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2 issues dedicated each season to women’s prêt-à-porter. In-depth analysis on all the new emergent trends from internationally famous designers at the fashion show collections. Increasingly detailed discussion, enriched with journalistic articles: life style, shopping and reportage on the latest Fashion Weeks and the fashion scene. 4 issues per year. <br> Ogni stagione 2 numeri dedicati al prêt-à-porter femminile. Un’analisi approfondita di tutte le nuove tendenze emerse dalle collezioni presentate in sfilata dagli stilisti più accreditati a livello internazionale. Un excursus arricchito da articoli giornalistici: lifestyle, shopping e reportage sulle nuove Fashion Week che si affacciano sul panorama moda internazionale. 4 edizioni l’anno.

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all together, passionately

Only five days of fashion shows in Milan. But what days they were! The capital of Italian fashion was in great shape and brilliant, starting with pragmatism and ending with new cheerful, credible, and creative collections for next summer. Playful, since dressing is not just communicating - there’s enough on social media for that. Dressing means also having fun. Sunny colors, soft lines, and absolute elegance define that certain all Italian je ne sais quoi that makes a difference, and how. Made in Italy, what magical words. Sometimes we tend to forget, enraptured by other quests, more or less persuasive chimeras, always ready to look beyond, always ready to criticize us. All you need to do is stop for a moment and rediscover our wonderful country with all its history, its…

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the untamed eye

Admire the images from the book, “The Untamed Eye”, published by MW Edition, at the exhibition in the Galerie de l’Instant in Paris. This is the first monograph, created by Takaaki Matsumoto, of Stephanie Pfriender Stylander’s works from 1990 to 2006, with 130 images that include photos of Nicole Kidman, Keith Richards, Heath Ledger, and many others, and the cover of the book vaunts a young Kate Moss. Stephanie defines herself a storyteller. Her photos introduce us to a particular atmosphere, reminiscent of the movies and the most beloved portraits of the past. Her most successful works are the result of a stream of consciousness, when she and the subject come together to create magic, as if dancing together, inventing that crucial moment. She graduated in photography from the School…

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green blooms at milano moda donna

The event CNMI Green Carpet Talent Competition 2018, held during Milan Fashion Week, was won by Gilberto Calzolari. After his experience working with important names worldwide, and the launch of his prêt-à-porter brand in 2015, Gilberto received the prestigious “Franca Sozzani GCC Award for Best Emerging Designer” 2018 on the stage of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, presented to him by Jeremy Irvine, Armie Hammer, Sara Sozzani Maino, and Desirée Bollier. His creation was worn by Federica del Sale. The green soul of his dress came to life using Brazilian burlap sacks bought in markets along the Navigli in Milan, which were originally used as coffee sacks and later as sand bag barriers to stop the canals when they overflowed. Through his creativity, Gilberto transformed these sacks into high-fashion…

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power meets poetry

Munich is where you can admire the iconic and unpublished works by famous photographers Sylvie Blum and Giovanni Gastel, included in a period of time that goes from the 1990s till today, through an exhibition that is a tribute to women. Sylvie Blum, immortalized by artists like Helmut Newton and Jan Saudek, went from model to photographer. After having married renowned photographer Günter Blum, she then became his muse and, by refining her knowledge in photography at the Mannheim College of Art, she followed in his footsteps after his death. Her photographs portray the female body in plastic poses that express grace and artistic flair: lips, portraits, nudes… the foundation of a strong and self-confident image of a woman. Sylvie now lives and works in Los Angeles. Giovanni Gastel is considered…

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fiorucci on display in venice

In the 1960’s, as the antithesis to Milanese culture, which was always a bit conformist, somewhat bourgeois, and a tad Calvinist, Elio Fiorucci was always cheerful, blithe, and in love with a life full of color. Not a fashion designer, nor a creative director, he still had a sense of fashion, and a certain flair for business. It was in his DNA, just like that of his parents and their slipper shops in Milan. Once back from a trip to London, enchanted by this swinging city and Carnaby Street, he returned home full of ideas. And that was when his adventure began. Between very high highs and very low lows, Elio’s energy never faded. He flirted with creations by artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, just a couple who…

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prêt-à-porter s/s 2019

Previsioni estate 2019 Verrà l’estate e sarà solare Summer 2019 Forecast It’s going to be solar Verrà l’estate e sarà romantica Summer is approaching. It’s going to be romantic Verrà l’estate e sarà vanitosa Summer is approaching. It’s going to be vain Verrà l’estate e sarà seduttiva Summer is approaching. It’s going to be seductive…