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Capper's Farmer

Capper's Farmer

Winter 2020

Want to rediscover what made grandma’s house the fun place we all remember? Capper’s Farmer updates the tried-and-true methods your grandparents used for cooking, crafting, gardening and so much more.

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community buzz

Popular on www.CappersFarmer.com The Delightful Dill Plant www.CappersFarmer.com/Delightful-Dill by Laura N. Sweet Dill is easy to grow in all types of soils, and in all different climate zones. Simply sow the seeds in a row1/4 inch deep, about 18 inches apart. Rake the soil over the seeds, and water gently. Dill seeds take to warmer soil — between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. In northern climates, that means seeds will need to be sown in late spring or early summer. As the plant matures throughout the summer, you can harvest fresh dill by simply snipping off a frond or two with kitchen scissors. You’ll notice that the sweet, distinctive smell will become stronger as you cut the plant. The flavor from the herb will also be released as you tear off the small leaves…

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craft corner

Join the Capper’s Farmer DIY Group on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/Groups/CappersDIY ),where you’ll find lots of fun and creative craft projects like the ones featured here. And don’t forget to post photos of your own projects. Or, you can email your projects and photos to TSmith@CappersFarmer.com. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: CHERYL WITTE; CAMILLA MAFFIULETTI; LUCY HERRINGTON (3); DONNA TUCKER…

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love of weaving

AFTER years of sewing clothes, I decided to take up weaving, because I wanted to learn how warp and weft came together to make cloth. So, I took a weaving class, joined the local weavers guild, bought one loom, and then bought another. I became a weaver. Setting up a handloom is a pleasure. They’re beautiful, often made of honey-toned wood, but they can be quite temperamental. Getting to know a loom is like getting to know a stranger: nerve-wracking, yet rewarding. One of the most memorable looms I ever worked with was one I didn’t even own. This huge machine, made of hand-hewn walnut, was in the study collections of a museum I worked for, and the museum wanted to use it in demonstrations. The loom parts were a jumbled pile…

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cappers farmer us

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general store

Fencing Stapler Available wherever DEWALT products are sold. $600 to $800 The 20V MAX XR 9 GA Cordless Fencing Stapler (DCFS950) is optimized for installing agricultural fencing, such as woven wire, high tensile, barbed wire, deer fencing, and more. It can staple up to 590 staples per charge, and is up to three times faster than manual hammer-driven stapling. It features a brushless motor, a multi-angle contact trip for accurate staple placement, low staple lockout, and a 35-staple capacity for fast and easy loading. It weighs less than 9 pounds without a battery, and features LED work lights. Sold kitted or as a bare tool. This stapler is a powerhouse. It punches into hedge posts with no problem at all. It’s perfect for any and all fencing needs around the homestead.— Editors Portable Grill Available…

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embroidered pins for ties & more

EMBROIDERED p ins make charming gifts, and they’re quick and easy to make. You can also adapt the following instructions to turn your tiny stitching into buttons with a button kit. For these pin designs, you’ll need to know satin stitch, seed stitch, stem stitch, and straight stitch, as well as how to make French knots. Poppy Perfection These beautiful, dainty flowers can often be found growing wild in hedgerows, and they’re a sure sign that summer’s on its way. Tools & Materials Transfer and marking tools Woven fabric Embroidery hoop Needle Scissors 300-gram-weight paper, to back the cabochon Tie tack pin setting Glue Embroidery floss • Bright orange-red (4 strands) • Bright orange (2 strands) • Medium apricot (4 strands) • Dark brown-gray (4 strands) • White (3 strands) • Medium golden olive (1 strand) • Golden olive (1…