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Car Craft September 2019

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bangin’ gears

Car Craft has witnessed a lot of great drag racing over the decades, and April 10–13, 2019, was shaping up to be one of the most exciting ever. We were in Bowling Green, Kentucky, for the Outlaw Street Car Reunion VI (RaceOSCR.com), where legions of sportsman racers from across the spectrum converged to take part in their favorite class. Those classes ranged from Outlaw Pro Mods, X275, and Radial vs. The World, to the grassroots DXP235 and journeyman Super Pro brackets. If you dig drag racing like it used to be in the golden years, the OSCR features all the up-close action without the gussied-up window dressing of a corporate event. And with purses for various classes hitting $30,000 or even $40,000 (for Pro Mod), this is the kind of event…

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car craft

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680 HP, 13:1 COMPRESSION, AND 40 DEGREES OF TIMING ON 91 OCTANE? YOU BET! George Anderson / Stockton, CA Ever since the 1980s, we’ve heard the stories of ridiculously high compression, pump gas, and yet still making power. Legends? Myth? We finally found someone who has done it! George Anderson from Stockton, CA, has been racing for more than four decades, and when he sold his mid-7-second dragster (which won the Kingdon Airport drags in 2010, 2011, and 2012), he needed a new home for the 400ci small-block that had propelled the rail. As cool as it would be, 20 percent nitro doesn’t allow for much street driving, so George hatched a new plan to transplant the Chevy engine into a street car. “It’s all about dynamic compression,” George says. “The engine has…

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speed parts

FUEL SYSTEM What it is: Adjustable-height fuel pump. Why you care: Adjustability is the name of the game for Aeromotive’s brushless fuel-pump series. Based on customer feedback, the fuel-delivery experts at Aeromotive created an adjustable-height, in-tank configuration of the company’s brushless fuel pump. The Brushless A1000 (#18368), Brushless Eliminator (#18369), Brushless 3.5 GPM (#18374) and Brushless 5.0 GPM (#18375) pumps are now offered in adjustable configurations that make installation possible in almost any application. “Our customers told us that adjustability was an issue. Our new adjustable in-tank brushless fuel pumps offer a more universal fit for fuel cells 10 to 16 inches in depth,” says Aeromotive’s Steve Matusek. The new Adjustable Universal In-Tank Brushless Fuel Pumps offer the power and versatility demanded of fuel-delivery systems in the high-performance market, from dedicated track…

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floor it!

If you’ve never installed a full one-piece floorpan in a subframe car, it can seem a little intimidating. After all, you’re replacing a significant part of the vehicle’s structure. Many folks opt for what they feel is the easy way out, patching in quarter and half floors. But installing an entire floor is easier than you might think, and the replacement floors are sturdier than what came from the factory. Another consideration is years of gravity and torque that can affect a floorpan. We recently replaced the rotted floor in our 1969 Camaro project car with a one-piece Dynacorn floor. It was a three-day job, but well worth it. If you don’t have a rotisserie, support the car securely using heavy-duty jackstands. Place them at the front and rear of the…

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carb counting

There’s a mystique that comes from a pair of four-barrel carburetors on top of a stout V8. On many occasions from the late-1950s to late-60s, domestic manufacturers’ top V8 engines were fitted with dual quads, and corporate-supported racers seemed to use them whenever they could—be it drag racing or road racing. Until Pro Stock’s recent embrace of EFI, dual quads were the standard bearer in the top door-slammer class, too, and they’ve been a mainstay on many dedicated local drag cars for decades. While this knowledge may help explain the urge to use 2x4s on a street car, it isn’t necessarily indicative as to the success of such endeavors. So what’s the deal? Are dual quads any good for the street in today’s age? At least two factors are at play,…