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Country Living

Country Living

January/February 2020

Rooms that invite you to linger. Vintage collectibles displayed with love. A colorful easy-care garden. A porch that says "Come sit!" All yours in the pages of Country Living!

United States
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41,54 kr.(Inkl. moms)
335,70 kr.(Inkl. moms)
10 Udgivelser


4 min.
the sampler

A A Welcome from the Editor Last year, right around this time, I bought a 50-pack of wood hangers on Amazon. When the box arrived, I neatly hung every item on my newly pristine side of the closet, and I miraculously felt like a 75 percent more capable human being. (Cue the slow clap.) This led to a conversation within the Country Living office about the somewhat quirky things that make us feel more “with it.” (Aside: Does using the phrase “with it” make you seem decidedly not “with it”?) A few staffconfessions: stocking the junk drawer with Sharpies in every color; using dryer balls; pouring the contents of a cereal box into a proper cereal dispenser. (The latter brings more joy to my life—and Life—than I should ever admit.) These small…

2 min.
country living

Rachel Hardage Barrett EDITOR-IN-CHIEF EXECUTIVE EDITOR Laura Kostelny DESIGN DIRECTOR Erynn Hedrick Hassinger MANAGING EDITOR Amy Lowe Mitchell EDITORIAL FOOD & CRAFTS DIRECTOR Charlyne Mattox HOMES EDITOR Jennifer Kopf ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR Katie Bowlby COPY/RESEARCH EDITOR Ashley Leath EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Natalie Schumann STYLE & MARKET STYLE DIRECTOR Cate Geiger Kalus STYLE & MARKET EDITOR Alison Allsopp STYLE EDITOR/STAFFSTYLIST Carmen Collins STYLE & MARKET ASSISTANT Sara Clark ART DEPUTY ART DIRECTOR Maribeth Jones ASSISTANT ART DIRECTORS Leah Hall, Julia Ludlam DIGITAL IMAGING SPECIALIST Matthew Montesano PHOTO PHOTOGRAPHER Brian Woodcock PHOTO EDITOR Kate Phillips PHOTO ASSISTANT Ian Palmer ONLINE DIGITAL DIRECTOR Michelle Profis DEPUTY EDITOR Ivy Jacobson Ford SENIOR EDITOR Megan Stein LIFESTYLE EDITOR Rebekah Lowin CONTENT STRATEGY EDITOR Kelly O’Sullivan EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Erin Cavoto CONTRIBUTORS Lauren Akins, Marsha Bemko, Heather Bullard, Catherine Burke, Mary Randolph Carter, Marsha Dixey, Helaine Fendelman, Elizabeth Finkelstein, David Hillegas, Elizabeth Jenkins, Richard Kollath, Edward McCann, Caroline Collins McKenzie, Bene Raia, Kate Richards, Catherine Strawn, Serena Thompson, Holly…

1 min.
creature comforts

Pets on the Furniture! THE PETS Grace and Goldie are two 1-year-old umbrella cockatoos who live with their owner, Lori Sharpe, in Fayetteville, Tennessee. THE PERCH The feathered friends make themselves at home atop rattanaccented chairs by designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent ($395 each; livingspaces.com), plus a geometric wool-silk rug (safavieh.com) and a reclaimed wood side table (from $200; bertuhome.etsy.com). Vintage speckled egg prints (antiqueprintstore.etsy.com) add a thematic touch to the icy blue wall (Winter’s Breath by PPG Paints). Pet Tech It’s about time someone invented a smartbone as addictive as a smartphone. Introducing: the Wickedbone. This Bluetooth-enabled toy plays fetch (it’ll roll up to 22 yards!), chases, and can even act as a training tool. Control the toy via an app, or run it on interactive mode for up to four hours of battery…

1 min.
gus’s corner

Ask a Country Vet “My cat likes to nap by our windows. How do I keep her warm during the chilly days of winter?” Dr. Tricia Earley weighs in. Safety comes first. Avoid heating elements that require an electrical cord, such as a heating pad. Not only can they get surprisingly warm, but the cord can prove hazardous. Do not leave a cat unattended in a room with a space heater, which can become a fire hazard. Use a fire screen with a fireplace to prevent stray embers from floating onto a tail. For the perfect nap space, simply provide a soft bed in a sunny location. If you have tile floors, put a towel under the cat’s bed to prevent the transfer of cold from the floor. Many cats, however, think…

1 min.
powder rooms

Modern “Dapper” Sconce $99; shadesoflight.com “Betsy” Vanity $1,949; mintwoodhome.com Pivot Mirror $249; westelm.com “Purist” Faucet $619; build.com Mediterranean Towel $18; coyuchi.com Vintage “Pathson” Sconce $90; amazon.com “Dalia” Towel $20; kassatex.com “Gleaming Primrose” Mirror $448; anthropologie.com Lavatory Faucet $390; kingstonbrass.com “Daleville” Vanity $650; houzz.com Rustic Rectangular Mirror $99; potterybarn.com Graph Towel $30; rikumo.com Wall Faucet $320; kingstonbrass.com Barn Door Vanity $869; homedepot.com Timber Sconce $199; shadesoflight.com Classic “Portsmouth” Vanity $697; lowes.com Waffle Towel $19; westelm.com “Abrams” Sconce $289; schoolhouse.com Scallop Mirror $199; pbteen.com “Dunbar” Faucet $699; rejuvenation.com…

2 min.
woven textures

A Maker Weaves Her Magic NORTH CAROLINA NATIVE Roxy Te literally grew up in her family’s furniture factory—they lived in it until she was 2! Because that factory (along with another family-owned one in the Philippines) specialized in rattan and woven furniture, it’s no surprise that, decades later, her own company, Society Social (shopsocietysocial.com), is beloved for its raffia tables, cane mirrors, and rattan stools. “People have long pigeonholed natural materials as ‘coastal,’ so we’re delighted to see such pieces back in the spotlight in a mainstream way,” she says. Beyond the Sun Porch: How to Bring Texture Inside Long relegated to outdoor spaces, woven materials are now embraced indoors thanks to the warmth, durability, and laid-back “bring me a mai tai” quality they lend to a room.…