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bangin’ gears

GROUND ZERO Trivia question: What’s the most commonly swapped engine in hot rodding? If you guessed “Gen III LS,” you’d be close, but you’d still be wrong. A better answer might be, “the engine you already have.” As much as we love the latest crop of super-powerful crate engines, their super-high price tag means car crafters are far more interested in the salvage-yard reactor core—whether it’s a $500 6.0L LS from a 10-year-old Suburban or the free 5.0L Windsor in the 1987 T-bird sitting behind your barn. Of course, your own brand loyalty is subject to influencing the outcome, but there is an upper limit to how much resistance a car crafter can take before succumbing to the force of limited finances. At the end of the day, if it’s a choice…

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car craft

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1,300HP, 350CI LS COPO CAMARO Gary Wolkwitz / Califon, NJ Factory-stock NHRA drag racing is back in a big way with the Ford/Chevy/Mopar contingents all represented. One of the meanest of this new breed is the COPO Camaro, which comes set up for out-of-the-box, 8-second quarter-mile passes. With an engine that’s rated by the NHRA at “only” 580 hp, you might wonder how this is possible. Well, we’ll tell you. The COPO Camaro just celebrated its 50th anniversary, so it’s a program that’s been around for a long time. In the early naturally aspirated days, race teams were able to ditch restrictive stock intake and exhaust systems, all in the name of increasing power. Today, the same theory is alive and well, but with one big difference: boost. New in 2019, the Camaro began…

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speed parts

GAUGING INTEREST What it is: Digital dash mount. Why you care: Digital dashes have brought an element of personalization to many forms of racing, permitting drivers to completely customize their information displays. New lightweight dash mounts from ididit Performance allow racers to use their favorite digital dash with the company’s Pro-Fab line of competition steering columns. The ultra-lightweight aluminum dash mounts are precision laser-cut and CNC-machined, and come in a brushed finish. They slide over the steering-tube clamp and adjust with ease for use in drag, autocross, off-road, and other racing applications. Compatible with most digital dashes, including popular offerings from Racepak, Holley Performance Products, AEM, and others. Just like all other ididit products, the Pro-Fab dash mounts are proudly made in America. How much: $85 Learn more: ididit; 517/424-0577; ididitinc.com FASTER FORDS What it is:…

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cheap trick

What kind of new math is add 9 to your 7, but don’t forget to carry the 3? Well, it’s the kind of new LS math where you add 60 hp to your junkyard 5.3L for the paltry sum of $100. Interested now? We thought so! We all know the LS is still the hottest thing going in the performance industry and that nothing wakes up an LS like a cam swap, right? The problem with a cam swap, like anything else we want to do with our car, is the expense. While the installation of a typical aftermarket cam is money well spent and represents one heck of a performance bargain, who among us isn’t looking to save a few bucks here and there? That is what this test is…

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simple serpentine

Finding the right combination of brackets, bolts, pulleys, and front-drive accessories is challenging for older cars. We’ve done the swap-meet scrounging, the junkyard crawl, and we’ve even prowled through our parts-hoarding friends’ stashes to find the right stuff. Then there is the joy of measuring for proper belt fit and trying to explain what you need at the parts-store counter. We were dreading the whole process with our big-block–powered 1967 Camaro, as we planned to add air conditioning while also upgrading to a high-performance water pump and one-wire alternator. Knowing the battle of pulley alignment and orchestrating multiple V-belts, we looked for an alternative solution. We also didn’t want to increase the “wingspan” of our big-block, as it already filled the Camaro’s engine bay to capacity. The idea of a compact…