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Cottage Life August/September 2020

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The go-to source for cottagers, the award-winning Cottage Life offers valuable advice as well as profiles, how-to articles, recipes, essays, issues pieces, and lifestyle stories that help readers look after their cottages, entertain guests and, of course, kick back and have fun.

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s’more stuff

We’ve got big (and little) plans for you Picture this: all of the most famous Cottage Life DIY projects in one place. Well, pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming. We’re building an online home for smaller projects, such as our antler key rack; candle lantern; and this bee box (above); and for bigger projects, such as our blanket box; kids’ picnic table; and Mission coffee table. In fact, you might be able to DIY everything on your property. (Kidding, but imagine the customization!) Head to cottagelife.com for details. Sounds system Ever wonder what the animal sounds you hear at your cottage actually mean? That’s something that we’ll decode on the new CL podcast. We’ll have new episodes every Thursday all summer, just in time for your drive to the lake. Find out more at…

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it’s time to play

So many of you refer to your cottages as your “happy place.” It’s where you escape and unwind, where you don’t worry about what you look like or what your schedule says, and you don’t have to spend any energy getting motivated to do things (unless that thing is coming in from the dock to get more chips). It’s where you can spend a whole day in the hammock with a book and not feel any guilt about it. But this summer feels different. The cottage is still the cottage, of course, and we’ll still be so lucky to spend time there in nature and with our loved ones. But some things will change: there may not be any late-afternoon boat rides to get hand-scooped ice cream cones in town. And…

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your letters

Keep the conversation going I just read “Strange Days Indeed” (Editor’s Note, June/July ’20). I wanted to thank you for taking a balanced and fair approach. I think you summarized the issues well and in a way that didn’t malign either side. My husband and I are lucky enough to have unrestricted access to a beautiful place built by his grandparents in the Algonquin Highlands, Ont. Our lake Facebook group has been a constant battleground since the pandemic began, and, to be honest, I’m not confident that relationships will ever be repaired. I find it rather tragic as we all share a love of the same beautiful lake. I hope your editorial inspires productive conversation about the issues. It would be a shame to survive this horrendous situation and emerge more divided than…

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the cottage life trivia game

1 MR. MONOPOLY’S ORIGINAL NAME WAS: A Uncle Moneybags B Milburn Pennybags C Uncle Monocle D Mr. Monocle 2 TRIVIAL PURSUIT WAS INVENTED BY: A Two Canadians who worked in journalism B Two Canadians who worked as grocers C Two Americans who worked in the aviation industry D Two Canadians who owned a winery 3 IN SCRABBLE, THE LETTER X, ALONG WITH THE LETTER ___ ARE EACH WORTH 8 POINTS: A Y B J C K D Q 4 WHEN PLAYING YAHTZEE, HOW MANY DICE DOES EACH PLAYER ROLL? A 7 B 6 C 5 D 4 5 THE MURDER VICTIM IN THE NORTH AMERICAN VERSION OF CLUE HAS A NAME. IT IS: A Mr. Murdered B Mr. Smith C Mr. Corpse D Mr. Boddy 6 THE PLASTIC “AILMENTS” PLAYERS REMOVE FROM PATIENT SAM IN OPERATION INCLUDE: A Adam’s Apple; Frog in the Throat; Breadbasket B Adam’s Apple; Frog in the Throat; Funny Bone C Adam’s Apple; Spare Ribs; Funny Bone D Spare Ribs; Wish Bone; Achilles Heel 7 PARCHEESI IS A WESTERNIZED VERSION OF A GAME THAT ORIGINATED IN: A India B China C Pakistan D Mongolia ANSWERS: 1: B, 2: A,…

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she put it all together

Not a strong puzzler? Well, you will be. Once you follow these tips from our editor-in-chief—and raging “puzzle nerd”—Michelle Kelly.* Puzzling is meditative and incredibly satisfying, says Michelle. “You see your progress. There’s a start and there’s a finish.” And you will finish. “You just have to keep going. It’s a life lesson, really.” 1 Pick the right puzzle. One that you want to assemble. “People send me examples of puzzles—round ones, monochromatic ones—and I’m like, ‘No thanks.’” Jigsaw puzzles are supposed to be fun. Not torture. 2 Two thousand pieces? Bring that on. As long as the image contains a variety of graphic elements and lots of different colours. 3 Avoid cheap puzzles; the individual pieces tend to all be the same shape. 4 Ready to puzzle? Use a big table. “There’s nothing…

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slow your boats

First came Slow Food. Then Slow Fashion, Slow Travel, even Slow Gaming (what?). Now Muskoka’s Safe Quiet Lakes hopes to make Slow Boating the next hip thing on a busy route near Port Carling, Ont. “We’re not bringing in extra rules, we’re just asking people to be more aware of their wake,” says Colleen Kennedy, the leader of a project to calm boat wake along a two-plus kilometre stretch of the Indian River and Mirror Lake. “It’s about common courtesy and keeping the lakes safe for everyone.” To encourage boaters to ease off the throttle this summer, volunteers with Safe Quiet Lakes will install No Wake signs and buoys along the busy waterway connecting Lakes Rosseau and Muskoka. A radar sign, meanwhile, “will let boaters know how fast they’re going,” Kennedy adds.…