Bicycling Australia

Bicycling Australia

May - June 2021
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Bicycling Australia is packed with interesting and useful information that will enhance your cycling experience. Our expert writers specialise in providing detailed information on training, positioning, health and nutrition, designed to help you ride better. There’s also unbiased, critical analysis of new products—from parts, and accessories, to clothing and nutrition, to full bike reviews—all with detailed photography to help you buy better. You'll also find Where to Ride suggestions in every issue, for destinations both in Australia and overseas. Download your copy now!

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editorial more than a magazine

SOOTHING, REFRESHING, REWARDING. No, I’m not talking about cresting the top of a climb and starting to bomb down the other side, but arriving home from a big day at work to find the latest copy of a favourite print publication in the mailbox. While many aspects of our lives have changed significantly over the past few decades, one staple I still thoroughly enjoy is boiling the kettle, pouring a cuppa, switching off the screen(s) and tuning out of life and into a great magazine. And despite spending copious hours, days & weeks working with our fine contributors in compiling each edition of Bicycling Australia, just like you I really enjoy to totally relax, read and absorb the wide-ranging content the latest copy delivers. Speaking of wide-ranging, that aptly describes the expansive platform Bicycling…

2 min.
the rise & rise of women’s cycling

FIVE YEARS AGO, AT OUR FIRST Bowral Classic Gran Fondo event in 2016, less than 5% of the 3,000+ riders were female. It was glaringly obvious something needed to be done, and we immediately set out to make changes in how we communicate and encourage more female participation. Today I’m pleased to say that female participation is more than 30%, and not just for Bowral but across all four of our Classics events. The start lines and event villages are far more balanced and bright, and those distant days of a boys trip away are long gone. And about time. To meet that large group of passionate female riders at Bowral and the impressive posse Alison McCormack mustered from Melbourne to Noosa, well it was so good to see. Women are the dominant force…

11 min.
the latest gear

SHAMIR EYRES 702 RAZOR COLLECTION VERSATILE. DURABLE, light, and strong. The EYRES Safety Eyewear 702-Razor Collection is designed to offer an unobtrusive wrap around frame with a modern look for perfect vision. Its sleek design is constructed using durable polycarbonate and offers a unique combination of superior strength and flexibility. The technology that supports this cutting-edge designs provides an advanced range of eye protection which assures optical integrity without compromising performance. The hard coat lens delivers a wide, clear field of vision, complemented by soft grip nose pads and high-fitting contour for a secure and comfortable fit, and perfect peripheral viewing. It’s also diverse in its uses with tints ranging from clear to light brown, and all the way through to Cat. 3 sun wear. Being able to focus on the task at hand…

8 min.
australia’s best climbs part ii

INTERNATIONAL CYCLING PHOTOGRAPHER BEARDY McBeard focuses on one of his favourite Australian climbs: Jacobs Ladder in Ben Lomond National Park in Tasmania. What is it about switchbacks that captivates us as cyclists? There are few examples of these majestic road formations in Australia, with thousands of Aussies heading abroad every year to get their fix of the twists and turns of tarmac laid out across the mountains of Europe. With International borders locked tight due to COVID, I thought I’d focus on a place that serves up switchbacks equal to many iconic European passes, but with a distinctly Australian flavour. JACOBS LADDER, TAS From the moment I first laid eyes on Jacobs Ladder in the Ben Lomond National Park I knew I had to visit and experience this spectacular climb for myself. Around 40km from…

9 min.
carlee taylor

WHAT STARTED WITH A CYCLING KIT FROM HER DAD as a 14th birthday gift rapidly morphed into an impressive career as an athlete, with the Australian Institute of Sport and corporates taking notice to send Carlee around the world and pitted with and against the best athletes on offer. Coco Henry speaks with Carlee about her life as a professional cyclist. BICYCLING AUSTRALIA: WHAT WAS YOUR PATHWAY INTO PROFESSIONAL CYCLING? CARLEE TAYLOR: I was lucky—my dad raced his bike when I was growing up. When I turned 14 he bought me a cycling kit for my birthday and he would take me to the track to train and do the local racing. I never went through talent ID—which is where most kids get spotted—but because I was racing against those kids and…

5 min.
gravel tyres

GRAVEL RIDING—IT’S ALL THE RAGE AT THE moment. Gravel bikes are versatile. A gravel bike on the road is at worst a slightly sluggish road bike, whereas a road bike on the gravel is an incident waiting to happen (even if that incident is only a pinch flat). Gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes have many traits in common, but they are decidedly not the same thing. Geometry-wise, gravel bikes are evolving in the same direction as mountain bikes did back in the ‘80s (when they were fully rigid too), while ‘crossers have very roadie geometry. The critical difference between a traditional roadie and a gravel bike is tyre clearance. If only you could put properly wide tyres on a racing bike, you could ride on gravel with few issues. While modern disc-brake…