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Car Craft November 2019

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bangin’ gears

LIFE’S A GASSER! Everybody loves a gasser. Young or old, there’s something about the look and style of one of these old-school drag machines that gets the blood pumping. You could be from Mars and take your first look at a gasser and tell that it’s something very special and exciting. I first saw gassers as a kid in magazines, as model-kit box art, and in the Donruss series of Odd Rod trading cards that were drawn in the style of Ed Roth by artist and musician Bob Taylor. Growing up at the tail end of the baby boom made guys my age hungry for all car-related stuff, and gassers provided a lot of daydream material. The thing about my love affair with gassers is that by the time Donruss came out…

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car craft

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500HP, BUDGET BUICK 455 Gilbert Garcia / Hollister, CA Car Craft is always on the lookout for big horsepower, but we’re also open to combinations that we don’t see every day. The B.O.P. (Buick, Olds, Pontiac) contingent doesn’t get much love, so when we found Gilbert Garcia’s ’72 Skylark running 11.80s while weighing in at a needle-bending 4,120 pounds, we had to take a look. Gilbert got the car for cheap more than two decades ago, but its small-block’s all-original horsepower was a bit underwhelming. Thankfully, Buick 455s are cheap and plentiful, and Gilbert was able to pluck one out of the junkyard for a mere $50. The Skylark’s A-body platform is similar to GM’s Chevelle, which means huge engine bays. The small-block was replaced with the junkyard 455, and more than 2…

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speed parts

SQUARE-BODY SYNDICATE What it is: Six-speed, manual trans kit. Why you care: The “square-body” Chevy truck (’73–’87) is growing in popularity, so American Powertrain introduced a pair of Pro-Fit manual transmissions strong enough to take the abuse. The company’s new Pro-Fit system features the rock-solid Tremec TKO five-speed or Magnum six-speed transmission with all the installation parts you need for a complete installation. The Pro-Fit system includes American Powertrain’s revolutionary shifter mechanism with an OE four-speed shift position, an adjustable X-Factor crossmember, 3.5-inch DOM driveshaft, speedometer hookup, reverse-light wiring, and your choice of shifter knobs. Several different shifter handles are available for bucket- and bench-seat applications. Transmissions are compatible with the original bellhousing, flywheel, clutch linkage, and most OE-spec clutches. A hydraulic clutch upgrade is available. How much: Starting at $3,995 (five-speed kit) Learn…

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a vortech for your vortec

Vortech Engineering has done it again. Now owners of ’99–’13 Gen III and Gen IV Vortec V-8 engines (as pulled out of Chevy, GMC, and Hummer light trucks and SUVs) can install a belt-driven V3 SCi supercharger without any intake or front-dress hassles. Just call Vortech Engineering (or your local Vortech rep) and say, “I want a Vortech for my Vortec.” It didn’t used to be so easy. The history of hassles stems from the fact GM used different intake manifolds and front dress on the light-truck/SUV-based Vortec engines than it did on non-Vortec passenger-car applications like ’97-and-later Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, GTO, and so on. But with Vortech Engineering’s GM Vortec-specific kit (PN 4GX218-154L) that’s all a memory. Now, the taller Vortec barrel-ram intake manifold and throttle body stay put, and…

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turbo news

Ford’s EcoBoost platform is a potent, little package. The 2.3L turbocharged four-banger pumps out 310 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque, thanks to 20 psi of boost. That makes for a fun ride in a new Mustang, but more is always better. And thanks to a forged crank and connecting rods—and other intelligent provisions from Ford’s engineers—the four-cylinder EcoBoost is capable of handling much more power. That’s where Turbonetics’ new drop-in turbocharger comes in. Turbonetics designed a twin-scroll turbo that the company says can replace the stock unit in an hour or so using only hand tools. Thanks to a larger 52mm compressor wheel and Inconel turbine side with dual ceramic ball bearings helping everything spin smoothly, dyno testing has shown the new turbo can boost power up to 520 or…