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BuildHome launched 22 years ago and is the definitive guide for those looking to buy or build a new home. BuildHome is published to suit specific markets to cater for builders, suppliers and consumers for boutique homes in Victoria and selected builders from other states. BuildHome showcases a variety of new homes including; Custom-built homes, Display homes, Energy space-efficient homes, Kit homes, Pre-fabricated homes, Transportable homes plus specialist products and services.

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from the editor

Buying or building a home is a huge investment, one that needs careful planning and research. Not only are there the obvious and easy things to think about such as accommodation, finishes and styling, but there are also the heavy, more time-consuming factors to consider, such as location, finance and energy efficiency. This edition we help you tackle these issues to ensure you’ll be as prepared as possible when it comes to moving into your new home. First we explore the growing suburb of Footscray (p. 22), which is becoming increasingly popular with young families. Bursting with quirky cafes, parks and markets, this suburb is sure to impress those looking for a place to set down roots. Your home will be one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so protecting…

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news and trends

MOTION BLINDS AMAZE With the touch of a button, homeowners can now entertain guests in private thanks to Australian Outdoor Living’s new and exclusive range of motorised, remote-operated Motion blinds. Custom made in Australia to fit any space, taste and budget, the remote-operated system will bring a touch of elegance to your entertaining area. The unique operating system also ensures the blinds are easy to use from both inside and out, with no straps, unsightly pulleys, zips or ropes to worry about. Made with high-quality protective PVC to cope with strong sun rays, the new Motion blinds also provide privacy and protection from the wind with no exposed gaps. Available in different colour options, visit australianoutdoorliving.com.au TREND ALERT! PASTELS ARE THE COLOURS FOR 2016 For the very first time, the Pantone Institute has announced two…

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design showcase

ENERGY-EFFICIENT DESIGN Solar Solutions Design exemplifies the ultimate energy-efficient homes with an emphasis on reflecting and respecting the natural environment and site conditions. Using a combination of textures and materials, the featured Upper Beaconsfield complements the surrounding area, resulting in an unobtrusive design that flows seamlessly into the landscape. The company incorporates energy efficiency into all of its house designs without compromising on style. Each design begins with a thorough site investigation, which takes into account the local climate and surroundings. Solar Solutions Design 03 9801 7247 SEAMLESS SANCTUARY This revamped country classic home in Marysville not only sets a high standard for luxury homes, but also reflects the town’s unique geographical setting and closely adheres to the client’s vision. Maximising the tranquil environment, this home is designed with the dual purpose of acting…

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a place to call home

Located only a stone’s throw from the bright lights of Melbourne’s CBD, the western suburb of Footscray is a bustling metropolis. A multicultural mix of people, food and culture, Footscray is alive with exciting events and festivals, places to relax, delicious and diverse cuisines — there is something for everyone. Forty per cent of Footscray’s residents were born outside Australia, hailing from 135 countries and speaking more than 80 languages. This ethnic diversity has fostered a vital street culture like no other in Melbourne. Once a centre for southern European migrants, today Footscray is home to Chinese, Vietnamese, and increasingly North African immigrants. For the foodies, Footscray boasts an eclectic mix of restaurants, eateries and cafes to satisfy any craving. Whether you’re in the mood for an Ethiopian coffee experience, South East…

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turn your dream home into reality

Building a house can be one of the most daunting tasks you will ever face. However, if done properly, it can also be one of the most rewarding. Researching your builder’s background, developing a floorplan that suits your individual lifestyle, and calculating a realistic budget can be the difference between your ideal home and a living nightmare. Australia’s leading builders have given us their top 10 tips to help you make the right decisions before building your home. 1. YOUR LOAN Obtain a money loan that is suitable for you and consider your needs before making a decision. Chief executive officer of Hotondo Homes, Caroline Kennedy, says, “Think about important factors such as fixed rates, variable rates, re-draw capabilities and the length of the loan. Make sure the structure of your loan is…

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the essential home insurance checklist

Your house is probably the biggest investment you will make in your life, and after working so hard for so many years to keep a roof over your head, of course you want to protect it. But do you understand all there is to know about home and contents insurance? From storm damage to dog bites and the puzzle over home vacancy, many homeowners are in the dark about what their policies will cover. WHAT IS HOME INSURANCE? Home insurance covers the cost to repair your property from damage from events such as fire, burst pipes, natural disasters, theft and much more. It is often split into two parts — building insurance covers your bricks and mortar, whereas home contents insurance covers you for loss or accidental damage to your belongings. WHAT’S INCLUDED? Loss…