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BuildHome launched 22 years ago and is the definitive guide for those looking to buy or build a new home. BuildHome is published to suit specific markets to cater for builders, suppliers and consumers for boutique homes in Victoria and selected builders from other states. BuildHome showcases a variety of new homes including; Custom-built homes, Display homes, Energy space-efficient homes, Kit homes, Pre-fabricated homes, Transportable homes plus specialist products and services.

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editor’s letter

Welcome to the last issue of BuildHome Victoria for 2017, where we tackle some of the important issues you may need to know about if building a house. No doubt you’ve visited a display home (or 50!) as you contemplate what type of residence you would like. In our Project Home feature, we speak to four building companies about the ins and outs of building a project house. Look out for this informative article on page 74. There’s no doubt that home sites in major Australian cities are becoming significantly smaller. The good news is there’s no need to sacrifice luxury when it comes time to build. All it takes is clever design to prove that big is not necessarily better. Our Small Sites in the Big City feature starts on page…

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what’s new and what’s hot?

New porcelain pavers for sophisticated landscapes Capturing the essence of natural stone, the new SOHO porcelain pavers from Boral add elegance to landscape design. The pavers combine the aesthetic of precious natural stones and the texture of sedimentary and calcareous stones to create depth and visual interest in outdoor spaces. The porcelain stoneware collection draws inspiration from current design trends. Available in three natural, chromatic hues, with carefully balanced warm and cold tints, the modern outdoor tiles are a versatile, low-maintenance choice for refined outdoor design. The pavers are suitable for a wide range of residential applications to add elegance to patios, pools, paths and driveways. Offering flexible installation options, they can be laid on crushed rock or sand, adhered to concrete screeds or fixed on pedestals. The slip- and skid-resistant…

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design showcase

Style meets functionality Attention to detail is paramount in this distinctive design, which embraces the enviable views of the surrounding hills. The high-end contemporary design more than meets the homeowner’s request for attention to detail in a showpiece home that combines numerous materials for a striking exterior and an interior that focuses on functionality and style. The design is reflective of the home’s corner block position in a slight embankment and the need to enjoy the views of the surrounding hills of Marysville. A steel portal frame allowed the build to progress quickly once the excavations were completed and the slab was prepared. Due to the feature porte cochère, entry bridge, main deck and horizon pool, the external design needed to include exceptional timberwork, stone and other natural materials to blend…

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building with timber

Wood is nature’s most incredible building material, unsurpassed in environmental considerations, incredibly versatile in design and its range of applications, and superior in performance for thermal, acoustic, strength and fire applications. Above all, it is inspiring, striking and ultimately beautiful; it is nature’s gift to the built environment. The environment It is a well-known fact that wood has significant credentials when it comes to environmental considerations. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the carbon is stored in the wood and then emitted into the atmosphere. This carbon stays locked in the timber until the timber is burnt or allowed to decay, at which point the carbon is released back into the atmosphere. While using timber for fuel is still carbon-neutral, using it for building creates a net absorption of carbon. It makes…

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tree house

Sharper image Enlarging an existing home to include a new living space while also considering the heritage requirements of Northcote, one of Victoria’s oldest houses, was a difficult task. Form Architecture Furniture decided the best way to approach the project was to build a distinctly new addition in the back corner. However, it was determined this new addition should have a relationship to the existing building as it had a specific heritage overlay and listing. The building is veiled in a timber-battened screen that has been carefully trimmed to give the building a sharp profile. This natural timber exterior also provides external shade and conceals the cavities that hide sliding doors. The timber finish of the new extension ties in neatly with the timber floorboards of the existing house, creating a…

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go green

Tell us a bit about Frys Energywise and how you help homeowners build more energy-efficient homes. Frys Energywise is an expert in the assessment of new dwellings for energy efficiency and cost-effective solutions for the improvement of existing dwellings. Why is building an energy-efficient home important? Whether you are designing a new home or planning a renovation, designing and constructing the home with energy efficiency in mind can save you thousands in energy costs. The home will function efficiently as soon as it’s built and for years to come, which will add value in the long run. Making homes more energy efficient will not only go a long way to ensuring the ongoing supply of energy, but also make a massive difference to the environment. Is it more expensive to build an energyefficient home? Designing…