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2 issues dedicated each season to women’s prêt-à-porter. In-depth analysis on all the new emergent trends from internationally famous designers at the fashion show collections. Increasingly detailed discussion, enriched with journalistic articles: life style, shopping and reportage on the latest Fashion Weeks and the fashion scene. 4 issues per year. <br> Ogni stagione 2 numeri dedicati al prêt-à-porter femminile. Un’analisi approfondita di tutte le nuove tendenze emerse dalle collezioni presentate in sfilata dagli stilisti più accreditati a livello internazionale. Un excursus arricchito da articoli giornalistici: lifestyle, shopping e reportage sulle nuove Fashion Week che si affacciano sul panorama moda internazionale. 4 edizioni l’anno.

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color your life

In this new issue of Collezioni Donna, we narrate a story in fullcolor. The new trends for Summer 2018 launch a unanimous message: starting from colors, seizing all their value, even when it comes to emotions. Colors to experience, to wear, colors to love because color is life, energy, and joy. Fashion weeks both in New York and Milan for once, agree. A true temptation for fashion designers who have a strongly intense relationship with colors. In their eyes, no white is the same as the next, green has a thousand hues plus one more. Finding the right one is a journey into the immensity of the light spectrum. There are those that from red, never trivial, created their trademark (Valentino, Christian Louboutin with his “Chinese Red” soles, or Chanel with “Rouge…

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peter lindbergh. a different vision on fashion photography

Alla Reggia di Venaria di Torino la mostra antologica del grande fotografo tedesco Maurizio Francesconi Peter Lindbergh is undoubtedly one of the greatest photographers who has ever appeared in a world so needy of innovation like the fashion world, yet, one that so easily gets used to things and gets bored if it does not perceive a perpetual change and a vision that looks towards the future. In the late 1980s, a young Peter Lindbergh entered this reality from Germany and became known for a kind of genre of images far-removed from the stereotypes of the decade of power dressing and color photography. He would shoot deliberately subtle black and white images, with models wearing very little make-up and their hair almost disheveled, clothes - although haute couture - always casual and…

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i am a camera

After ‘Mario Testino. Undressed/Helmut Newton. Unseen/Jean Pigozzi. Pool Party’, which closes on November 19th, the Helmut Newton Foundation focuses on Guy Bourdin’s enigmatic, surrealistic and mischievously erotic work as well as some of Newton’s advertising campaigns where complex unexpected plots develop round the inextricable merging of reality and fiction. The collective exhibition includes also a series of shots made with the iPhone by Angelo Marino during his work commute from Cannes to Montecarlo. ‘Guy Bourdin. Image Maker/Helmut Newton. A Gun for Hire/Angelo Marino. Another Story’ is at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin from the 1st of December to the 13th of May 2018. Dopo ‘Mario Testino. Undressed/Helmut Newton. Unseen/ Jean Pigozzi. Pool Party’, che chiude i battenti il 19 novembre, la Helmut Newton Foundation propone una mostra che raccoglie gli…

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she walks in beauty

Il Mode Museum di Anversa dedica una splendida mostra al geniale Oliver Theyskens Peppe Orrù “She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies”. What could describe better than these verses by Lord Byron the work of the very talented Belgian designer Olivier Theyskens? The ‘Olivier Theyskens: She Walks In Beauty’ exhibition traces the creative evolution and exceptional twenty year career of a designer who has proven himself over and over again. From his beautifully romantic first work, of which I remember vividly an anatomical bodysuit from the Autumn/Winter 1998 collection that I had the pleasure of admiring in the windows of the Maria Luisa boutique in Paris, and the dress worn by Madonna at the Oscars in 1998, a year after Oliver launched his eponymous label after dropping…

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eyes wide open

Lightweight, small, easy to use. The revolutionary Leica camera was born in June 1914 when Oskar Barnack, an engineer at Leitz, a microscope manufacturing company, constructs the world’s first camera that, by using a 35mm movie film, can take photos quickly and at relatively low costs. Since it was launched in 1925, Leica has been a faithful companion of some of the most important photographers in the world, including Henri Cartier-Bresson, William Klein, and Robert Capa, as illustrated by the traveling exhibition ‘Eyes Wide Open! 100 years of Leica photography’ from November 17th to February 18th 2018 in the Ala Brasini wing of the Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome. Leggera, piccola, facile da usare. La rivoluzionaria macchina fotografica Leica nasce nel giugno 1914 quando Oskar Barnack, un ingegnere della Leitz, azienda…

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items: is fashion modern?

La mostra al MoMa di New York riposiziona la moda come un vero fenomeno culturale Maurizio Francesconi The question is simple: is fashion modern enough to be defined the true and only social phenomenon that is always in evolution and one that can define great changes in the world around us? The answer is: yes, and we know this well. However, with this exhibition, we can experience it firsthand, right from the start, when it will be presented until to January 28th, 2018 at the MoMa in New York, and where several iconic pieces from the past century can be viewed. Yet, we’re not speaking of famous brands and clothing, but of types of clothing. In the section dedicated to the silhouette, you can admire jeans, the little black dress, the Wonderbra,…