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BuildHome launched 22 years ago and is the definitive guide for those looking to buy or build a new home. BuildHome is published to suit specific markets to cater for builders, suppliers and consumers for boutique homes in Victoria and selected builders from other states. BuildHome showcases a variety of new homes including; Custom-built homes, Display homes, Energy space-efficient homes, Kit homes, Pre-fabricated homes, Transportable homes plus specialist products and services.

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editor’s letter

Try before you buy — it makes sense whether you’re buying new shoes, a new car or choosing a home design. Display homes, and the villages they inhabit, are built for just such a purpose, allowing you to experience a range of home designs first-hand. You get to walk through the rooms and experience how the home flows, you can linger in the kitchen and imagine how your family would use it, you can rummage around the butler’s pantry to see if there is enough storage, and you can see the quality of the finishes, fittings and appliances for yourself. Trying a home on for size can be an important step in the home-building process and to ensure you get the most from the experience, we share some helpful tips…

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home essentials

FEELING EXPOSED? A strong blending of colours, unexpected materials, mismatched combinations and pared-back styling is setting the design narrative for 2019, according to Beaumont Tiles’ strategic designer, Christie Wood. “Last year introduced experimentation to the home design scene and in 2019 we are seeing designs that celebrate playful colours, organic charm, easy living and healthy homes,” she says. Beaumont Tiles has identified five lifestyle-look trends for 2019, including Exposed Life. Think neutral materials wrapped in earthy natural finishes and blended with weather-worn motifs. An Exposed Life decorating theme, says Christine, might start with an organic base, such as Amazon timber-look porcelain tiles (pictured above) and be built upon with lighter shades for cabinetry and walls. For more information, visit: beaumont-tiles.com.au TIMELESS TERRAZZO Imported direct from Italy, CDK Stone’s Northstone terrazzo range has a raw…

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starting from scratch

If you’ve outgrown your home but you love the location, the kids are settled at the local school and you have family and friends living nearby, you won’t want to move. You could renovate or extend your home, or you could knock it down and build a new one. “When you like the area you live in, a knockdown-rebuild is a path to a better house in the community that you have come to know and love. It presents the opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle, use the equity in your existing home, and have a blank canvas to build your dream home,” says Craig Moore, general manager of Rawson Homes. “The result is a new, modern home, built on your own land and designed to suit your needs, now and well…

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re-use and recycling

“If building a new home is really what you want to do, then in the interest of minimising waste, please explore the options available to you to sensitively demolish the house, remove it for re-use elsewhere, or salvage individual components and materials,” says Anna Broomfield of Queensland-based Sanctuary 28. “Lots of companies will pick your old home to pieces for re-use and recycling rather than the whole thing ending up in landfill. As an added bonus, some recycling businesses will buy certain demolition materials — for example, rusted sheet roofing, vintage bricks, leadlight windows — helping you offset your demolition costs.”…

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try before you buy

If you’ve decided to go down the project home route, you can look at homes in glossy brochures or take a virtual tour online, and these are great ways to get an initial sense of whether a design appeals. You can also pore over floor plans on a builder’s website to see what’s located where, but there is no substitute for actually walking through the rooms, getting a sense of how the home flows, or spending time in the lounge area or kitchen and picturing how your family would use these spaces. This is where the display home is an invaluable resource. Trying a home on for size can help you to make a better, more informed decision. “Building a home is one of the biggest investments you’re ever going to…

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planning to visit a display vilage? it pays to prepare

1. Decide on the size of your ideal home: Do you have children? Are you planning on starting a family soon? Do you like to invite guests over? Do you need your own workspace? Will you need a large kitchen? Answer these questions and list all of your requirements, in order of importance. Refer back to it as you hone your options. 2. Assess your budget: Sit down with your own financial advisor, or your spouse or partner, to work out what is the maximum budget you can afford. 3. Narrow your preferences: Select the home designs that meet your financial and personal criteria, in order of preference. Compare the designs, make a short list of your favourites and view the floor plans for each home. This will help give you an…