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Complete Wedding Melbourne

Issue 41
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Complete Wedding is a leading bridal magazine with bi-annual Sydney and Melbourne editions. This comprehensive title is the one-stop destination for every bride-to-be! Featuring the latest bridal news and products, inspiring real weddings and a wide range of fashion, as well as planning articles and tips to ensure your big day is stress-free. Every element of your wedding is covered from engagement rings right through to photography and venues. Our extensive directory of wedding suppliers will ensure that you have the perfect little black book of contacts for your big day.

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from the editor

As I sat down to write this, I wasn’t sure of where to start although I knew what I wanted to say and the impression I wanted to leave. I imagine this is how many brides feel when sitting down to plan their weddings. It’s a big job, it’s important and you want to get it right. So to get started with my editor’s letter and make it as meaningful as I could, I decided to speak from the heart and share the things I think are most important for those planning a wedding. 1. Money, money, money. The thing we never quite have enough of but manage to spend in our minds even before it has entered our bank accounts. Despite careful budgeting, many of us get caught out when…

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Yana Portnoy Founder Ludo Activewear, model and TV presenter Entrepreneur, TV host, accomplished model, founder of Ludo Activewear and newlywed Yana Portnoy is the epitome of living life to the fullest. Unafraid of jumping in front of the camera, Yana knows how to strike a pose and teaches us her top tips for “working it” in front of the camera with your beloved (p. 82). Whether it be a stylised theme or something more candid, Yana will give you all the advice you need to look picture-perfect. Sarah Wilson Writer, blogger To all you brides reaching for that chocolate bar, stop! Did you know that while sugar seems to be a great option to give you a burst of much-needed energy during a wedding planning slump, it could actually be making it worse? In this…

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bridal buzz

BE THE QUEEN OF ALL BRIDES If you want to embrace a uniquely beautiful look for your special day, then create perfection with Myer’s exclusive range of exquisite handmade crowns and headpieces by Viktoria Novak. With a millinery talent renowned in the bridal and fashion industries, Novak’s designs are now available in the Melbourne CBD, Sydney CBD, Chadstone and Perth Myer stores. The golden roses and luminous leaves of this collection aim to transport you to a time when ancient Greek goddesses and queens reigned. The range also includes one-off luxurious designs featuring vintage components to personalise your bridal look with a striking yet timeless headpiece. Novak’s passion is about the “experience a woman feels when wearing a headpiece” so visit selected Myer stores to add the golden touch to your wedding experience. FOR LOVE…

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a bridal bazaar

Heather Anschau, editor at Wedded Wonderland, offers her take on this year’s hottest trend — the bridal bazaar: a magical hotpot of colours and patterns perfect for a day with a difference. “At Wedded Wonderland we never do things in half measures, which is why I’ve embraced the bazaar trend with such passion. It’s all about exoticism, romance and mystery, with golds, jewel-toned colour palettes and rich textures. To interpret this trend for a bride, it’s important to layer. Think belts, hand jewels, gold earrings and embellished veils. “This season it’s important to be bold and combine a high-fashion splurge with beautiful one-off bazaar or market steals. The secret to any trend is to interpret it using your own personal style philosophy and never buy anything that doesn’t make you swoon.”…

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la vie en rose

I believe that love can be expressed in so many different ways. Think of all the romantic ballads we’ve heard over the years, or notes penned lovingly through the centuries. A wedding is a beautiful extension of this expression of love, but all too often the focus tends to be on the whirlwind of theming packages, costs and schedules that ensue. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to remember to stay true to who you are when planning your special day; your wedding is such a beautiful opportunity to express your love for one another in a way that is representative of you as a pair. There are many elements that set the stage for you to build on with expressions of yourselves. Think music, colour, theming or communication…

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make it last

Wise words From the word go in a relationship, do little things daily and often, rather than infrequent big grand gestures. That way you create a culture of positivity and a solid friendship. Start with how you talk to each other — every day, check in and debrief. Most importantly, put the stress on listening rather than giving solutions so you are siding with your partner. Throughout or at the end of the day, say three things that you appreciate about them — the clothes they wore, that they picked up the kids or sorted out their phone bill. Make sure there is a lot of fondness and appreciation happening. Fight fair When you raise an issue, do it softly. Good listening comes from good talking. Use “I feel” statements and avoid using…