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Exploring fashion through art and photography since 2008, Contributor invites the viewer into a three-dimensional world of inspiration and creativity. In bringing together some of the most interesting artists today, we highlight experimental approaches to photography. At its best, fashion imagery can be an agent for change and we want to arouse a more general interest in new ways of looking at everyday situations and the making of pictures. Contributor is published twice a year in keeping with the seasonal cycles of fashion. The publication is both aimed at professionals within the fashion industry and a broader audience interested in fashion as a creative field. Contributor is committed to supporting emerging careers while providing a space for some of the most distinguished artists in fashion to work outside commercial expectations.

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♥ 2 429 contributormagazine Fashion Story: Daylight. Photography by Bryan Redner Carr, fashion by Kelley Ash, makeup by Matisse Andrews and modeling by Nyadhuor Deng@LA Models. @brcarr @nyadhuor @awildatheart @matissemakeup #fashion#art#contributormagazine What makes a great picture? For over ten years, we have asked ourselves that question and invited thousands of contributors to explore fashion through art and photography. From the start, Editor-in-Chief Robert Rydberg wanted Contributor to be an extension of the atelier work that is essential to all fashion image-making. From his experience as an influential stylist, he knew that creativity in fashion is all about starting conversations and team work. Although Robert is a champion of the new, he builds his work on the principles of sensibility, recycling and independence Question: How’s life in the office and what are you working…

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contributor magazine

Editor-in-Chief Robert Rydberg Creative Director Martin Sandberg Publishing Editor Antonia Nessen Executive Editor Magnus Magnusson Fashion Editor Hilda Sandström The Offset Cover Offset wears a total look by Louis Vuitton Photography by Karl & Kristof, Styling by Hilda Sandström, Grooming by Sainabou Chune, Fashion assistance by Gila Tall and Ryan The Camilla Åkrans Cover Asta wears a vintage t shirt Photography by Camilla Åkrans, Styling by Robert Rydberg, Modeling by Asta at Nisch Management, Make up and Hair by Ignacio Alonso at LundLund, Photographer’s assistance by Freddy Persson and Niklas Marklund, Stylist’s assistance by Anna Sundelin and Sara Jeminen The Rebecca cover Rebecca wears a total look by PRADA Photography by Magnus Magnusson, Styling by Claudia Englmann, Hair by Halley Brisker at The Wall Group, Make up by Emma Lovell at The Wall Group and Stylist’s assistance by Kenny Guetta The…

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dries van noten

“I THINK MY WORK IS A STRANGE MIXTURE OF REALITY AND DREAMS. I LOVE TO MAKE PIECES THAT ARE GENUINE AND CAN BE WORN IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS.” If conflict and paradox tend to define many creative people, certain individuals are much more difficult to pin down than others. Enter Dries Van Noten, the celebrated Antwerp-based designer famous for his striking prints, lavish textiles and specific taste, whose clothes and accessories are loved by men and women worldwide. Standing for elegance, charm and singularity, his collections are soulful, moving and personal, but the most interesting part is how he has managed to keep his own mystery intact. In a world of oversharing and overexposure, Van Noten is, in certain ways, an outsider. He never moved to Paris, but still shows his work…

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♥ 8 404 contributormagazine Fashion Story: Say Something. Photographer Kyeongcheol Park, fashion by Jeongyeon Bae, makeup and hair by Yeonghwa Oh and modeling by Shirleen @kyeongcheolpark @_jeongyeonbae_ @auspiciousdayss @sir_meow #fashion#art#contributormagazine ♥ 6 421 contributormagazine Fashion Story: Another Sunday Morning. Photography by Camille Mompach, fashion by France Hofnung, makeup by Rika Bitton, hair by Anita Bujoli and modeling by Zorka@women paris. Jacket by Atelier Rose Michelle, sweat by Nike, pants by Adidas, boots by Celine and bag by Atelier Rose Michelle @camillemompach @cefraan @rika_bitton @anitabujoli @zorkascherzer @women_paris #maxmara#fashion#art#contributormagazine…

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Fashion designer Adam Swärd in conversation with Maria Ben Saad on criticality and gender non-conformity in fashion. “IF I STARTED MY OWN BRAND I WOULDN’T WANT TO BE KNOWN AS A DESIGNER FOR JUST MEN OR WOMEN – I WANT TO MAKE CLOTHES FOR EVERYONE, REGARDLESS OF GENDER.” Since the Peacock Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, men’s fashion has moved towards a more inclusive, non-patriarchal maleness, at the same time as a more orthodox ideal has held its ground and sometimes dominated. Nowadays, there are, however, strong signs indicating that the authoritarian, phallocentric maleness in fashion is collapsing once and for all. Influential young designers such as Charles Jeffrey, Ludovic de Saint Sernin, Grace Wales Bonner, J. W. Anderson, and Alejandro Gómez Palomo explicitly promote perhaps the greatest taboo in men’s…

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