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2 issues dedicated each season to women’s prêt-à-porter. In-depth analysis on all the new emergent trends from internationally famous designers at the fashion show collections. Increasingly detailed discussion, enriched with journalistic articles: life style, shopping and reportage on the latest Fashion Weeks and the fashion scene. 4 issues per year. <br> Ogni stagione 2 numeri dedicati al prêt-à-porter femminile. Un’analisi approfondita di tutte le nuove tendenze emerse dalle collezioni presentate in sfilata dagli stilisti più accreditati a livello internazionale. Un excursus arricchito da articoli giornalistici: lifestyle, shopping e reportage sulle nuove Fashion Week che si affacciano sul panorama moda internazionale. 4 edizioni l’anno.

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a new season

We’ve arrived at the end of a long journey through the fashion weeks dedicated to Summer 2019. At the forefront are the shows in Paris that we associated with those in London for their ability to renew and change, quantum satis. With a season full of surprises and extraordinary proposals, the fashion system has enjoyed enormous popularity. Thanks to the effect of social media, that little microcosm that was the ‘80s, a bit cryptic and dedicated to just a happy few, has now become a global phenomenon. Everything is fashion and everything is trendy, from the look of an influencer to a collection presented by a diversely young fashion designer. This is the beautiful, magnificent face of fashion. It incorporates, engulfs, relates. Imagination has conquered power. So, what’s the magic…

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the nineteen - thirties

The stock market crash in October 1929, the subsequent Great Depression in the United States, and the emergence of Nazism and Fascism in Europe ushered in a decade that witnessed incredible political and social changes across the Western world that would later affect the entire planet. A global changing scenario that dramatically influenced all aspects of creativity. Including, of course, fashion where the 1920’s flapper aesthetics morphed into a more mature and somewhat harder look that played with shapes, volumes, silhouettes, strongly influenced by the Modernist and Bauhaus art movements and by a more utilitarian outlook on life. And yet 1930’s fashion is also characterised by a fascinating duality, as the rationalist modernist approach was tempered by wonderful flights of fancy, once again derived from and inspired by the world…

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spanish couture

Savoir-faire, craftsmanship, and creativity are the key words that describe the Spanish maison, Isabel Sanchis. Season after season, Isabel, the creative mind behind the brand, fashions dream dresses with perfect cuts, embellished by elegantly precious appliqués and characterized by a great attention to detail. With the help of her family, she continues insistently on a journey that has led the company to distribute both its haute couture and prêt-à-porter creations worldwide. The collections are presented in Paris and New York, as well as in Barcelona. Savoir-faire, mestria artigianale, creatività sono le parole chiave per descrivere la maison spagnola Isabel Sanchis che, stagione dopo stagione, realizza abiti da sogno, dai tagli perfetti e abbelliti da applicazioni preziose e raffinate, che si contraddistinguono per la grande attenzione al dettaglio. Isabel, mente creativa del…

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welcome to the swarovski atelier

Un nuovo spazio dove condividere esperienze, una vera e propria agorà creativa Large spaces for a grand company. There’s something new in the universe of Swarovski, with its ancient heart and hyper modern vision in how it moves through the variegated world of fashion and beyond. An inclusive company that wishes to share its experience with its clients, who are somehow part of the family. And so it does through Manufaktur, the crystal atelier of the 21st century. The future is here and now. A place to meet, create, propose, and invent new products that are in tune with unique, ever more stimulating requests. This opens up an unprecedented scenario, an all-round collaboration from a co-creating perspective. All of Swarovski’s technology and experience is made available to satisfy the request of…

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Confirmed as the leading Business to Business trade show in Paris, encouraging eco-sustainability Both in its last edition, as in its current - held in October -Tranoi in Paris was confirmed as the main B2B event of Paris Fashion Week. In fact, since 1998, it takes place four times a year in prestigious locations, such as the Palais de la Bourse Carrousel du Louvre, in conjunction with the city’s fashion week, where selected retailers and innovative designers show their proposals to buyers from all over the world. The event combines creativity and business in the heart of Paris and can rightly be considered a true artistic platform. The countries represented are over 60. The fall edition put the spotlight on sustainability through a project, in which Parsons Paris and the Lesage…

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german appeal

An extraordinarily eclectic woman, a lover of art and culture, Susanne Wiebe creates collections that reflect her cosmopolitan spirit and tell a story full of savoir-faire and an absolute passion for fashion and style. Born in Stuttgart and raised in Theran, after studying art in Berlin, she began her career as a designer and immediately became known for her contemporary approach, mixing femininity and humor, sensuality and rigor, in a kaleidoscopic and sophisticated ensemble. We can see this in her new collection. Impeccably exquisite, dedicated to elegant women with a strong personality, just like the creator of these extraordinary tailor-made masterpieces. Donna straordinariamente eclettica, amante dell’arte e della cultura, la designer Susanne Wiebe realizza collezioni che riflettono il suo spirito cosmopolita e raccontano una storia fatta di savoir-faire e di passione…