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Collezioni Donna 175

2 issues dedicated each season to women’s prêt-à-porter. In-depth analysis on all the new emergent trends from internationally famous designers at the fashion show collections. Increasingly detailed discussion, enriched with journalistic articles: life style, shopping and reportage on the latest Fashion Weeks and the fashion scene. 4 issues per year. <br> Ogni stagione 2 numeri dedicati al prêt-à-porter femminile. Un’analisi approfondita di tutte le nuove tendenze emerse dalle collezioni presentate in sfilata dagli stilisti più accreditati a livello internazionale. Un excursus arricchito da articoli giornalistici: lifestyle, shopping e reportage sulle nuove Fashion Week che si affacciano sul panorama moda internazionale. 4 edizioni l’anno.

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without borders

While London starts the procedures for getting out of the European Union and Brexit is no longer just a wish of the masses but something that becomes more concrete every day, fashion pays tribute to British traditions. People come and people go. It is not a coincidence that this new issue of Collezioni Donna is titled “British Inspiration”. Unanimously international fashion designers chose for their Autumn/Winter 2017 collections fabrics that belong, by definition, to the traditions of the United Kingdom. Starting from these iconic fabrics borrowed from men’s classic wardrobe, new proposals have been developed, at times with a more or less no gender approach but always with an absolutely English and Scottish mood. Just as the game of people coming and people going might not end just yet as…

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my way

More than twenty years have gone by since I first met and interviewed a benchmark of public relations in the fashion city par excellence, Paris. It is rare to feel that you are in the right place with the right person. Twenty years ago I was at Totem Girault, the PR agency founded and owned by Kuki de Salvertes, simply called Kuki and I felt that way. I meet him again in occasion of the “Kuki de Salvertes, a life in fashion” exhibition dedicated to his 30 years and counting in fashion. The feeling is exactly the same. A chilly Paris in late January under the majestic arches of the Joyce Gallery in the Palais Royal’s Gardens. Chatting with Monsieur de Salvertes makes me at times savour some moments of his…

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my way

Sono trascorsi piu di vent’anni : incontro e intervisto un punto di riferimento delle public relations nella citta della moda per antonomasia, Parigi, presso Totem Girault, la sua agenzia di PR. Sono poche le volte che ti capita di pensare che sei nel luogo giusto con la persona giusta. Con Kuki de Salvertes, detto anche semplicemente Kuki e stata esattamente questa la sensazione. Lo rincontro in occasione della mostra “Kuki de Salvertes, la vie dans la mode”, dedicata ai suoi 30 anni (e oltre) nella moda e la sensazione e la stessa. In una Parigi gelida di fine gennaio, la chiacchierata sotto i portici maestosi della Joyce Gallery nei Giardini del Palais Royal, con M. de Salvertes mi fa assaporare a tratti alcuni episodi della sua vita cosi fuori dagli schemi…

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robert rauschenberg

At the MoMa in New York, the retrospective of the great American artist, Robert Rauschenberg, will be showing. Organized in collaboration with the Tate Modern in London, the exhibition, entitled “Robert Rauschenberg among friends”, brings together more than 250 works that unite the various mediums used by the artist during his long career, such as paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photography, sound-art, and performance, demonstrating that he still remains one of the most important names in the history of art. The exhibition will then be transferred to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), in order to give a greater number of visitors the opportunity to enjoy one of the most productive and conceptual artists of the 20th century. From May 21st to September 17th, 2017. Al MoMa di New York…

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noir kei ninomiya

One of the latest hotshots of the Paris fashion week is doubtlessly Noir Kei Ninomiya, the brand designed by the Japanese Kei Ninomiya which markets a product that is practically non-existent in the fashion world. Indeed, it is more related to pure creativity than to the usual meaning attributed to fashion or clothing. Kei Ninomiya begins his career under the guidance of Rei Kawakubo - the almost mythical founder and designer of Comme des Garçons - where he learnt the ropes and all the tricks of the trade directly from one of the greatest fashion designers of all time. Ninomiya launches his brand - called Noir Kei Ninomiya - in 2012 and, since then, hasn’t stopped surprising the international press with something that goes well beyond fashion, showing garments that are…

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an italian adventure that comes from afar

For more than 160 years the three brands, important points of reference and symbols of excellence of the Italian spinning industry, have been based in the same location. Although different from each other and each following its own vocation, they have been united in the same industrial project sharing style innovations and experimentations. An all Italian story with three brands situated in the Biella district that each year produce millions and millions of kilos of yarns exported to 57 countries around the world. Quality is the top choice in terms of raw materials: like the yarns used for Cashwool that since 1978 decreed the leadership of this industrial collaboration in the world of wool. The full strict control of the entire production chain guarantees the highest level standards, constant over…