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bangin’ gears

HELLCAR REVOLUTION I won’t recount Mopar’s long, hard crawl back to the top of the pile, other than to note the milestones, like the Viper, the first Hemi-powered Ram truck, the 1999 Charger concept car, and Dodge’s return to NASCAR. By the time Dodge pulled the satin sheet off the new Hemi-powered, rear-drive LX platform passenger car for the 2005 model year, Ford and GM knew it was time to get back to work. The Hemi Charger, Magnum, and 300c were only just the beginning. By 2008, Dodge had unleashed the 425hp SRT8 Challenger. I’ll never forget the response I got from a GM spokesperson at that time when I asked how they felt about the upcoming muscle-car battle: “Dodge is going to regret being the first to market.” That was during…

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car craft

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2,500HP, 450CI, SINGLE-TURBO LS Ryan Jones / Canoga Park, CA If you’ve been following Outlaw racing for a while, you may have heard of Ryan “Toaster” Jones, the West Coast hitter who has been racing tire-limited classes for the last five years. Back when everyone was marveling at running low-5s on a 235-series drag radial, Toaster clicked off an insane 4.65 at 161 mph, a record that stood for years. “We were pushing everything as hard as we could with a 94mm turbo on gasoline,” Jones says. “I knew that in order to stay competitive, we needed to step things up.” Stepping up in this case meant a switch to methanol, new technology, and a huge 106mm Precision Pro Mod turbocharger. The car made a lot more power, but there was an issue.…

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speed parts

ENGINE CONTROL What it is: Self-learning EFI system. Why you care: Edelbrock’s Pro-Flo 4 EFI does not require laptop tuning. The key to this user-friendly system is Edelbrock’s exclusive E-Tuner 4 application, which uses self-learning capability to continually adjust the calibration to get the maximum performance out of an engine. A Bluetooth wireless connection communicates with the ECU, giving users the ability to monitor engine vitals and adjust both fuel and spark from the E-Tuner 4 app. Complete control of air/fuel ratios, ignition curve, idle speed, acceleration fuel, coolant fans, rev-limiter, and more is programmable through a 7-inch Android tablet with the E-Tuner 4 app preinstalled. For users with an existing Android-based smartphone or tablet, the E-Tuner 4 app can be downloaded for free in the Google Play store. Pro-Flo 4 EFI…

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trick ford, part 2

We got our 482-inch Ford FE finished up and on the dyno, where it promptly blew our minds by cranking out 700 hp and 640 lb-ft of torque. Evidently, these new heads from Trick Flow really work! In our first installment, we bolted on the Trick Flow heads but were waiting for some final parts to show up. As expected, there were some issues that popped up during final assembly. The raised rocker-arm position on these heads solves some geometry problems, but it also changes the angle of the pushrods and creates possible interference issues. On our engine, the intake manifold needed to be machined for pushrod clearance, and so did the bottom side of the rocker arms. We also needed to order custom pushrods with tapered ends to resolve a…

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ram jam

Ram tubes look cool. Whether towering a foot over the hood of a retro altered-wheelbase 1965 Hemi Coronet or tucked down tight under the closed hood of a modern Pro Touring Camaro with LS power, ram tubes are mechanical jewelry. But what do they actually do, and why are some ram tubes so much longer than others? Is it just style, or is there more to it? To offer some insight, we took the author’s eight-stack, EFI-equipped Funny Fairmont and visited Dave Brady and Greg Gemme’s Enhanced Street Performance (ESP) in Sterling, Massachusetts. There, we strapped the machine to ESP’s Mustang all-wheel chassis dyno to explore the effect of ram-tube length on horsepower and torque at the tires. Also known as velocity stacks, ram tubes are most commonly found on individual runner…