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Collective Hub combines style and substance with a fresh perspective on the issues that matter – across business, design, technology, social change, fashion, travel, food, film and art. Through a combination of high-profile stories and beautiful visuals in our print magazine, engaging digital content on our website, one-of-a-kind events, custom-made products and much more, Collective Hub’s constant vision is to uplift and empower people to live their fullest lives. Whether you are looking for a boost of creativity, professional advice from industry experts, the most exciting places to experience or a warm and practical pep talk, Collective Hub is your guide to making a positive impact in the world.

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founder’s letter

“As I’ve discovered in the past six months, you don’t need an office, a fixed location or a full-time team to create magic.” Well, hello! I bet you didn’t think you’d be hearing from me in this format again – or at least for a while. When issue 52 of Collective Hub hit newsstands with an open letter to our community explaining the print mag was closing, I explained in my founder’s letter – and in a video you can still view on collectivehub.com – exactly why I’d made the decision. In life nothing stays the same, and who would want it to? We pivot, we evolve, we grow, we learn. This is truly the magic of entrepreneurship. Since then, we have been pivoting and growing – drastically! Only weeks after our…

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finishing strong

“Trying to create something that no one else has done before is a wonderful mix of belief and optimism, from yourself and the visionary investors who all have a healthy risk appetite… I hope we leave a strong legacy for others to learn from and adapt.” These were the words from Jodie Fox, the founder of Shoes of Prey – and a long-time friend of Collective Hub – when she announced in a post on Instagram that her bespoke shoe start-up would cease normal trading. When Collective Hub announced the end of our regular print mag, I didn’t realise I’d be in such good company. With sadness, but also great admiration, I’ve read heartfelt open letters on social media – Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar, Samantha Wills and now Jodie. From…

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advice for personal growth

+ don’t compare yourself to others + know yourself – your beliefs and disbeliefs + disconnect from those who bring your down + protect and savour those who support you + write down your thoughts and goals + spend a little time each week networking + de-clutter your life, mind and soul + switch off the tv a couple of nights a week + unfollow those who make you feel self-conscious + follow those who inspire you and drive you + find a mentor and ask lots of questions + read books, fiction and non-fiction + listen to podcasts that expand your mind + spend time with great people + spend at least 30 minutes every day on your goals + spend time in nature – cleanse your mind + exercise daily, even if it’s just a walk + have a sense of humour – have fun! +…

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on the side

Creatively, I’ve often felt a sense of overwhelm without being able to pinpoint the root cause. One sign that such fear is dominating my perspective is when my to-do list becomes unruly. WHY DID YOU LAUNCH SIDE PROJECT SESSIONS? Through my own side project [blog], Extraordinary Routines, I’ve interviewed hundreds of successful artists, writers, entrepreneurs and creatives. Despite being at the top of their field, I heard people say how difficult it is to prioritise their personal work or stay focused. Side Project Sessions was born out of this – a fortnightly event in Melbourne offering accountability, space, time and a routine to take your ideas further. It’s peer-pressured productivity. YOU TALK ABOUT FOBO – WHAT IS THAT? I first came across the term FOBO in a piece by the entrepreneur Thomas Oppong. He…

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elevator pitch

With Nicole Smith, CEO and founder of… FLYTOGRAPHER While holidaying in Paris, Nicole Smith and her friend wanted to capture their capers with something more substantial than a selfie. They called on another friend who lived locally and asked if she wouldn’t mind snapping some shots while they strolled. “After 20 minutes of her taking candid photos, I looked at the images she captured and I got goosebumps,” says Nicole, a former Microsoft marketing manager. On returning home to Canada, she found little in the way of easy and affordable holiday photography services, so launched her own. THE PITCH “Flytographer is an online marketplace that connects travellers with local photographers in 200 cities worldwide for fun, candid vacation photoshoots. Our community of carefully chosen, passionate photographers not only take stunning photos, but also share…

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14 top companies for wandering minds

1 AIRBNB At Airbnb, full-timers are gifted a US$2000 per year travel stipend, in four quarterly payments, to better acquaint themselves with any number of the 65,000-plus cities across the 191 countries their company inhabits. The only rule? They must stay in one of Airbnb’s five million listed lodgings – 3000 of which are castles. 2 G ADVENTURES If you’ve been a permanent employee for a year or more at G Adventures, they’ll send you on one of their 700 small-group tours, every 10 months, on company coin. All their staffers have to do is take their pick of holiday, be it sailing Sri Lanka, cycling in Tuscany or exploring Cambodia, as long as the cost doesn’t exceed CAD$3000. 3 THE CONTENT FACTORY The founder of digital content agency The Content Factory, Kari DePhillips, allows…