d. Trick question. Bandit was a cat. 4. What was the first book White authored? a. Betty White In Person b. Betty White’s Pet-Love: How Pets Take Care of Us c. If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t) d. The Leading Lady: Dinah’s Story 5. Who starred opposite White on the ABC sitcom Date with the Angels? 5. Who starred opposite White on the ABC sitcom Date with the Angels? 6. Who did White say was one of her idols and biggest influences growing up? a. Greta Garbo b. Jeanette Macdonald c.…

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life behind the curtain

“I had the love of my life. If you’ve had the best, who needs the rest?” White says of her late husband, game show host Allen Ludden. An interviewer once asked Betty White if there was anything she hadn’t done over her long career that she’d still like to do. “Yes, Robert Redford,” the funny lady replied without skipping a beat. White was kidding, of course. (Maybe.) But while she and Robert Redford never had their time in the sun, White will tell you she experienced a love for the ages with her late husband, Allen Ludden. The pair met in 1961, on the popular television game show Password. Ludden was hosting the show, and White became a regular contestant. In fact, as an avid game-show enthusiast, White appeared on a number of game…

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how much do you know?

1. What happened on the Thursday before White and Ludden’s Las Vegas nuptials? a. White got cold feet and nearly called off the wedding. b. Ludden got cold feet and nearly called off the wedding. c. Ludden missed his flight out of New York and had to take a later plane. d. White’s wedding dress went missing at the dry cleaner. 2. Although White and Ludden first met on Password, how did she really get to know him and his family? a. On a chance run-in at the Los Angeles Zoo b. While they were doing a play on Cape Cod c. While they were both on summer holiday in Maine d. Through their mutual friend Carl Reiner 3. What was talk show host Jack Paar’s wedding gift to White and Ludden? a. Tapping the bride to host The Tonight Show…

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the golden years

Betty White was never supposed to read for the role of manhungry, sardonic, spicy Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Never mind that the character had been written as an “ickysweet Betty White type.” The issue? White and star Mary Tyler Moore were close pals in real life. They were such good friends, in fact, that they often went on double dates together with their respective husbands, Allen Ludden and producer Grant Tinker. The show’s executives worried that if White auditioned for the part and then, well, blew it, things might get awkward for the two leading ladies. However, they should have known that no one can play icky-sweet Betty White like the real deal. After a failed search for another actress to play Sue Ann, casting director Ethel…